Monday, June 20, 2011

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  • MDix
    03-11 04:06 PM
    Very nice and good job. Do you or anybody have similar numbers for EB3-I?


    From the Perm Data there are aprox 21k perm Eb3 labor from 2005 to 2007.
    2007 : 13K
    2006 : 8k
    2005 : 300.

    So the rest 7K are BEC labor.


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  • satyasaich
    07-11 01:15 PM
    As per my attorney (one of the top 3 in the country), there is already more than enough proof of rejection, which means an actual rejection package is NOT needed at all to proceed with Class action law suite
    Example is revised visa bulletin, and that IS sufficient.
    Infact, i tried to get some info, but all i got was "something favourable might happen ". That's a very generic statement and means nothing according to me.

    It very well could be deliberate, no rejection notices mean, the lawsuit will be weak.

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  • GotGC??
    01-30 01:16 PM
    I remember the interim rule saying that:
    - the process of labor substitution itself will be eliminated
    - I-140 applications based on approved LCs (now, only in your name only) need to be applied within 45-days of LC's approval.

    Does someone have the (official) link to this news that DOL has submitted this rule to OMB.

    No, 45 days condition is not for "to file 140 within 45 days of labor approval"
    But it is for the company to substitute the LC for some other employee within 45 days.

    There is no time limit set to file I-140 for the employee for whom the LC was issued.

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  • gsc999
    07-27 12:36 PM
    If you have secure permanent job with a solid Company,it is better to buy a home. I have a well secured job and I bought the house back in 2002. Home prices were less in 2002 compare to 2006.

    But, if you are optimistic and ready to take some risk,you may be making some Good amount of profit in the future ! I was very optimistic and took some risk in 2002 and now I am in a Safer Side ! Think about it
    I will repeat again, buying a house now is a bad idea, don't be swayed by on-paper profit making stories of other people. va_labor, you were lucky to buy a house in 2002.
    On paper you do have 100K notional profit but things are different now. It would be interesting to see if you can make a 100K profit again by buying a house "now" and say selling it in 2010.

    The houses are highly overpriced. Only people making suggestions for buying house "now" are realtors and please excuse me, va_labor, people who want to make 100K profit now on other suckers. Wait one to one & a half years more and you will get these same houses for cheap. va_labor ;) , If you want to make your 100K profit, you better sell you house now, or it might be too late in one or two years :)


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  • a1b2c3
    04-29 08:57 PM
    As I said in the preface of the list, the bigger objective here is to take certain steps, including proper documentation (e.g. points 2, 3, 4 and 5), in order to maintain PR status. Besides, you never know what documents you would be asked to produce, given that the citizenship process involves more extensive background checks than the GC process. Also, having a log of exit/entry details (point #5) should help quickly fill out Part 7 of the citizenship form (

    almost 1735 days away from N400.the form looks very long. is there again a long line for it?

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  • B3NKobe
    06-10 04:23 AM
    discualify theeemmm! You said no mods... that way I would have less competition! (j/k) :P
    :lol::lol: -- Come on people, we want more entries!! Well I do im sure the people who have already submitted dont :P:P


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  • rambab
    07-15 06:39 PM

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  • GCSOON-Ihope
    12-15 01:59 PM
    i dont understand......why did you choose to go through this hell??

    can you please explain??........i thought france is a developed country with almost same opportunities as USA??

    if someone from somalia.....goes through this ordeal its understandable.....

    People choose to come here for plenty of different reasons: professional, economical, family or a combination of everything.
    Yes, France is a developed and rich country and, if I had stayed there, I would certainly be today in a much better situation, professionaly and financially!
    So, I certainly did not come here for the $$. It is extremely simple: it was just my childhood dream to live here and I am proud today that I made it.
    Yes, I had to go through that ordeal and I did not "choose" to do it, it just happened. I was just stuck in that infernal situation.
    Would I do it again, even to fulfill my dream? Certainly not, I am not that mad. Will it prove worth it eventually? I don't know yet.
    The truth of the matter is: how do you know in advance what lies ahead?
    If we always knew, life would be too easy, don't you think so?
    Nobody would make mistakes or wrong choices.
    So, was I right or wrong to go through all this? Well, again, I don't know.
    Time will tell...


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  • mkan1
    07-14 08:34 PM

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  • logiclife
    05-24 01:28 PM

    Throwing money at scholarships and education incentives dont make people choose a profession they dont like. If they want to be lawyers and doctors and managers, they wont force themselves to go for tech degrees and diplomas just because they get thousands of dollars in scholarships.

