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  • ndbhatt
    11-01 05:15 PM
    I hear people say that there is reverse brain drain. But this is not completely true. I cannot quantify in numbers but there are certainly few people, I know of, who have migrated to countries like Canada and Australia.

    I will not call it as reverse brain drain but diversion of brain drain to other pastures that may be worthy from individuals standpoint.

    Reasons could be endless, to name a few - stagnancy in career growth, frustration for wait for GC, inability to invest further in housing for job insecurity, longer time for family union (ageing parents), save kids from western culture, etc.. etc.

    I have heard one of the above reasons, while there could be more, from people who want to vent out their frustations. But rest assured very few choose to put it to action at the end of the day.

    My two cents - don't bash others. I believe that all of us go through this turmoil at some point or the other.

    Let's stay focussed on what you want. Most of us, if not all, are here for better life, career growth, money ;), etc and if other countries offer better prospects and meet majority of ones expectations, most likely, we will consider the options. I think, to a certain extent, we are patriotic to our ownself or if may call - opportunist.

    Given a scenario. EU Blue card gives better option (though not sure if it will :p) flow to newer pastures is inevitable and unstoppable. This may not appeal to 100% of the readers but it's one of the faces of dice.

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  • Macaca
    12-17 04:14 PM
    From page 8 of Driving jobs and Innovation Offshore ( The impact of high-skill Immigration Restrictions on America, National Foundation for American Policy (NFAP) Policy Brief, Dec 2007

    Critics hope to make any increase in H-1B visas contingent on imposing new restrictions on companies hiring foreign-born professionals, scientists and engineers. While many of the critics’ attacks have centered on so-called “outsourcing” companies, the intent is to impose new restrictions on all companies that seek access to skilled foreign-born talent. As discussed later in this analysis, many of the restrictions put forward by Senators Richard Durbin (D-IL), Charles Grassley (R-IA), Bernard Sanders (I-VT) and Claire McCaskill (D-MO) would impact all U.S. companies hiring foreign-born talent.

    Senator Grassley has said there is a "high amount of fraud and abuse" involving H-1B visas. However, an examination of objective data belies this statement. When questioned by the Wall Street Journal a Grassley spokeswoman cited only anecdotal evidence, saying, “People have called our office.” By objective measurements there is not evidence of significant abuse but modest problems that are addressed through agency enforcement.

    The data show it would be mistake to tar all companies with the faults of literally a few. Of the $4.8 million owed in back wages in 2004, more than half (53 percent) came from findings against just 7 companies, none of whom are household names. Abuse does occur but the evidence indicates it is limited and of a character that can be handled within existing laws and regulations.

    In fact, the amount of back wages owed to H-1B workers, small as it is, actually fell between FY 2005 and FY 2006. Moreover, the aggregate total of back wages owed is almost infinitesimal placed in the context of a $13 trillion economy. In FY 2005, only $5.2 million in back wages were owed to H-1B professionals based on DOL investigations and the total dropped to $4.6 million in FY 2006. Consistent with other years, 86 percent of the cases investigated (104 of 121) in FY 2005 resulted in no civil monetary penalties being assessed. In FY 2006, no civil monetary penalties were assessed in 89 percent of the cases completed (14 of 133).

    The data show the vast majority of cases investigated by the Department of Labor have involved only paperwork violations, not willful abuse, and that back wage payments were generally fairly small. The proportion of H-1B professionals owed back wages is also small. Back wages were owed to less than 1 percent (0.28 percent) of the individuals who received H-1B status between FY 1999 and FY 2002 – a total of 1,323 individuals out of approximately 473,000 individuals.

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  • radvy
    04-28 08:06 PM
    Sent my contribution..

