Thursday, June 23, 2011

space shuttle launch

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  • vdlrao
    04-19 11:07 AM
    Hi hur11

    Please let me know which category you have applied EB2/ EB3. Below is my qualification

    Degree : B.Com ( 3 years)
    PG : M.C.A (IGNOU - 3 Years)
    Experience - 8 Years in India and 3 years in USA with different employer.

    Thanks in Advance


    Just a 3 years in USA, getting a GC by porting into EB2 with a B.Com and some online degree!!!!!! What a pathetic situation for us!!!!!!!!!. Wake up USCIS!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • pappu
    11-13 02:13 PM

    Thanks for all the efforts you have made for us. Just contributed 200$ , please ask others to contribute too. Together we all need to give that one last giant push......

    Friends ,
    I appeal to all of you, this is the best time to start enegizign ourself and contribute for the cause.... I have done my second contrbution ...let's do it..
    Thank you Anurakt. We confirm the reciept of your payment. Thank you very much. We had started the funding drive a couple of months ago and there was not much activity after oct 17 and hardly enough contributions to report. However we need to aggressively start this effort so that we can reach our target of 60K by December this year. we will be better equippped to put in all resources at work in the coming months.
    Pls visit this link and to contribute
    we will update the amount on the page soon when we see the amount is past the .65 decimal mark and is a whole number.

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  • cool_guy_onnet1
    05-24 01:08 PM
    Dude, you have no Idea, I calculated this morning and I have spent.......
    $56,500 on Green card (20% of my salary for last 3 years) + lawyers and other $hit.. Let Employers pay this.

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  • cowboy
    07-18 12:43 PM
    Anybody has this situation?

    My case was sent by my attorney June 29th (current July bulletin) USPS certified mail.

    As per USPS online tracking record it was delivered July 2nd 12.45 PM.

    No receipt yet. So far sounds okay.

    But I got the copy of actual delivery receipt stamped by F.Heinauer (Director NSC USCIS) with the date 062907.

    It is a stamp so some of their employee clearly has stamped it.

    Now I am confused if that’s the receipt date they are going to go with and may reject the application.

    And with this many application it may take more than AUG 17th to receive anything back.

    I am very sure it was reached on July 2nd. It was only sent June 29th afternoon.

    And USPS is telling there is no delivery can reach so fast. According to USPS the guy who might have stamped the delivery did not changed the stamp date from 0629 to 0702 since it was a weekend.

    Anybody in the same situation? Any advice?



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  • smc
    07-18 08:09 PM
    Why did John Cornyn's bill want to recapture only unused numbers from 1996 and 1997, why not 1998 also?

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  • peacock
    07-17 12:32 PM

    I agree that recapturing lost no's from previous years will be the best possible solution.But to do that we need intervention from the congress and the President needs to sign a bill to recapture the lost no's.To accomplish this goal we need to keep up the momentum generated from this june bulletin fiasco and intensify our lobbying efforts in Washington.
    Kudo's to the IV core for their strong campaign in championing our cause.


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  • ronhira
    07-24 11:23 AM
    very good... so accordingly to you these guys should be nice to everyone and not ever tell anyone to go away, must "behave" with self righteous people like you and i. even when someone continues to show the thumb and demand answers, someone else should always be on their best behavior, otherwise u will be turned off and not show "empathy" to these guys? is that what u just said? give me a break, we need to show "empathy" ourself before we can show "empathy" to someone else. how many u years r u waiting for green card? i had a chance to go on a conference call of anti-immigrants 2-3 days back, and posted here what i heard. while u and i continue to debate and set our reasons and bar before someone else will deserve your 'empathy', get ready to get your sorry ass kicked by anti-immigrants, i am sure those anti-immigrants will not show any "empathy" to anyone here.

    so while we all want to "enjoy" the freedom to discuss "free" and freely, don't forget that every freedom comes at a cost, which it doesn't look like you are willing to pay for, right?

    and what will we do "discussing" freely on this or any other forum, who cares what u say anonymously on a webforum. the way i see is, we want to continue to discuss, but "free" and "freely" before u and i some show some "empathy" , while someone else is working overtime to ship our sorry ass out of there, does that make any sense?

    we all want to live in an advanced society but we don't want to think and be like one, lets just ask for "free" and "freely" discussion, because all that we want is "discussion".... and go to sleep

    and then u say if something happens, it will for sure be because of some other organization..... u r truly a genius....

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  • we_can
    02-05 05:21 PM
    I do not agree with the premise that 'IV agenda does not have any benefit for H-4 problem'. Once the larger issue of retrogression is solved, it will solve the H-4 problem also. As a matter of fact, me and a lot of active members are interested in the H-4 issue that is directly affecting us. But I believe that addressing the core of the problem here is what is necessary and that is what IV is pursuing.


