Wednesday, June 15, 2011

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  • ramus
    07-10 09:56 PM
    why would they spend time in entering the data in the system if any way they going to reject it...

    As per our lawyers, right now USCIS is in the process of entering our applications in their system (for date of receipt and such). There was a memo from USCIS saying that they will be done with the job of data entry by August 1.

    From August 1, we can expect either rejection or acceptance of the actual application. The hope is that a court/congressional intervention before August 1 will change the USCIS action of rejection into acceptance.

    Flowers to Condi; any body?


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  • JazzByTheBay
    07-17 10:08 PM
    Let's pick up where we left off before this July 2 visa bulletin debacle (and the resulting struggle). Though the whole fiasco did get us our first taste of success, imho, and as such isn't insignificant by any measure.


    we seized on an opportunity and won a battle.
    the war is still to be one.
    there is no way this over. we will fight till retrogression ends.

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  • vactorboy29
    06-11 04:26 PM
    --> --> --> --> --> --> --> -->
    Myself car1 car2 car3 car4 car5 car6 car7

    As describe by you above scenario .how come even your fault when car 7 or all other front car come stand still or go below road posted speed. I would argue that car7 is the initiator and reason to disturb traffic not you even if hit from back side and cause ripple effect. I would say car7 is at major fault and you should defend your case and sue all upfront car drivers for not violating traffic rules and causing this much inconvenience.

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  • Waitnwait
    12-02 12:13 PM
    Since IV has contact e-mails for all its members, it can also send periodic e-mails on its activities, funding drives, recent achievements and ask for the members to contibute. This will be helpful for those who dont visit the site very often. For Example, recent update given by pappu inspired me to sign up for monthly contribution. But that would happen only if i visited the site very often. I would have missed it if i am not a regular visitor to the site.


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  • sgaur_1977
    07-18 09:36 PM
    from the July bulletin
    Region All DV Chargeability Areas Except Those Listed Separately
    AFRICA 35,500
    ASIA 7,750
    EUROPE 23,000
    OCEANIA 1,800
    SOUTH AMERICA, and the CARIBBEAN 2,500

    Unless they reject/disqualify 30k Africans and close to 20k Europeans I don't see the diversity here. Notice Asia, the most populous continent has a measly 7k. But thats a different argument for another thread.

    I think increasing the total amount of visas per year is what we need.

    The numbers above are for DV visa and not EB..The reason Africa/Europe has a higher number because these places are not "principal sources of current immigration". Cap for DV visa is 55,000 per year

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  • krishmunn
    04-17 10:31 PM
    You should not have gotton H1B visa in the first place, as H1b visas are for professionals and there are many professionals stuggle to get an h1b visas even after engineering degrees. In your case, IGNOU is a shame. Its worse than University of Pheonix. If you get a greencard in EB2, it will be a biggest mockery of the USCIS and department of labor.

    I suggest you learn a thing or two about laws governing H1 and EB GC. From your various post it appears that you have absolutely no clue regarding these process nor do you know what a legitimate university is . Did you pass from a unaccredited university ??

    BTW, one does not even need a degree for H1 .... absence of every 1 year of post secondary education can be substituted by 3 years of experience --- so US Government understands the importance of experience. But I agree , some wannabe US LPR/Citizen might find it difficult to understand the importance of experience.

    Care to explain why "professionals with engineering degree" "struggle" to get H1 ? It is a pretty straight forward process if you have a "valid" job. If you work for a fraud consulting company , it is a different story however.


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  • ThinkTwice
    07-11 04:59 PM
    Below if the news letter from IV , please use this to forward information.

    Yes, PDF will be helpful.. I was just searching for some such info.. Thanks nraja



    Dear Members:

    Immigration Voice is organizing its first peaceful protest rally in San Jose, CA on July 14th in order to protest the broken system of legal high-skills immigration. This protest march is being organized to oppose the enormous visas backlogs in the employment based immigration system. This protest march is also intended to oppose the recent decision of USCIS to block the adjustment of status petitions in July resulting from an unprecedented out-of-order reversal on the part of DOS and USCIS.

    Please join this rally in huge numbers to create more awareness in the Media, Congress and the Administration. We are already getting attention of Congress and the Administration due to recently published articles on the flower campaign in New York Times and Washington Post on July 11th. If you cannot join but if you know someone who lives in San Jose area and who doesn’t know about this effort, please ask him or her to join this rally. More numbers will get us more media coverage and more attention to this issue.

    This rally has the potential to bring our issue to the attention of everyone, including the Silicon Valley tech employers who have a stake in the morale and productivity of the hi-tech foreign employees in their companies and their backlogged immigration.

    Peaceful protest march by Legal Immigrants in San Jose, CA.