    Transaction ID: 95S804911V4822351
    Total: $50.00 USD
    Item/Product Name: Contributions
    Item/Product Number: Contributions

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  • andycool
    07-16 01:04 PM
    With my very best wishes to those of you waiting for your GC, this thread is created for the lucky among us who received it recently. I am putting together a list of things to do, and not do, to maintain our freshly minted PR status, which should also help during future citizenship application. The list is mostly about little things that others have learned from experience (and I am learning from their experience, by reading in immigration-related forums such as IV). The more obvious things that can be found for example in USCIS handbook ( are not included here. Below is a snapshot of what I have gleaned from Internet so far, and please add your own input(s):

    LIST of DO's :

    1. Carry the original PR card on your person at all times (e.g. in your wallet), keep photocopies in different places, and also store A# on your computers. Note: This is a contentious issue (do a google on "carry green card" and see for yourself), despite being required by law ( D&vgnextchannel=4f719c7755cb9010VgnVCM10000045f3d6a1 RCRD). Some people are naturally worried about losing wallet and the eventual hassle of replacing the lost card ( D&vgnextchannel=db029c7755cb9010VgnVCM10000045f3d6a1 RCRD), whereas others, including me, prefer to follow the law, in case I am suddenly asked to produce evidence of my legal status (e.g. in some border states, or unforeseen events, such as being involved in an out-of-state car accident where showing my DL might just not be enough). Failure to comply may result in, at best a fine, and at worst detention for breaking a law. (See comments by InTheMoment below for additional perspectives.)

    2. Retain all original copies of USCIS documents related to your legal status during the entire period of stay in USA, and shred all photocopies (except when you have a photocopy but not its original).

    3. Retain all employment-related documents, particularly original copies of appointment letters.

    4. Retain copies of all tax return forms from the year of your first entry, or (at least) previous 10 years (you can request IRS (, or your professional tax preparer, for any missing copy).

    5. Maintain a detailed log of USA exit/entry, including dates, POE and countries traveled, beginning with the day of first entry.

    6. Maintain a detailed list of all legal troubles, including minor traffic infractions such as speeding violations (ignore parking violations, because they do not constitute legal "detention"), going as far back as possible. Keep copies of all relevant court papers, traffic tickets, proof of any payment (e.g. scanned copies of personal checks used, credit card statements), and so on.

    7. Update your social security card ( to remove any restrictive clause about work authorization printed on it. Here is another thread ( that discusses this point further. Note: AFAIK, the procedure changes nothing as far as your privileges go, and some of you may not even have such a clause on your SS card (I don't have it either).

    8. Return your I-94 cards to POE on your next trip outside USA, to "close the open files" on your past travels. AFAIK, this may be more relevant to those who applied for GC via special registration (NSEER) (, and probably does not matter to others.

    9. Renew DL to get rid of the annoying "Temporary" word (in case you are in one of those states that do this).

    10. Update your status with your employer by filing new I-9 form (thanks to InTheMoment for this point).

    11. Continue to notify USCIS ( D) about change of address within 10 days of moving, as before (thanks to seahawks for this point).

    12. Keep a list of current and past residential addresses, including dates of stay. Retain all leases/ownership documents.

    13. Remember the basics: Initiate your GC/passport renewal process at least 6 months before expiry/Intl travel (Thanks to pappu for this point.)

    14. And yes, move the family first commitment at the top of your must-do list, now that you have less worry about re-entry, and make that long-delayed trip home to see your old folks one more time. (I am visiting my 83-yr old Dad, who still has more hair than I do, and less gray too, in June.)

    LIST of DONOT's :

    1. Do not sign up for voter registration card. In particular, never vote in national/state/local elections that are open only to citizens, because this is also a law ( D&vgnextchannel=4f719c7755cb9010VgnVCM10000045f3d6a1 RCRD). Even an accidental mistake (e.g. voting out of ignorance) is a serious offense, which would not only derail your future citizenship plan, but may even result in deportation.

    2. Do not develop a pattern of frequent and/or long absences from USA, unless you have taken prior permission for valid reasons (e.g., studying abroad, medical emergencies etc). Otherwise you may face trouble at POE on your next re-entry attempt, because DHS has become stricter in recent times about possible misuse of PR status, and POE folks are now trained to spot such patterns.

    3. Do not switch job soon after getting GC. This is one of the most discussed, but least understood, issues because no one seems to agree on "how soon is soon". The rule of thumb appears to be "6 months", and a safer bet is "1 year" (here is a thread ( on another forum). This again relates to USCIS being increasingly sensitive to possible misuse of PR status, and this question will come up during your citizenship application process. (Invoking AC21 while GC was pending makes the issue somewhat different (

    4. Those of us who self-sponsored our GC via NIW or EB1A route are not bound by such employer-employee commitment, but you should continue working in "similar areas of expertise" that you claimed in your NIW/EB1A petition, and preferably on a longer time scale.