    People in this country are lucky enough to go for professions they like to do and they would pay money to get it rather than look for discounts on tech degrees.

    Even if they do get tech degrees, they wont work in that profession.

    So rather than create bogus incentives, why not just impose higher taxes on H1B earning and give that money free to former US citizen computer "Programmers" and cut to the chase rather than create training and education incentives they will never respond to.

    This amendment is for placating US citizens computer "Programmers" and "Progammer's" guild.

    Well, keep doing that.

    See you all in Bangalore and Shanghai.


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  • rajesh4
    01-09 11:58 PM
    I really dont know how this "reputation" system works. But some poor frustrated person out there (I have a guess who that is :) ) just left me this comment on my post
    "i am taking you the wrong deserve it!" :)
    With this attitude, we will all be stuck in the crab-pot for ever. Lets be positive and try to accomplish something rather than just be grumpy negative people like ahem...cough!! cough!! - someone on this thread. Lets debate things openly and see how that goes. Cowards rarely win anything more than a battle or two - never the whole war.

    I started visiting this forum only recently. From what I have seen briefly, I can say that the actual contributions in terms of effort seem to be coming from members like Pappu. And I really appreciate that. I see people here and there saying that IV isn't doing anything useful etc.
    My point to such people would be - no one is stopping you from organizing a rally or doing a hunger strike or whatever it is you have in mind. Lead, and we shall follow. These efforts that are being led by IV core leadership doesnt detract from whatever you want to do.
    Dont take this the wrong way. From what I have seen in my very brief history of following these forums, this is one of the few immigration forums out there that is not driven by ulterior motives - lawyers' interests etc. Please, please, as a favor, do not drag this effort down. I understand many of us are frustrated, but let not the frustration drag us down deeper into the hole. For people who don't agree with the policies here, put forth some constructive suggestions and see how that works. If it doesn't work, well you have realized how tough it is to get a group of people follow your conviction :) And then you might develop an appreciation for the work being done here.
    And if your approach works, hey..excellent for all of us. But please don't put forth only negative criticism.
    All the best to all of us.

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  • harikris
    05-14 10:23 PM
    [Mr. Brown] True. If the plan B/C is not up to par with plan A then it is definitely hard to move on. Plan A (GC) gives you a grand standard of living but Plan B (India etc.) gives you a first class citizenship plus a say in the society. It's not all bad.

    [harikris] Plan B/C comes into play when plan A is logically terminated. That is not the case here Mr. Brown. The process should be fast enough not to allow a life changing event to weigh in on any individual to continue with an initially chosen plan or to abandon it.

    [Mr. Brown] Given the passage of time priorities/drive should be geared more towards securing and making the best of what you have (home country's citizenship) rather than what you don't have (GC). Heck, even retirement based mutual funds work in that fashion (aggressive at first, conservative as time passes).

    [harikris] Going by your analogy, most "young" folks do play it aggressive(risky) by following up on their dreams and when it is time to consolidate/secure, they are facing uncertainties that are not quite under their control. I can assure you that all their efforts are indeed geared up towards securing what they have worked so hard for all along. I am assuming home country's citizenship and social circles are a given and no extra-ordinary effort needs to be applied in those sectors.

    [Mr. Brown] No offense but it comes out a bit narcissist like ... don't ya think?

    [harikris] No Sir. I don't believe for a second that i am asking more than what i paid for or entitled to.

    [Mr. Brown] See now ... everyone keeps talking about this deal that USCIS promised us. Either my lawyer didn't give me the fine print (where the time frame was mentioned) or USCIS doesn't promise a time frame to every applicant.

    [harikris] I am referring to the statements that USCIS/legislators make when they come up with yet another innovative method to overhaul the system to speed up the process and efficiently tackle the existing backlog within a pre-set target date. We have to take their word for it, if we are to have any solid grounds for making a case against backlogs. We got to STOP taking their statements with a "pinch of salt" and "wink-wink" fashion because that would mean we have lost the fight even before we enter the field. We got to "help" USCIS and work with them so that they can help us.

    [Mr. Brown] You nailed it. I completely agree with you and guess what this arrogance from USCIS will come back to bite them but it will be too late. How do you think empires that rule for centuries crumble in a few years? Empathy (or lack-thereof) can bring one down to their knees.

