Wednesday, June 29, 2011

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  • ksircar
    12-18 09:11 PM
    My fourth contribution of $100 is on its way ... should reach IV Office by 12/22/2006.

    C'mon friends, please contribute. This is for our own cause. You will get 100 times more money once this problem is solved. You will be able to save thousands on H1B fees, Attorney's fees, INS fees, etc. etc. etc.

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  • akkakarla
    09-08 03:39 PM
    As someone said it is better to delete this thread. There is no constructive discussion here at all

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  • meridiani.planum
    07-10 11:20 AM
    Look at pg 10

    Even the most conservative estimate will show 25k EB2 applications between October 1st 2005 - September 1st 2006. You still have Eb3 to eb2 conversions, labor subs etc. So 1 lakh 485 including dependents is good for 2004 and 2005. With per country quota of 3800 + row scraps I still think a person with PD 2006 Eb2 will wait a decade to get his green card or end up at Silicon valley of India, Bangalore.

    thats all still a far cry from your earlier statement about 50K EB2-India labors each in 2004 and 2005, from your earlier post:

    not saying the backlog is not bad, just that we need to be careful with the numbers we throw around. All are guesstimates, but they atleast need to be backed up with some stats or a link (the way you have now done, to come up with these new numbers)

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  • ajm
    04-13 09:45 PM
    I have been in this country for 7 years and waiting for PD to apply for 485. I want to share with everybody how employers can really **** the GC. My labor was cleared in sept. 2004, that time it was current and was eligible for concurrent filing. My employer kept on delaying and applied during december christmas week end. Later he surprises me saying that it was rejected, attorney had sent 140 and 485 to California processing center instead of sending it to vermont. On the labor approval, it is clearly written that it should be sent to Vermont for 485. He did not provide me any proof that he had applied for 485 before retrogession was effective.

    From the looks of it, your employer is willing to go to ridiculous extents to keep you from obtaining a GC. So why do you want to reward his malicious behaviour by continuing to work from him? What's the guarantee that he will apply even when your priority date becomes current?


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  • dohko
    04-13 04:53 PM
    I know someone who got theirs on Tuesday, and got their case approved today. This was Fy2008 Masters, Premium processing
    I also applied for Masters Quota, but didnt do premium processing and haven't received the Receipt notice

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  • meg_z
    04-20 09:46 AM
    Even during the recess, we were talking to the staff of a ton of senators. Most of the time the senators' staff are interested only if someone from 'their constituency' is also affected. We always say we have a ton of folks from each state, but nothing works like a real example.

    For example, when we speak to say Senator Kennedy, it helps us to present the story of folks affected by retrogression and living in say Boston, MA. That way, the staff has some incentive to look into this and get hooked immediately.

    Since time is short this time, we need all the stories from each state to make our case.

    As promised, we will not reveal your story to media if you do not want to.
    Though there is no harm to reveal one's name in media as can be noticed by the folks featured in the Roll Call article, Philly Inquirer and News Observer.

    We will just concentrate on the crux how you are suffering because of delays such that even if your boss reads this story, he will not be offended or put off (Read our members stories in the three articles I have mentioned, none of it can get the IV members in any trouble at all).

    At the same time we understand that you might have reasons to remain out of media and we will fully respect that.

    But please send in your stories so we have a convincing story to make our case.....

    Your first post seemed asking only career wise successful folks who have patents/inovations and are affected by retrogression. I did write my story and then reread your first post, then thought to myself: my story is just similar to that Italian lady! The only thing different is she probably would have gotten her green card without much trouble, unlike my process.

    Please let me know if you need ordinary story like mine, non-IT, mother and having been waiting for many years. Thanks.


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  • maddipati1
    07-17 09:35 PM

    My request to all of us (potential immigrants), please do not forget this phase. This should always be remembered as our victory with integrity. Even when we become green card holders or citizens at later stage, we should always support a great cause like this. We have to support our fellow immigrants as well.

    May God Bless Us All.