    The New City Hall
    200 E Santa Clara St
    San Jose, CA 95113

    Saturday July 14, 2007

    11:00 am To 2:30 pm

    11:00 AM: Meet at San Jose City Hall at 200 E Santa Clara St.

    PARKING: (Free weekend parking in the 4th St. garage on 44 South Fourth St., & San Fernando St. across from the MLK Jr library; For other free parking areas in downtown San Jose see: )

    1) 11:30 AM: Go to the square in front of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library (150 E San Fernando St).
    2) 12:30 PM: Walk towards 635 N 1st St through S 4th St, E San Carlos St, Market Street and N 1st Street.
    3) 1:15 PM: Arrive at 635 N 1st St and stay till 2:00 PM
    4) 2:30 PM: back to City Hall

    1) Abide by the laws.
    2) Stay on sidewalks.
    3) Follow traffic rules, show courtesy to other pedestrians.
    4) Do not block building entrances.
    5) Dress Professionally. No shorts or Bermudas. Wear formal dress clothes, semi-casual or business-casual.

    Plenty of water, snacks and sun block (if needed).

    Do not bring your own signs. We will have banners and signs ready for you.


    GOOGLE MAP FOR THE ROUTE OF THE PEACEFUL MARCH (COPY PASTE URL IN BROWSER):,+San+Jose,+CA&daddr=S+4th+St+%4037.337490,+-121.887320+to%3A150+E+San+Fernando+St,+san+jose,+c a+to%3AS+4th+St+%4037.332980,+-121.883940+to%3AS+Market+St+%4037.331030,+-121.888360+to%3A37.333859,-121.890907+to%3AN+Market+St+%4037.338380,+-121.894240+to%3AW+St+James+St+%4037.339080,+-121.892780+to%3A635+N+1st +St,+San+Jose,+CA+to%3A200+E+Santa+Clara+St+San+Jo se,+CA+95113&mrcr=4,5&mrsp=5&sz=15&mra=dme&sll=37.335736,-121.886315&sspn=0.015764,0.039911&ie=UTF8&z=15&om=1

    IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: Event leaders or organizers take no responsibility and will not be held responsible for any injuries or accidents that may occur during the posted events. It is your responsibility to abide by law. By joining this event, you are taking responsibility for your own safety and well-being.



    Immigration Voice Core Team.

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  • Maverick1
    11-14 12:02 PM
    I don't give a damn who he is, or how strong he is. All I care is me and my family might get mugged by the poison he's spewing, and how to stop him in his tracks. That's enough of a motivation to do my best to stop him.

    That's why I say it - You are the victim. You should care.

    Did I make myself clear!

    So you made the problem statement which every one around here knows. What are your action items for poor souls like me who do not know how to take on, a person with successful TV show , using a placard and a megaphone ? What would be your solution ?


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  • deletedUser459
    06-11 10:55 PM
    you should have called it the motherPod

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  • ryan
    04-22 10:14 AM
    This is truly unfair where country of birth determined who gets an 'Employment' based greencard before someone else. It can only be fixed by eliminating per-country limits.

    Yes it is unfair in some ways. Couple of my very close friends (who are also colleagues) --one is of Lebanese Origin, raised in Dubai, and the other, Taiwanese Origin, raised in Uruguay. They are in similar Finance positions as I (though I am a step senior) had the entire process, from the PERM, to card delivery, completed in 11 and 7 months, respectively. Whilst I am waiting the last 5+ years. It can get you down at times, and feels like living in a constant state of "temporariness". However life does go on :)


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  • abhijitp
    06-18 08:16 PM
    I have started taking printouts of the instructions and handing it to people - hoping that will increase the probability of them calling.

    Great idea. Thanks for doing this. As we know from our admin fix campaign, our own members sometimes do it as soon as you hand out a hard-copy!

    Also folks please don't feel shy to speak to these reps or their aides. On the other hand, please know that they respect you a lot for taking the time to call them and let them know what you feel about an issue.

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  • jp_blr
    06-15 12:21 PM
    You guys are amazing.. I have one hypothetical question.. Please pls let me know what you would have done in the below scenario. I think a simple yes or no answer is what I am looking for.

    PD is Apr 06 - I-140 approved - Currently Unmarried � WILL TAKE ATLEAST ONE YEAR BEFORE I GET MARRIED - My Spouse will be residing in India at the time of marriage - Spouse would not have any valid U.S visa (H1 or L1).

    I have read this thread and others, and I think I understand a little on how the process works. I am looking for your gut-feeling answer if I should apply for 485 or wait till I get married. Let�s assume that my marriage will take place only after one year from now.

    I know it�s a very very tricky situation, I am very confused. Obviously, my preference is to wait for a longer time to get my GC, than separated from spouse for years.

    Should I apply for 485 or not?


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  • pa_arora
    10-01 03:20 PM
    One of my friends(who was in my company earlier) got his old H1 case reopened. He is not that worried as he already has left the employer and joined someone else.
    This is little strange as USCIS is digging the dead.