    [harikris] Thanks. We surely don't want to wish the vehicle [USCIS] that is supposed to take us to our "destination" to crash fatally. Let's strive to put USCIS back on track.

    [Mr. Brown] Nothing. As second class citizens (GC/USC or not) we don't have a say in this society. We give some to get some.

    [harikris] Please, do what you can. Don't resign to such thoughts. Let's come up with a solution. There is no merit sitting idle. Let's start knocking doors in all earnest and some door should open for sure.


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  • walking_dude
    11-14 04:31 PM
    Why do you jump the gun and reach conclusions??!!!

    All that was asked - was to write to the Radio station using their website. Who asked anyone to picket?!!! Re-read my post. I asked members to call up and ask hard questions challenging his credibility. We have nothing to lose by doing so. If we make him fumble, he stands to lose a good following.

    I'm part of that 10% that you're speaking about. Are you? Have you joined your state chapter? Did you march in DC? Are you a regular contributor?

    What's wrong in using Gandhi's name? Are you allergic to the great man?

    Any day a Gandhi quote is better than the - 'This can't be done. That can't be done. It's all in vain' statements, which are highly negative, demoralising and triter than the usage of Gandhi. At least Gandhi quotations are positive and uplifting. And we need that here to balance the pile of the negative statements that get posted.

    It's a promise. Until you guys don't get tired of posting your negative and demoralizing posts, we won't be tired of invoking the Great man's name. We know it's vain to invoke Gandhi to you guys. But still hoping against odds that it may affect you in a positive way. :)

    Well then why dont you picket against NumbersUSA, programmers guild et al too, i can name 20 conservative radio shows try emailing/talking them to change their opinion. I say this because i have emailed to a few and even tho they understand my point of view they will not change something that gets them ratings and propagates their cause.

    IV has 25k members, i guess 10% out of those are really motivated to participate and ready do something, if you start diverting your resources towards such issues your team will not have much motivation or people remaining when you really need them to do something. IMO

    Quoting Gandhi left and right is becoming pass� now, its like desi politicians, invoking Gandhi for everything. Try not to take his name in vain. (this is not directed at your post, i have been following your well written posts for a while. It a general comment after reading the forums.)

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  • REEF�
    06-22 07:30 PM


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  • santb1975
    01-31 06:34 PM
    for voting and keeping this question under # 10 of the most popular questions. Please remember to send similar questions to the Presidential Debate's. I will send one in too

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  • abhijitp
    12-03 05:39 PM
    IMO Volunteering and contribution are not separate. It's member buy-in. Either you agree to a principle or you don't. If you agree, you'll contribute as well as volunteer (when you can). If you don't agree, you don't.

    Very well said!


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  • vsrinir
    09-17 01:19 PM


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  • grupak
    06-13 02:18 PM
    I think this is a valid point. We should request from USCIS to treat the employment base category same as other category. I am not sure that USCIS could fix this by themselves or they need any legislation.

    This will be a big relief for us and will fix our 50% backlog.

    Increasing GC numbers and/or not counting family members have been brought up in lawmaker meetings in the past. IV has been active and trying to get things done either administratively or legislatively. Look back at the letter writing campaign and consider some recent administrative fixes.

    Need of the hour, call CHC members and your representatives.

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  • gc_boy
    04-07 03:58 PM
    now we know the reason for my wife's RFE. They want to prove the validity of her marriage to me. We were married only for few months before we applied for I485 ( july fiasco ). My attorney had asked for few documents. Let us see how it goes.

    08-11 02:41 PM

    EB3I Jul 2003

    02-01 06:17 PM
    Are you kidding? It's not that people cannot contribute but they won't. Everyone in this forum makes good money than an average American and in fact per capita income of Indians in United States is much higher than the per capita income of this country; yet only 2.5% of the people chose to contribute. That shows the resolve of this community to get any kind of relief yet we all complain why illegals get preferential treatment. Because they are vocal and determined to get some relief. They come out in large numbers all over the country to protest and make their voices heard and here we can hardly find anyone willing to tell their story to the media.

    In conclusion, it's not that we don't have the money .. we are not willing to contribute and are too busy questioning IV's motive and financials. We would rather pay 20k for sub labor than 20 dollar for IV and this is the attitude which will take us no where in terms of any relief for legal community. God help us all.

    if people cannot contribute financially, conrtibute your time and talk to people about IV.

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