    WELL SAID dipsangel

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  • belmontboy
    04-14 04:28 PM
    Nope it is not good
    Why do STEM graduates have to have it the easy way while we have it hard. The least the STEM graduate can do is wait for 2 years for visa

    Now you are telling the real reason :)

    2 yrs wait?? Its been 4 yrs and yet to file 485

    Fortunately you are one among the minorities that oppose this proposal. I am glad that IV has this proposal as part of its agenda


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  • vin13
    02-27 08:30 AM
    Here is the dilemma.... The Idea is great...It can change our lives But if we sit on the idea for long it will rot So DO WE TAKE ACTION or LET US WAIT FOR CORE TO COME UP WITH SOLUTION. I would suggest we form a small committee or group of people who can brainstorm and come up with possible course of actions and then present the idea to core.

    This is similar to House->Judiciary committee -> Immigration sub Committee

    idea is to analyze the situation and come up with the best solution rather than waiting for
    CORE to act on.

    Great! are you willing to lead?

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  • unitednations
    02-05 09:34 AM
    While what you say is from a very neutral perspective as you see things from the other side of the wall, it may not be 100% true in what you think it is. These agencies or companies are a creation of the system, tons of people come from India to fill job positions and systems have been designed to accommodate that. Companies like Wipro, Infosys, etc... have HR people stamp their own H1b visa and send people in a bunch to the consulate for verification.
    Indian companies do not 'FAVOUR" Indian workers, but take advantage and try to "EXPLOIT" Indian workers to cater to businesses.
    The way the system works is, there is always available pool of talent for American businessess, these happen with rules being framed to accmomdate skilled workers.
    Just like how Jewish people good in Financial stuff, Indians have been immigrating in skilled worker category.

    While from your perspective you seem to think that it is some sort of Mafia trying to break rules and taking law in its own hands, favouring thier countrymen, it is because you don't have such a big infrastructure in China or Philippines etc... it is again the same Indian companies that are opening up branches in Singapore, Malaysia, Shangai, etc.. and reqruiting people from there too. Chinese consulting companies are now operating in full fledged manner these days and there seem to be companies that cater to Chinese Canadians looking for jobs in USA by providing them a TN visa letter and bringing them to US and place them in Client locations.

    I have nothing against the staffing agencies whatsoever. I actually like the business model. The laws are generally being followed. There is nothing wrong with it. However, I do ask many of the companies why they only have indian or south asians. Especially if they have indians coming from Germany or Singapore, etc. Common answer I get is that other people have too much restriction. Expectation would be they would have their own corporate apartment, no bench time; selection of projects and no travel. As you know this is a little difficult to accomodate for these companies.

    It generally is being clogged because it is getting around family base immigration. Although there is nothing wrong with that legally; it does hurt the people who cannot have the same accomodation. I know many, many people who have u.s. citizen brother; sponsors parents for greencards, rest of siblings come through staffing agency and then cousins get invited through h-1b and then spouse want to work and then another h-1b gets used. Eventully whole extended family base is here going through employment base when perhaps they should be going through family base. Other country people do not have such luxuries or companies looking to sponsor them specifically. Other country people generally went to school here and then went to h-1b and even then they have a difficult time getting it because they don't have the connection.

    Because of all these workarounds; it is going to cause a lot of people to be here from just certain countries. I firmly believe that lawmakers, uscis know this pretty well (i've actually seen it in an i-140 denial where brother was ceo and sponsoring his brother for greencard) and this is why they don't want to lift country caps. They understand why the visas are being dominated. Pretty tough to get them to change this, if this is the way they feel.


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  • kams
    06-17 07:38 PM
    My wife has the same problem and problem became apparent when she was in India in March to get H1 Visa stam. 3 years back when she got her first visa stamp, we had used Last name first name format in the application form. However this time the Embassy did not accept it, in the visa issued they stamped FNU (Family name Unknown) in the section marked Given name !!! and mentioned her Firstname, lastname in section marked Surname (Exact opposite to what is in her passport !!!!). When my wife pointed this out to embassy officials, they said it is the SOP in this situation and adviced her to correct the Passport.