    [This is an evolving list thanks to valuable inputs from folks here and elsewhere, so keep checking back.]

    Stuck(no more)InTheMuck

    5. When you file taxes Never claim your self as Non Immigrant .


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  • bharani
    11-03 02:04 PM

    I sent you PM. When you get a chance, please respond to it.


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  • Maverick1
    11-14 11:31 AM
    Lou "Liar" Dobbs is coming to Michigan ...................................

    Don't be suprised if you start receiving dirty looks from American co-workers at your worksite. Worst case you and your family may get mugged by a stranger who has been fired up by the recent "progressive" baloney that cheap foreign labor is preventing "minority" communities from receiving their fair share of STEM jobs.

    If such unfortunate incidents increase in the future, you know whom to blame - YOU. If only you were more active in protecting your interests, such incidents could've been avoided.


    Walking_dude I really appreciate your passion.

    What do you mean by inactivity of a collective "YOU" ? Inactivity in taking on people like Lou or inactivity on participating IV campaigns to get GC quickly ?

    If you are talking about taking on people like Lou, with all due respect, this is over simplification of the issue. Lets face it, He has the highest ranking show in CNN. Most people who indulge in populist propaganda will be successful , at least in the short run. You need a HUGE propaganda machine even to attempt to take on him. Just read the transcripts of his program to find what kind of words he used against Newyork governor (Indicative of his arrogance from success).

    On the other hand if some one gives me a look based on how I look, they will give it even after I get my GC and Citizenship. The mugger will not ask me my visa status. I get mugged even after I became a citizen.

    This is not to support the inactivity. I appreciate the efforts put in by one and all and I believe those actions help reduce the suffering.
    This is just to point out the fact that some members wittingly or unwittingly suggesting that not having GC is cause for all problems. It certainly help alleviate some but it is not a cure all.

    Once again I am merely trying to they are two different issues.


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  • lacrossegc
    12-02 01:26 AM
    Sadly, your ambitions are noble, but its a cruel world out there ... we can give a guestimate ... but no estimate ....and that too just to throw off the other side either way ... either to think that we are way ahead or to think that we are waaaaaaay behind ..... let them wrack their brains and use a calculator and some of their not-so-cheap-labor-math skills to find out where we are at for a change
    .... you have to be couple of steps ahead ... always .... thats the way we ALL got here in the first place :)

    Maybe I am being naive. But we are not a political organization. I sure do hope we are not. We should be open, clear and precise about our goals and our funding sources/drives. Frankly our opponents pump in millions of dollars into their effort. Maybe one of these days we can compete with them monetarily. But all I know is they can get millions of dollars but not 25000 committed members.

    Hence IMHO we disclose our goals. We disclose our costs up front. We have nothing to hide.

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  • imm_pro
    06-02 03:12 PM
    Called first three and left VM..will call the rest after lunch..


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  • BrightSpark
    06-20 12:21 PM
    So what happens now?

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  • sri1309
    12-22 08:04 AM
    Minimal response so far. Please have this as an action item and please remove all the old links that are less valid now. If we can have some fresh links and those which can blink , it may attract attention. I know the other way will be when the situation changes like a job loss or out of status.. but I think we dont need to wait too long..


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  • ras
    07-02 01:07 AM
    This is one of the important threads. It's really time to cleanse the system and imbibe faith in the employer/employee relationship.

    We do see such threads on the forum occasionally where the employee is being cheated/asked to sign a contract/is not being paid on bench/employer is threatening etc etc... There are several instances where members have posted negative comments about consulting companies and how employees are unhappy working for them.

    Is this really true?

    I want to understand the reasons why people are not filing lawsuits against such companies yet? Why are we not reporting them to DOL and USCIS? Especially after filing I485 and expiry of 6 months, people are in a better position to file lawsuits against such employers.

    IV can help only if people are willing to be helped and ready to take action.

    If this system needs to be cleansed, then why aren't we doing it?

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  • vikramark
    01-30 05:07 PM
    Voted, Question has slipped to 20, more people need to vote


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  • snathan
    01-17 12:47 PM

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  • longwait4gc
    04-22 07:19 PM
    A lawsuit isnt the answer to everything. The chinese EB folks learnt that after spending thousands of dollars and few years on their lawsuit, the judgement they got back was that 'the law is being followed'.
    Hey forever,
    What is this lawsuit? Do you have info?


