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  • walking_dude
    12-03 03:27 PM
    With all due respect I don't think lottery may be a workable idea. Here's why -

    Those who buy lotteries wish to spend least possible amount of money for a chance to win an insanely large sum of money - for e.g. spend $10 to win $10 million. Idea is prize money should make the money spent feel ridiculously low ( it doesn't matter if chances of winning are lower than getting struck by lightning ! ). How can this be worked out in the IV scenario?

    2 times the money is less than what people win at a 'Pot luck'!

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  • hindu_king
    10-07 09:26 AM
    Properties in India will start going down. They will reach bottom in the next 3 years. This is only the begining.

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    07-20 08:51 AM
    I submitted usps money orders for I-485 fees. Filed on july 2nd.

    Any way to find out if those money orders are enchashed or no?
    I did try google search and so far no answer.
    My case is not entirly same. I bought bank money order, and I was told one way to find out is request local branch to call on and find out. I was wonder, may be you could ask usps local office staff about it.

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  • JazzByTheBay
    12-13 04:21 PM
    <Deleted Deleted Deleted>

    Sorry for the extra bit of sarcasm here, but I seriously expect us to raise a million $ for our efforts from the 25,000 members (or at least raise our targets significantly... ), and get some more ideas on resolving some of the communication and logistics issues - so any ideas that help us towards such a goal are welcome.


    I agree. I feel that the only thing that would be acheived if IV became a paid website is loss of membership. Then our PR documents will start with "IV is an organization of 200 members who are affected by ... "

    Human nature is such that a few lead and others follow. We should recognize this and move on.


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  • gsc999
    07-11 06:47 PM
    Did you guys alert Lofgren's office about this?

    (408) 271-8700
    I won't like to take names on public forum of the Congress members we have/will approach. But to answer you question, we are taking all necessary steps to make this walk a success. Also, the measure of success will be a large turn-out by legals to protest, which in itself is unprecedented. We won't like to marry the success of this protest with the presence of any particular Congress member or Senator at this time. The bottomline is, media coverage for our issue.

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  • axp817
    03-31 09:31 AM
    I (and I�m sure others too) would like to know how the following works,

    Employer X filed labor, 140 for their employee. Both were approved (assumption - no RFEs, etc. until now), 485 was filed for in July 2007, and remains pending.

    The employee was employed with Employer X from before the labor was applied and until ~360 days after the 485 was filed, and was always paid more than the LC prevailing wage/offered salary.

    In July 2008, the employee leaves employer X and joins employer Y under AC21 provisions. An AC21 letter, G-28N are submitted.

    140 never gets revoked by employer X.

    In Jan 2009, employer X receives an Ability to Pay RFE for another pending 140 of theirs.

    At this point, employer X has 16 140s that are open (pending OR approved with 485 pending to be filed/filed and pending). Out of those 16 140s, one was for the employee that left under AC21.

    When they respond to that RFE, I do understand that they could be asked to show ability to pay for all 16 140s, even for the one that doesn�t work for them anymore, because of the fact that it was never revoked.

    In this case, is the employee (that left) covered or at risk? I ask this question because the employee that left submitted AC21 documentation immediately upon leaving, thus notifying the USCIS that the �ability to pay� responsibility for his case, if any at all, now lies with the new future employer. There probably isn�t any clear definition of such a situation in the law, but can such an argument ever hold up in court, and protect the employee�s AOS application from getting affected due to any ability to pay issues the old employer (X) has had AFTER the employee left them.

    The only person on here that I expect to be able to give a non-speculative answer to this is UN, unless someone else has personally gone through something similar.

    Long post, I know, and I hope it does get read.

    Thank you.


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  • smisachu
    01-25 09:19 PM
    I have read in several forum that one cannot form own company and sponsor H1 through that. The logic is sponsoring H1 is work and you cannot work without H1.
    I think it is acceptable logic. Otherwise many would have sponsored H1 for self.

    Check with some attorney.

    I started my company when on H1 but I did not sponsor myself or anyone. I also did not withdraw earnings from the company since it was not my main income. I only started withdrawing earnings from the company after I got my GC and I can claim on taxes. But it is a good idea to ask an attorney.

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  • cbadari99
    08-14 05:18 PM
    Completely agree with you.


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  • paskal
    05-24 10:06 PM
    May be US corporations can tactically support this bill because this bill will impact Indian bodyshoppers severly. For past 5 years US companies could not compete with Indian companies as they have more leverage on H1b. Now if Indian companies avoid H1b US companies can get any time they want as they can satisfy most of conditions

    that you have this marvelous full time job with an american company and are so very holier than thou...

    btw i have a job like the one i described above, but preaching does not come naturally to all of us i guess.

    i'd like to know if you care a crap about anyone whose life is likely to be severely shaken up by the things you propound here. remember they are simply innocent bystanders, they neither made laws, nor bent them. just tool jobs offered and did their work...

