Thursday, June 16, 2011

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  • sundarpn
    01-03 12:20 AM
    bump. :(. pl. keep updated.

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  • willigetagc
    08-26 12:22 PM
    Oh really? do you think so? RBI controls the exchange rate. You know who control RBI? Banks like ICICI and big corporate companies like RIL etc and other biggies and also big IT comps.

    :D a gem..
    Thanks for the humor relief on this otherwise serious site.

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  • somegchuh
    10-16 06:22 PM
    I am stuck in namecheck too. With 485 filed in Feb '07 I am not sure if I qualify as a "namecheck victim" yet :-)

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  • indiadivided
    02-14 10:36 AM
    I think Mr. MACACA, it will better if this word (Macaca) is not repeated, since promoting this word might convert this into a word for Indians like the N word. So get your nick changed.

    I have read the above book and other books (lateral thinking, ...) by Edward de bono; he has written a lot of (non expensive) books. I strongly recommend his books to the open minded reader.

    I should also be banned soon. My post was not published on Friday. I did not praise logiclife for the Friday episode. I do understand that my question's will not get answered.

    On the other hand, I see absolutely no content in anand26's posts. Such posts are a complete waste of time for our cause.


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  • reddy2cool
    10-02 11:07 PM
    Well, I don't think gctest is against EB3. He is against consultants from sleazy bodyshopping companies, which is right.

    A career based on lies and deception is criminal in my humble opinion. There are people who actually came to US with valid experience and education, but still end up applying in EB-3 because the employer did not oblige. Sad for them, but it again boils down to the fact that if the job description qualified them for EB-2, then they got cheated. Otherwise, it is just.

    I would like to clear the stand that I am a MS holder from an American university and I work as a Sr. Engineer in one of the top internet firms. I left an offer from that crappy operating system maker because that job did not require MS or even BS+5. It was BS+3. I chose a job where I get to apply in EB2.

    People who crib about not getting a chance, even though their job description did not support it are wrong, IMO. NO ONE forced you in to that job. This is not slavery and US is not the only place where you can get a job.

    Sorry but i dont agree if you call the consultants sleazy or any other thing. Everybody fights to survive here and they are taking a risk at their own cost hence they are benefitting. I donno whether you would not take a eb1 if uscis itself offers u one ? Anyways may be you arent lying but check your company ..all the big companies do creative accounting tell lies to share holders and what not ..does it make them any inferior or superior the end behind every success there are things that are right. So even people who applied in eb2 did somethings right which enabled them to get qualified under it. Dont be a crybaby a man ...u american graduate take risk or show ability to qualify under eb1.

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  • chicago60607
    09-17 11:44 AM
    Smith is now talking on 6020


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  • americandesi
    07-29 03:12 PM
    How can we figure out the net assets from a 1120S tax return? I have the copy of company tax return with me and I am "accounting challenged". Can some one please help me figure out the net assets, so that I can answer my ability to pay RFE.


    Company tax returns can only show the NET INCOME . You need an Audited Financial Statement prepared by a CPA to show NET ASSETS

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  • vina92
    02-07 02:43 PM
    This is a great point. Even if we get one time relief,that should suffice because retro might not happen in the future as there will not be 245si/195kH1bs. I hope one of the core group members might want to look at this. This will atleast counteract the exaggerated and bloated immigration numbers by the antiimmigrant groups.

    It is just speculation that it will take 10 years or 15 years. Actually past 3 years atleast 50% h1 were used by TCS,WIPRO and similar companies. So those who are processing gc is less. But it may take some time to clear current backlog as we had 195k H1 cap till 2003. If 65k h1 cap is there then it will be 3 year waiting period for EB2 and 4 to 5 year for Eb3. People will speculate based on number of H1s. But their calculation is not including the number of people who are giving up and also many people are going back. But if they increase H1 then the situation may become worse. I think one time releif will be enough to resolve the issue for
    next 5 years. But Skil bill is asking too much(May be for permanent resolution of
    gc issue) and opposition is more as anti immigrants are quoting the numbers. Remember in 2000 the relief of recapturing previous few years did not attract
    large opposition and passed easily. Simlarly if H1 increase also limited for 2 or 3 years that can be passed easily as we can convince Senators like Sessions.
    But if we keep on asking so many numbers of H1 and Gc and also exemptions
    for Master degree then we have to wait for CIR as this will have lesser impact
    in numbers compared to illegal immigrants.


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  • bebar
    09-15 05:37 PM
    1-2-1 receipt number# 1-1-3-4

    Can I get link for New POJ method of reaching Nebraska IO.

    Anyone Please ?

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  • sunny1000
    05-24 01:11 PM
    Get in line boys and girls. It is Z visa time....