    I am not fighting but YES, my reason to join IV was to find justice to the H-4 not being able to work when L-1 spouses and Agjob spouses (I read this a year ago) could. Although no promises were made from IV, I was surprised today since nothing was ever said regarding no interest in the H-4 cause when many discussions were in place. Here people contribute for their own benefits, I was here for the H-4s, that is why I transcribed part of the conference calls too, so I was somehow a contributor to a cause that doesn't represnt my interests, but I know it represents the interests of the unmarried folks, or married to IT 'spouses' folks, so for this folks the fight for better legal provisions still on, good luck to you!.


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  • B3NKobe
    06-14 11:56 AM
    Thats awsom Faster!! Good Job, I like it :thumb:

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  • indyanguy
    11-16 12:04 PM
    Hi Ramba,

    Thanks for your response.

    I have few other questions based on your response please. I am considering BOTH the options and will act accordingly with the BETTER option.

    (1) EAD -To have the remaining of H1 as back up: If I use EAD and move to the new employer and also send AC21 documents to USCIS. My current employer will cancel H1 and revoke approved I-140. Also looking at the current scenario if USCIS denies 485 within a couple of months how do I get back to H1-B ASAP while I file MTR?

    (2) H1 - Maintain H1 and use AC21 with H1 transfer(I will have around 9-10 months of H1 remaining at this point of time): And if current employer cancels H1 and revokes I-140 and that triggers 485 denial, I will still have some H1 period remaining and this should aid me in CONTINUING the new JOB while I file MTR?


    1) You need to file a Change of status to H1
    2) Please see one of the links posted by me earlier (a link to Ron Gother's site) which says that if you get a H1 extension based on AOS and AOS is denied, you are NOT allowed to work on H1.


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  • sathishav
    04-19 09:28 AM
    Congrats OP. That is real good news. encouragement to all other eb3 folks out there.

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  • 485Mbe4001
    02-01 07:00 PM
    You are missing the point and no i am not kidding. i know you guys are angry that people are not contributing( i am monthly). People have money but they dont care they want a free ride, you cant put your hand in their pocket and amke them pay. The point i am trying make is that instead of complaining we can try and do something positive. There are many ways of contributing.

    Getting contributions is always depressing. people will listen but the like watching from the side lines. If have knocked many doors people listen, few act, thats human nature. They like to support winners not strugglers. if you look at the funding patterns of other groups you will find out that they are being funded in a big way by companies or a couple wealthy individuals with an agenda. We on the other hand consist of people who are directly affected by retrogression. Sadly, once (many) deisis get their GC's or become sucessful they wouldnt spend 10cents on our efforts.

    i took a couple of days of during the december debacle and called each senator in the list. i email any and every one i know, nothing happened, i felt helpless for a couple of days, then got back to normal.

    My IM has a header/identifier that mentions IV, if you have a 50 odd people from your office etc on your IM i am sure 15-20 might visit the the site and a few might even join in. Most of them will ask you about IV. If each one of us can do something little, maybe something positive might happen and most of all the core team can worry about the big picture instead of monitoring threads or provided updates every hour and foucs on their long term efforts.

    What is not productive is bitching and moaning about issues like who caused, the mess, how desis screw up and the like....

    i will shut up now...
    thanks for listening/reading

    Are you kidding? It's not that people cannot contribute but they won't. Everyone in this forum makes good money than an average American and in fact per capita income of Indians in United States is much higher than the per capita income of this country; yet only 2.5% of the people chose to contribute. That shows the resolve of this community to get any kind of relief yet we all complain why illegals get preferential treatment. Because they are vocal and determined to get some relief. They come out in large numbers all over the country to protest and make their voices heard and here we can hardly find anyone willing to tell their story to the media.

    In conclusion, it's not that we don't have the money .. we are not willing to contribute and are too busy questioning IV's motive and financials. We would rather pay 20k for sub labor than 20 dollar for IV and this is the attitude which will take us no where in terms of any relief for legal community. God help us all.


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  • franklin
    07-12 01:37 AM
    There will be an update conference call this Thursday at 7.30 pm.

    pm me for details if you don't know them already!

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  • cliffmacnab
    11-19 04:22 PM
    name check has been pending since dec. 2006. I just check it again today. It is still pending.


    pictures Space shuttle launch managers space shuttle launch. and we have now launched
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  • Tito_ortiz
    01-15 07:20 PM
    Bush tried really hard. I believe there is no complaint about Bush when it comes to immigration. He earned that credit.

    I have just seen this in CNN, is Bush talking about legal immigration?

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  • pappu
    04-15 08:36 AM
    Suggestions to everyone wanting to file I485 when their date is not current:

    - Talk to the leaders of this campaign. Do not just sit back after voting. Ask what help they need and what work you can do as a volunteer. People affected need to take lead and work hard for any fix. This will not cost you any money. All you need to give is your time.
    - Consider signing up for recurring contributions every month. It takes lot of resources to run an advocacy effort and your support is critical.


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  • Hinglish
    08-14 01:36 AM
    Booo hooo hoooo ..... I woe the plight of EB2 folks ....... utter injustice has been done ......
    We must send some flowers ............ with just a little bit of pixie dust sprinkled on them ....... may be that would do the trick .... if that doesnt work ....may be we could send a high level delegation of the most accomplished enthusistic EB2 freaks to DC ......
    If that doesnt work EB2 folks especially the disenchanted should sue and get a constitutional amendment..... If that doesnt work .... well .... you can put a finger up you freakn @!# and pray for a miracle

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  • zoooom
    08-13 02:07 PM
    Mail Sent...Thanks!