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  • imh1b
    01-11 12:19 PM
    Why dont you organize a rally, we will contribute and be their for the rally. We need to do something ASAP. I humbly request you and other core members to organize a rally and pick one day for sending flowers to either white house or USCIS. Also we can balck out our personal information and send our transcripts as well.

    Please organize a date, how about February14th, we will get more attention. Love for permanent residency, media will like the idea and broadcast it.

    What about hunger strike?
    It is much bigger than rally. You will get more attention and you do not need thousand people to do it. If we can have even a handful of people or even one person to do it, it will be great. The expenses and preparation to do hunger strike will be very less.


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  • misanthrope
    10-03 11:56 AM
    Ok here is my question how come all EB3 are "body shopped consulants" and what are EB2 ? "High profiled consulatants" ? I want to know what is gctest ?

    there is nothing wrong in expressing but taking a category and calling them body shoped is not the right way to express ...

    You have a valid point about gctest. But again, there is no way EB2/EB3 gets to port to EB1. If it was so, then it would be a chaos here. Only porting that happens is E3 to EB2 and may be that's why he used EB3 in his post.
    Maybe he really meant that or maybe he didn't. That's again up to one's perspective.

    you think you are having a logical and polite conversation - thats the ignorance part .
    Prove it. All my posts are here in this thread and tell me how am I NOT having a logical and polite conversation.

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  • SGP
    04-12 02:40 PM
    $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$GOOD AFTERNOON GC$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    Deadline = April 30th, 2011
    Goal = 5000 votes on survey (see I-485 filing w/o current PD thread) and momentum to continue with this campaign.The survey is a platform to gather and push for launching action items. Based on response by 04/30/2011 - IV will decide whether to even proceed with initiative or not.
    Actions - 1) Vote on survey.
    2)Email with PD, ph#,email & subject "I485 filing impacted�,
    3)Print/Circulate Fliers and spread FB, wiki link (see "support thread")

    Dear IV Members,

    If you believe that your success depends on your immigration process - whether it's the ability to file I-485 earlier or to get green-card and citizenship sooner or whether it's the ability of your spouse to work - then you have to believe that your success somehow depends on the success of Immigration voice and these 170 volunteers in DC next week.
    As you may know, we are just one more week away from hosting Advocacy day in Washington DC where about 170 members of Immigration Voice will conduct nearly 250 meetings with offices of Senators and Congressmen. Such events cost money. If we have enough contributions, we can spend as per our budget of nearly $ 50,000. If not, we will have to cut back on the event spending and reduce the magnitude and size of the event.
    If you are not coming to DC next week, please do your part and contribute funds to Immigration Voice. It not only finances the event properly, it instills pride and confidence in the members who will be there in DC that there are thousands of willing supporters behind them who could not be there physically but are 100% with them in their determination and resolve.

    For background click here -> Announcement about April 2011 Advocacy Days (
    Contribute to Advocacy Event on the Capitol Hill ( (All one-time contributions will go towards organizing the Advocacy Days event)


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  • seahawks
    07-17 11:39 PM
    Lets make it to at least 2000 guys.. it does not cost anything, name and email id and thats about it.

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  • wantMyGC
    07-14 07:27 PM _businessweek+exclusives

    The Gandhi Protests
    Denied the permanent U.S. residency they'd been promised, high-skilled workers are taking to the streets in nonviolent protest

    Engineers, computer programmers, and tech workers aren't known for outspoken collective action and political protest. But on July 14, up to 1,000 high-skilled, legal immigrants will gather in San Jose, Calif., to express their outrage at the U.S. government's failure to deliver on a promise to hasten the processing of their green-card applications. Many of these immigrants came to the U.S. from India on visas and have been stuck in what they say is an interminable wait for permanent residency and the freedoms it brings.

    "We're stepping out to bring this issue to the attention of lawmakers and the public," says Ashish Sharma, 37, who has worked as a manager at a tech firm in Los Angeles for seven years, awaiting his green card. "The debate has been dominated by illegal immigration, but we want to put a spotlight on the hurdles we're facing as a hard-working and law-abiding group. It's time for corrective action."

    Sharma says he spent $5,000 flying his wife and children to the U.S. from India to prepare green-card documents that the government originally said it would accept and then later decided not to accept. Tomorrow, he will drive more than five hours to San Jose to meet hundreds of others stuck in the green-card backlog who want to make a public statement about their frustrations.
    Long Delays Spur Protests

    The rally follows a symbolic action on July 10 in which hundreds of green-card applicants sent flowers to the director of U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services in a show of peaceful protest reminiscent of Mohandas Gandhi's nonviolent campaign against British rule before India gained independence in 1947. The idea for both the flower sending and the rally emerged from Immigration Voice, a group that advocates for high-tech immigrants in the U.S. on visas.