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  • iptel
    04-26 09:49 PM
    Contributed $200 so far contribured $650. Urge other member to make $150K happen

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  • cliffmacnab
    12-04 11:01 PM
    that file is good. I just download it.



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  • GCard_Dream
    01-31 11:29 AM
    I haven't read anywhere about what would happen to existing approved labors but since they can no longer be substituted, my understanding is that they can only be used for the original beneficiary. If that person has left the company then that labor is just trash.

    This should help because lot of people who have moved to other companies after the labor was approved, those labors will just be useless and taken out of circulation.

    If this law does not apply to existing labors, we will still be in the same situation. BTW, what is a desi company. How come it can sell labors? Is selling labor legal?

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  • logiclife
    03-08 10:49 AM
    This is in reference to a thread about feeling depressed by retrogression or labor backlogs to stuck FBI namechecks or whatever it is that depresses you. Not criticizing anyone in particular so dont aim for me.

    Yes, and a lot of people know that there are highly skilled people who are depressed and that takes a toll on employee productivity.

    After all, if 90% of your time is spent on thinking about BECs and visa bulletins, imagine if that time was spent on doing the job they've hired you for.

    Some employers(like Microsoft) realize this and want to do something about it. Its not just about keeping the best and brightest here in USA. Its also about keeping the morale and productivity up.

    As to how to deal with this...try this.

    Call your local congressman's office(Find out info about that from, with your zipcode). Get an appointment with congressman. There is an Easter recess coming up when they would be back from DC.

    Then talk to him about all issues you have. Take all the material you need from the "Volunteer" menu item of this website.

    Doing something about the problem is the best therapy there is. I am not saying this because I want to coax you into meeting your congressman. No. That's not the objective. But I think action is the best remedy for this problem. And there is actionable stuff to do about this. If you are suffering from terminal cancer, then you really cant do anything about that. This is not such a problem. This is a problem for which the solution is out there.

    Somehow, after landing in this country, people lose the appetite for risk and adventure. Before they are in here, they would move mountains to score an H1 or an F1. After coming here, they hunker down, heads-under-the-desk kind of approach. What I am talking about is nearly 200 people right now, who have read this post, but havent logged in. They wouldnt log in. They wouldnt give their real email address if they sign up. They would never contribute. WHY? Because they are afraid. That they will be deported. For no reason. Everything we do is legal, including raising funds and spending it on lobbying. But they are afraid. They are also afraid that by talking to congressmen, they will make them mad and the congressman will pick up the phone, call USCIS and then get their 140 cancelled. Yes. People create their own fastasies and become afraid of them..

    Yesterday, nearly 2000 Irish illegals went to capitol hill ( talked to various lawmakers to lobby for CIR and legalization. They were illegals. Yet, the somehow managed to walk into the building where laws of this country are made, talk to people who make the laws that they have broken, go thru Capitol Hill security check, and look into the eye of the lawmaker and talk to them.

    However, our community, this is how they behave. Forget about talking to congressman, or contributing money. When they call the core group with a question, they block the caller id can call. Dont disclose their name too. Ask a questions and then quickely hang up. Some of them want to contribute with cash because they are not willing to believe us that we are doing everything legal here and its their right to lobbying and petition the Government for problems.

    After paying taxes, after following all immigration laws, after getting all the education in the world to become "Highly skilled", the highly skilled cant bring themselves to stand-up with a straight spine, thump their desk and talk to their lawmaker.

    So at the end of the day, if we are depressed that legals dont get attention, then you know where to look for blame : the highly skilled who are highly educated and too afraid because their education and skills make them think too much and analyze too much, and they are afraid all the time.

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  • vik352
    06-09 07:59 AM
    I am not sure if its a repost.

    04-09 09:05 PM
    Contributed 200$.Will do more if need be. Go Team IV go!

    05-24 01:27 PM
    go stand in line for a Z1. The documentation required is flimsy (some affidavits).

    if a background check reveals that you had been on H-1 you won't be eligible for Z visa. You have to come up with a new face, new name, and new ID. Looks daunting but less daunting than getting GC legally.

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