    I am keeping a close eye on my case which got approved in 03/2005 and has LUD of 08/2006. Seems like they opened the case earlier but I didnt notice it.


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  • lacrossegc
    12-02 12:38 AM
    Awesome idea, the problem is , i hope i am wrong; the IV "browsing community" is so fractured and pesimistic. any mention of "paid" membership will turn them off .... maybe thats what we need ... Only serious members who really want to make a difference ....
    the others just tend to make a lot of noise and are a distraction towards our goal

    how about breaking this into multiple levels.

    (1) account maintenance fee: charge $1/month for maintaining the account, members who paid this fee will have read access to all threads except IV core updates. IV can generate $25K a month with this option, this can cover day to day expenses.

    (2) usage fee: charge $??/month for using the IV forums, members who paid this free can post and respond and read IV updates.


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  • BayBoy
    07-14 10:11 AM
    Good Luck Guys!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Raju
    07-19 07:45 PM
    There is a funding drive in this other thread towards reimbursing Aman's expenses.

    Could you please pledge an amount ?

    I cannot find this thread and the link does not work. I pledge $200


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  • hpandey
    06-13 12:59 PM

    Thanks for the post and your time!

    1. "PLEASE Put your real dates in your profile" There is no provision to put dates for CP filers!! All the dates are for 485 filers.

    Though it is proven time and again that CP filers are the least needed people on this forum (next to EB3 I - going by this thread), it is unfair not reserving few columns on the profile for CP filers ... It doesn't cost VISA numbers for that...

    2. I have told this before but would like to repeat now... I don't contribute because there is nothing for CP filers here. VISA recapturing is the only effort that would benefit CP filers but anyway the chances of that bill passing is close to 0.

    In my opinion, the biggest sufferers are people in EB3 India or China and who have opted for CP (now guys, don't start lecturing on CP vs. 485. We have heard it enough).

    Hi Will Win

    We all are immigrants in some way or the other standing in some line or the other. We need to be together . What IV is trying is to fix the system. If something somewhere gets fixed it surely benefits the immigrants and brings hope for other things that need to be fixed. Don't you think if the EB system here was fixed, IV would have been able to focus on CP ?

    We all need to stick together to help each other.


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  • dagabaaj
    02-05 05:38 PM
    EVERY SINGLE ITEM on our goals benefits H4 spouses indirectly. Including the short term goals of IV.

    Well what eb3_nepa and me are eluding to has no intention of superseeding the main agenda nor is it in anyway a distraction, it just the germination of an idea out of circumstantial frustration. Also if we truly belive what we are doing is right then there is no question of leaving this forum.

    We all support the main agenda and also have a very positive attitude that we will see the light of a bright new day very soon. God willing we all will have our GC in 2 years or so.

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  • tinamatthew
    07-18 03:27 PM
    I don't know why but we tend to be satisfied with lsmall benefits...
    I agree with you "something (EAD and AP) is better than nothing"
    But i bet you will find your self in the same situation of agony and endless waiting for the final Green card.
    I bet most of the people don't use your ead and AP as it puts you in a gray "Adjustment of status". They are good to have though. But you will painful it is to decide to use them or not..

    What i want to say is that being able to apply for EAD and AP is not the end of the will be stuck in a depressing situation waiting for the final green card.How do i know? .. I went through it...waiting for GC for the past 4 years.

    I dont know its FBI or its just the USCIS incompetence but waiting in the final stage is horrible. Every time you travel you are scared...AP as for as my lawyer goes IT does not guarantee 100% entry in to the country.

    After you apply for AP its only 1 year H1 increments.

    What i am saying why dont we try for the overall improvement of the GC processing. Why dont we be firm about not wasting the GC numbers and recapturing the unused numbers.

    We had a small revolt (peaceful way) and its successful.We dont want to stop there.


    I hope you guys are with me..looking for your comments

    Have you ever had to stay at home AGAINST your wishes?
    Have you ever wondered if all your technical skills would still be usable when you finally get that EAD?
    Have you ever wondered if the employer would still want you after you been out of circulation for so many years?

    Well.... if you have ever asked your selves these questions, then you may well as say I am ready to wait for that GC

    I agree, let us fight for the overall improvement of the GC processing, BUT I say after Aug 17th

    06-16 01:36 PM
    Guys we have called all theree sets of lawmakers. Some senior member was saying we need to lobby hard with Republican's. Please let us know how we can do that. It is better to do it in an organized manner, so if some one can filter the three list on republicans we need to call again or if they can post a list of new republicans that we need to call. Please guide us.

    01-22 10:30 AM
    They can challenge the legality of the memo. You do not need employer for that.

    on what legal grounds, may I ask?

    Not a legal advice.

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