    As I understand, correcting the name in Passport should'nt take much time. Is'nt it same day service?

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  • hsd31
    06-20 07:37 AM

    What I meant was

    1. Advertisement in a National Indian News Paper.
    2. Advertisement in a USA Local News Paper.
    3. An affidavit, issued in India saying name is being changed, signed by the person whose name is being changed.


    1. If you are married and have the original marriage certificate AND the certificate was issued from India AND the certificate has the corrected name, then all of the above are not necessary.

    I will try to post the format for the ads and the affidavit shortly. Watch this thread.


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  • Sherman_tribiani
    09-07 10:04 PM
    Ya, and I have heard the stories that mankind was originated in Africa. So that does not mean I can claim citizenship of Africa. These things are earned and not asked for. Do you have in you to earn this?

    Every race is an immigrant for this country(except native americans.)
    Infact this country is built up by the immigrants.
    Please shut your mouth get the heck out of here.

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  • poorslumdog
    05-10 10:34 PM
    I just want to generate enough internet chatter so that the issue of substitute labor will come on CIS radar. I know for sure that a huge fraud was perpetrated during July 07 fiasco by some unscrupulous consulting companies who sold pre-approvevd labors like frozen pizzas. Just heat and eat.

    And I also know for sure that IV has gained enough publicity that CIS folks might be tempted to check it now and then. May be they will take notice of this thread and start investigation of all the subst labors.

    I surely am pissed as hell on somebody who came to this country in 2007, and got his/her GC by paying money for some 1999 pre approved labor. I will fight on.

    This is only creating divison and nothing else.


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  • hope7
    09-21 10:01 AM
    my uncle is the citizen of US and he applied for the green card for my mother so my father an me also can follow her and our case has been approved and we are waiting for interview appointment. the problem is that my surname in my passport has written different from my father, i mean his surname is ABCDEF and mine is ABC DEF,there is one space between my surname but in my birth certificate it is correct. i want to know will it make any problem for us then?
    thank you

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  • gcobsessed
    08-15 04:13 PM
    That the dates did not jump too much in September for EB2-I is probably good news as it may not retrogress in October or in the following months. Even if it did retrogress in december or january, I don't believe it will go back beyond mid 2004.

    I have been tracking the cut-off date movements since the 2007 fiasco and plotting them graphically at My Blog ( which is also inserted above. As you can see, if you click on the image, EB2 dates have been very volatile, but the volatility is coming down over time. There has not been any instance in the past (except july 2007) when the dates moved significantly up one month and rapidly retrogressed in the next. Any significant movement forward has stayed at least for a couple of months, and potentially for 3-4 months or longer. So, October bulletin should have the same dates for EB2-I.

    EB3, on the other hand, has been very predictable. It will be close to November 2001 in the October visa bulletin and inch up slowly.


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  • santb1975
    11-29 01:16 AM
    I will get my teen cousins to look at it too

    Have been buzy with work. Santb thanks for the reminder

    GuysnGals and Kids, here is the ebay posting. Go out and bid on this special Wii. All proceeds will be donated to IV
    Have Fun:) QssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

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  • arc
    08-14 01:47 PM
    I guess if your receipt number starts with SRC, it was processed at TSC.

    It starts from LIN so its NSC I guess!

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  • dupedinjuly
    07-17 09:22 PM
    Hats off to IV core for sowing the seeds of today, 2 years ago. All the effort and sacrifice has come to fruition. Also, IV has got great media attention and has become a force to reckon with. Lets Party tonight.

    02-26 09:52 AM
    Since AILA has also taken interest into a proposal like this Don't you think we should engage them in planning the next strategy.,0225-endelman.shtm

    07-08 09:44 PM
    There is no point in sending flowers knowing nothing gonna change. it is like putting flowers to us.

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