    Guys we will not need to take the poll if all of us send these letters..

    To, 08/05/2008

    Charles Oppenheim / Visa Section
    U.S. Department of State
    2201 C Street NW
    Washington, DC 20520


    Your Name/Your Address/EB-3 India Applicant
    Priority Date: May 2003
    Some City,

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Sub: Statistics on Employment Based AOS(Adjustment of Status) applications pending at USCIS under various categories

    I am writing to you to express my sense of helplessness over the unpredictability of Visa Number allotment to various employment based category. I want to bring to your attention that it�s been nearly a �Decade� since we saw any meaningful Visa Date movement from year 2001 for EB-3 Green Card applicants from India.

    It is important to know that despite of severe visa retrogression and random visa cutoff date movements, USICIS or DOS hasn�t released any official information on how many Adjustment of Status applications are pending at USCIS under various categories which leaves thousands of AOS(Adjustment of Status) applicants in complete darkness and dependent on guessing games by various Law firms.

    A green card application requires enormous amount of efforts and money from the beneficiary and his/her employer. People who are waiting for 7-8 years now would have had already spent average $15,000-$20,000, in maintaining their statuses and keep the Green Card process going on. Being stuck in a green card process keeps us bonded with 1 employer, job type etc.
    We need to know if there is any light at the end of the tunnel. We need to know for how long we have to live our life in limbo. If there is hope than we need to be patient and plan to live like that for another 1-2 years. But if there�s no light at the end of the tunnel than we need to move on with our careers and other family commitments. Only your office and USCIS can help us by releasing statistics on the number and categories of applications pending with USCIS people waiting in this category can plan their lives accordingly.

    It will be a great help if DOS or USCIS could tell us about the number of AOS application pending at USCIS along with their Categories(EB-3, EB-2, EB-1) and chargeable country.
    We have been waiting for a decade and continue to wait would it be reasonable to request you for some guidance with regards to the Visa allotment. I request your office to provide some statistics on home many Adjustment of Status applications are pending at USCIS.

    We understand that you work with in the limits of the law as set by the Congress and are limited by various constraints that are beyond your agency realm of work. We appreciate your hard work and sincerely thank you for all the hard work.

    God Bless America!

    Thank you for you attention,

    (Your Name OR EB-3 India Applicant )
    Priority Date: April 02
    Category: EB-3
    Member ImmigrationVoice.Org

    Copy Sent to

    Honorable Secretary of State
    Dr. Condoleezza Rice
    U.S. Department of State
    2201 C Street NW
    Washington, DC 20520

    Honorable Director, USCIS
    U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service
    20 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
    Washington, D.C. 20529

    Citizenship and Immigration Services Ombudsman
    Department of Homeland Security
    Attention: Case Problems
    Mail Stop 1225
    Washington, D.C. 20528-1225

    Senator John Cornyn
    Chairman - United States Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on
    Immigration, Border Security and Citizenship
    517 Hart Senate Office Bldg.
    Washington, DC 20510
    Main: 202-224-2934
    Fax: 202-228-2856

    Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren
    Chairwoman - United States House Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration, Citizenship,
    Refugees, Border Security, and International Law
    102 Cannon HOB
    Washington, D.C. 20515
    Telephone (202) 225-3072

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  • off: NASA#39;s space shuttle

  • GTGC
    06-02 05:16 PM
    I called the first three representatives- left VM for 2 and Brian Bilbray's office asked me to fax the material over to thier office.

    Did anyone else receive this request? Is there something I can fax over to thier office?

    Please let me know - I will call others during my lunch hour tomm.

    08-23 12:52 AM
    Company A applied for my labor and I140(approved and Active currently) in 2005. Moved to company C in April 2007(H1 transfer), applied for I485 using Company A's EVL in July 2007. I got a 485 RFE now for EVL. Can I now say that I have used AC 21 by sending relevant documents or should I send EVL from Company A?

    Forum Gurus - I got a denial letter on my 485. I am a July 2007 filer and applied for AOS in July 2007. My 140 was revoked by ex employer in August 2008 and immediately I got a NOID from USCIS and responded to it in a timely manner and my case processing resumed.

    But now, I got a denial stating that my 140 has been revoked in August 2008 and thats why my 485 is denied. My Attorney is filing for MTR and says it is a mistake on their side and will be resolved through MTR.

    It just baffles me that the person who sent the denial letter never looked into the system to see my case trail and blindly issued the denial notice. My Attorney says, it is very much possible that they do not look at RFEs or responses - they just issue denials when they browse through the 140s.

    I am EB2 India with a priority date of March 2006. I think some kind of pre assessment is going on. There are no LUDs and mine is at the TSC.

    Is there anyone else in the same boat? How long does it take for MTR to get processed?

    04-18 01:22 PM
    I Have done my part of contribution .

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