    The Gandhi protests, though grounded in years of frustration and anger, were sparked by recent events. On June 12, the U.S. State Dept. issued a bulletin promising it was ready to move hundreds of thousands of green-card applicants into the final phase of processing, known as the Adjustment of Status. Visa workers rushed to complete their Adjustment of Status applications for July 2, the first day they could be submitted. Applicants scrambled to gather signatures, birth certificates, and immunization records, many taking off work and rearranging travel plans. But at the beginning of July, the State Dept. retracted the bulletin, explaining the U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services had already fulfilled its quota and would not accept further applications. The immigrant community exploded, with critics saying they are the victims of bureaucratic incompetence and a broken immigration policy.

    The green-card backlog has emerged because of a mismatch between the number of visa holders and the number of green cards available to them each year. Tens of thousands of foreign workers enter the U.S. on work visas each year, and many apply for green cards. But current government rules limit the number of people who can be admitted to the U.S. from any particular country to 9,800. The result is that for larger countries, including India and China, the wait for permanent U.S. residency now stretches for years. As they wait, visa workers are required to maintain the same job and salary, or they are bumped back to the long queue. That leaves many of the most educated and talented immigrants feeling stuck, sometimes to the point of hopelessness (see, 6/21/07, "One Easy Fix for Immigration").
    Joining the Chorus

    Many American companies are concerned about the government's immigration policies. Tech companies, including IBM (IBM), Motorola (MOT), Oracle (ORCL), eBay (EBAY), and Intel (INTC), have pressured Congress to allow in more skilled workers on temporary and permanent visas. Google (GOOG), with many immigrants at the company including one of the founders, sent one of its top executives to make the case in Washington (see, 6/7/07, "Immigration: Google Makes Its Case"). Bill Gates, Microsoft's (MSFT) co-founder, also made the trip to Congress to argue for a change in policy (see, 3/8/07, "Gates to Senate: More Visas").

    Immigration Voice has for several years been a forum for visa workers awaiting green cards, but it is now becoming a critical organizing tool through its Web site, volunteer leadership, and increased lobbying efforts. Immigration Voice President Aman Kapoor says green-card applicants are busy organizing a series of rallies to take place across the country on one day next month.

    "This is not the usual population to go into the streets and protest; it's a group that has remained quiet and follows the rules," says Kapoor. "But people have lost faith in the system, and we have reached a tipping point in terms of frustration. There's an understanding that more dramatic action is needed."


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  • obviously
    07-17 10:09 PM
    The entire July fiasco and fix is nothing but a GRAND DISTRACTION.

    Let us go back to the June bulletin. The numbers became current and leaped by many months JUST AS the Immigration Bill was being debated. This resulted in the EB folks feeling temporarily elated and quite distracted with delusion.

    Then, comes the July bulletin. Making ALL numbers available made everyone ecstastic and completely distracted. This just as the debate was winding down.

    Again, two key 'relief points' that magically appeared just when the legal workers' needs could have been further highlighted. Net effect, the relative pain and position was REDUCED, so it appears that the problem was being fixed and hence not that urgent.

    Next, comes the EB bulletin fiasco. This completely derailed the community. The fix and elation in the past few hours has resulted in all celebrating a pyrrhic victory that will completely derail the discussion on EB issues.

    Like ripples in a pond, the net effect of these events has led to a complete refocus of priorities such that even temporary fixes are being toasted and celebrated.

    I am not suggesting that there is no silver lining in these clouds. The flower campaign, rallies etc have all been positive moves.

    Instead of celebrating ad nauseum and thanking each other and wondering how to send thank you notes... let us FOCUS ON THE REAL PAIN POINTS and PRIORITIES ... the end goal is a predictable system and process for Green Cards.

    Any interim relief, while truly and deeply appreciated, cannot be sold as the end product in order to buy our collective silence.

    I request the IV Core and others to please continue to highlight the need to get EB Green Card processing professionalized and predictable, in order to ensure that the respect for the law is reciprocated in equal measure.

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  • thrill
    01-17 01:13 PM
    Only 690 votes for :

    Whether you totally agree or whether you qualify on those points or not please vote.

    Immigration is not in Obama's agenda as it's evident on that site . It's not even a major group/section .

    Let's vote all the related immigration post and put "Immigration" on top his list.


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  • logiclife
    06-07 01:24 AM
    Is immigration a right? ABSOLUTELY.