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  • kshitijnt
    07-17 10:21 PM
    Dear Sir:

    I have seen Mr Lou Dobbs show a number of times over the years. Never have I seen a single good remark he has made against immigrants. His journalism is highly biased and is misleading american people.

    Kshitij Tumbde

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  • vvskm
    04-21 10:32 AM
    Just contributed $100 thru Paypal.

    Receipt ID:


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  • burnt
    04-09 12:30 AM
    I received a call from my lawyer last week saying he got a call from USCIS asking the lawyer whether my wife got the TB Skin test done or not, as she did not get it originally as we were expecting our child at the moment.

    I sent the lawyer the scanned copy of the TB skin test results and posted him the sealed envelope separately yesterday, which he was planning on Faxing over to USCIS. Today I saw a soft LUD on my wife's I-485.

    Don't know what this means? Its hard to belive that my Lawyer is so proactive to send the fax right away. And I can't believe that someone at USCIS actually updated my wifes case after lawyers response...

    So don't know whats going on there... Friends whats meant by pre-adjudication?

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  • smuggymba
    01-11 01:43 PM
    I'm not sure if anyone knows but that is what Ronhira does. Hijacking the topic, calling everyone anti-immigrants is his forte'.....don't waste your time in replying to him.

    Click on his profile and check out "all posts by this user". You will know his contribution. I pray that he gets his GC soon and gets out of here.


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  • snathan
    03-28 11:48 PM
    Came to USA on H1B, paid for the H1B fees(at that time didn't know it was illegal to do so)
    however after coming here , Paid for my own ticket and landed here on start of january 2011.

    Confirmed my arrival to the employer too. Since my leaving the home country there has not been any mail correspondence from the employer , though i have been writing many. Talked to him over the phone and he said he wasn't responsible for my arrival as he doesn't have any project for me. Waited to get another job as a H1B TXFR but stuck with trnsfrs issues due to non availablity of paystubs from him.

    I never reported to work as he said dont come to office, dont have any paystubs, but have all my H1B papers , I97 and Employment offer from that consultant. I have decided to leave back to my home country but not before reporting this blood sucker to DOL.

    I need to clarify a few things before i nail these blood suckers

    1. How long before i board my flight back home , should i send the documents to DOL

    2. I have the originals of H1B filing and LCA and I94, are they rquired in originals
    or copy to send to DOL

    3. What other documents should i send alongwith

    4. Do you think my case will get weaker if iam not here ? As i am flying back to my home country.

    5. I dont want these suckers to go scott free, so how to build my case here , can i ask the DOL to recover my wages for 4 months i wasnt getting paid.

    I do not care if i get any wages or not from them , but i really wanna see the locks on the gates of this company. They shouldn't take H1B and its applicant for scapegoats.

    Any advices are welcome to help me bring these guys to justice.

    It seems like you are at fault here...why did you come here without your employer calling you. There is no strong case...what wages you are talking about when you were not reported to work.

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  • krishna.ahd
    02-06 04:32 PM
    Thanks for all the replies! I already contribute to IV, so all the mails about contributing to IV can stop :) You dont need to sell me IV.

    I am considering an opportunity, but if I leave I might lose my PD as my current employer does withdraw the I140.

    Without any reform, my guess is it is going to be 5+ years for my date to be current. Just wanted to hear a few other opinions.

    Also, if there is any impending relief (like 485 filing by 2/15 thats being discussed), I would be interested in hearing about it. It would be terrible for me if I move and then a relief is passed immediately in the congress.
    Keep the jokes aside, this is not another thread which come up every now and then ( as i thought initially).
    This is really serious question or looking for serious opinion.

    Aristotle : if you have doubt that your earlier 140 will be canceled, once you move to new job , then consider waiting ( till 02/15 atleast)


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  • jonty_11
    07-11 02:46 PM
    we already have threads on this...Please dont clutter the groups.

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  • ciber.couger
    07-15 11:51 AM
    Thanks for doing this

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  • kshitijnt
    10-09 07:28 PM
    Only thing that makes sense right now is gold.

    03-03 08:41 PM
    I bought Patriot America by img global for my parents. We had to take my mother to ER. The total claim was close to 10k and to my surprise imgglobal did pay exactly as whatever it said. It is not a pre existing condition. Based on my research, nobody covers a pre existing condition.

    The advantage of using the american, comprehensive policy is, the hospital took the insurance card, no questions asked. Send me a PM if you want more details as it was really painful in the first place to go to ER, let alone worry about insurance.

    good to know taht img is decent...however iam not sure how many months tehy took to take care of that claim..we still have cl\aims from december...

    thanksjgh for ur post..

    12-15 03:58 PM
    Techy wont bother us again. Say TA-TA to techy2468.

    Sorry this thread took an ugly turn with techy's profanity and inflammatory comments.

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