    Well, over the past few months we have heard a lot of sound bites like �Immigration is a privilege, not a right�. �We are a country of immigrants but we are also a country of laws.� We will see about that in moment when we look at history and find out how lawful immigration has historically been.

    Let�s focus on one thing sorely missing from our community: The sense of entitlement.

    A lot of employment based immigrants in this country, legally here, on H1, L1, J1 etc. have asked themselves, �What right do I have to ask for change in laws or relief from congress? I am not even a citizen. Lobby congress? As an alien? Are you kidding me? Do you want to get deported? Do you realize you are going �against� the Government?�

    Therein comes the lack of sense of entitlement.

    First of all, legally speaking, there is no distinction between the constitutional rights of citizens and the constitutional rights of those who are non-citizens � legal or illegal. (Non-citizens are also called �aliens�, but I refrain from using that word whenever I remember coz none of us look like characters of Star Wars and we are not green-headed animals with 6 limbs, so I don�t consider myself an alien just because I was born somewhere else on the same planet).

    Second of all, as a person within the jurisdiction of the United States, the first amendment actually prohibits the congress from making any laws against stated rights � one of which is the right to petition the Government for redress of grievances. So not only its legal to do what we are doing, it unconstitutional to pass a law to make it illegal for us to petition (or lobby, advocate, litigate) government for a redress of grievances. And that first amendment isn�t changing, coz to change it, its going to need two-thirds of US congress and three-fourths of states to back it. And we all know, how lucky we are to have 51 senators agree on the fact that sun rises from the east.

    Earned Right or Birthright?

    The fact that you are here and you are here legally and working with the system to earn immigration is something you should be proud of. Not guilty of. If you treat yourself as guests, the government will treat you like a guest. I would rather treat myself two times the citizen. Why, coz it simply much harder to earn a citizenship than to be born into it. I believe that not only we deserve fair and speedy immigration, but also when we do become citizens we should have the privilege to give two votes in elections. Now, I am not trying to display chutzpah here. I am going to back up my claim with reason. See, a lot of us came here 5-10 years ago with almost no money. Many of us never received any formal education in America. However, we have been able to survive and keep a job in this country, even during the stock market crash of 2001 and the economic recession after that. No small feat. We are the last ones to leave the office at night (Actually, that is true for both legal and illegal workers, coz the legal computer programmer is still coding Java at 7:00 PM while the illegal janitor starts vacuuming the office). We relocate across states as-if its relocating 2 traffic lights away. We adapt to different employers, we adapt to all employers. And all these without driving down the wages. Yes, it�s true. We don�t depress the wages and we don�t steal jobs and the labor certification is designed to prevent that and it�s working. We all know how great its working and how intense the process is, especially those who are stuck in Philly and Dallas backlog creation centers.

    So, to sum it up, we have twice to right to petition the government for a redress of grievances, twice the right to everything. It�s an earned right, not a birthright. Our natural instinct should be to exercise the rights we have earned. If we cannot do it now, we are not going to really make anything out of citizenship of Greencard that we are pursuing.

    And coming back to the sound bites about privileges and �Nation of laws� coming out of Washington today, let me say this: The pilgrims, who dropped anchor near Cape Cod in 1620 didn�t go through a port of entry and get their passports stamped and their I-94s stapled. I don�t think the Indians were waiting at the coast of Virginia to stop immigrants. They just came. And they settled. And they called it home. No priority dates. No visa bulletins.

    So you see, what really matters here is whether you feel you are entitled to something or not. If you don�t feel entitled to a fair immigration process that does justice to those who seek legal ways to immigration, then you probably aren�t entitled. To ask for something, you must first believe that you deserve it. And to show that you deserve it, you must ask it loudly and clearly from rooftops. Don�t predict visa bulletins, but work to change and influence the visa bulletin 6 months from now. And no, you wont be deported for exercising that constitutional right.

    �Our ancestors ... possessed a right, which nature has given to all men, of departing from the country in which chance, not choice has placed them.�

    � Thomas Jefferson (1743�1826, 3d President of the United States, author of the Declaration of Independence)

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  • caliguy
    10-29 08:23 PM
    Sent the sample letter to everyone who requested for it.

    If anyone has not received the sample letter, please send me another message.

    Good luck!

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  • GCAmigo
    07-12 11:27 AM
    I remember long time ago somebody used to say that this Greencard is a SCAM....I am so frustrated..

    was our beloved(?) & much hated "KAKA" !

    09-17 02:08 PM
    I strongly believe that they will mark up the bill HR 5882 today; it may go late in to the evening and may happen with minimal resistance.

    06-04 11:07 PM
    thx! :D

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