Thursday, June 16, 2011

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  • gjoe
    11-01 03:52 PM
    If we can understand why most of us want a GC we can understand the poll better.
    In my opinion most of us here want the GC because we want to change jobs for better pay, better professional growth, to live in a better place, better work environment, etc, the list can be endless. ( I guess if you don't have all these then you don't have freedom)
    If we can get our GC's no matter with which employer we work as long as we do our job ( as mentioned in our LC) we will not be bothered too much about our GC process ( We are dependent on our employer sponsoriing our GC so we are not independent)

    I can say atleast half of us who are waiting for the GC don't have any ambitions as of now to take active role in building this society, if we really had such we can do that at our home countries too.

    Like someone said in this thread " Reverse Brain Drain " is an empty slogan if we use ourselves call ourselves the brain which America needs to keep it going.

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  • Vexir
    05-31 08:52 PM
    My entry, thought I'd do an abstract :)

    Scroll down for it.

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  • Kushal
    07-15 11:26 AM

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  • sertasheep
    07-19 04:54 PM
    I'm not writing this in my capacity as a core member, but just as a regular individual. Aman has selflessly worked towards EB immigration reform, at the cost of precious personal time with family, as well as taking vacation time in order to make the numerous trips to Washington DC. He has not asked for reimbursement for expenses incurred during numerous previous trips to DC.

    The skilled professional community, those who are members of IV, and those aren't yet, must be extremely grateful to Aman for this selfless act.

    He may not like me stating this, but this is true.

    Several volunteers have spent hundreds of dollars out of their own pockets without disturbing IV funds for press releases, travel and so on.

    One important thing: Money is an enabler for several things including operating expenses, infrastructure mobilization, etc., However, at the end of the day, solidarity and efforts count.

    While IV will continue to require funds, members are encouraged to assist in other non-monetary ways as well. That would be even more powerful information for us when we get in touch with policy influencers. A recent example was the stories requested by Cong. Loefgren's office, for which we had to prepare several stories, requring us to get in touch with you all. Completed information will help easen this process

    a) Please discard your cloaks of anonymity and complete your profiles with your information. That's the first step.
    b) The next step is to increase awareness among the community, law makers and influencers.
    c) Get more members to enroll.
    d) Assist in non-monetary ways: How many of you have non-working spouses, friends, et al who can contribute focused time and effort(not money). In other words, volunteer time and effort?

    Please write to


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  • nb_des
    09-14 03:50 PM
    Absolutely. Now with PERM and premium 140, if we can file 485, and then hit the snooze button for 10 years -- no problem for me. I know, not everyone will be lucky to board onto the PERM, but atleast it will be relief for most of us.

    Indirectly illegal worker issue has hurt us. Now more than ever House has a resolve not to allow increase in Visa numbers.

    We should really wake up to the reality and for this year or as a first step just get us to file 485. Believe me even getting this through will be difficult this year.

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  • shirish
    06-19 10:21 AM
    As per my research and talking to customer service of few american and india insurance companies, You are partly right that no one covers pre-existing conditions.

    But indian companies like Icici lombard, Bajaj allianz, tata aig etc cover emergency life saving treatment even if it was due to the pre-existing conditions. Which means if one is diabetic, reguler sugar check and doc vists will not be covered but if say patients develops a critical condition (e.g kideny failure etc) then the treatment is covered.

    But american companies do not cover even the emergency treatment.

    Hope this helps
    I have talked to IMG sales rep, he said they won't cover for pre existing conditions. He also said that as far as his knowledge is concerned there is no company out there that covers pre existing conditions when I asked him about it.

    My final assumption is that any insurance we buy anywhere, just covers illnesses that are developed after the coverage starts.

    Any corrections??


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  • yetanotherguyinline
    07-16 03:35 PM
    Email sent.

    Dear Sir or Madam:

    I have been watching Lou Dobbs on CNN for a while and I am appalled by Mr Dobbs' hatred towards immigrants. He seems to twist or omit facts to suit his line of thought and at times states his opinion as absolute facts (most of which can be easily dis-proven by a 10 minute search on USCIS or dept of home land security websites). My friends and I are considering boycotting CNN if this sort of offensive programming goes on unchecked.


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  • immi_twinges
    07-17 03:09 PM
    I agree with you immi...I would love to have that but i believe its not practical...coz as per existing laws there are 140k employement visas alloted per year...if you are gonna use uncaptured visas from the previous years then this number would be >140k.. which would require a change in the law...with the current govt in power (inspite of the President being pro immigration),Iraq war,elections,Anti immigration sentiments before elections,etc..i donot foresee it happeneing anytime soon... my $0.02

    First they Ignore us,
    Then they laugh at us,
    Then they fight us,
    Then we win.

    - MK Gandhi

    Have faith ... never loose hope with out trying
    We should never come to conclusions before trying.
    I saw in other thread that president is signing a petition related to backlogged passport application...well that is going on smoothly with out any hurdle..
    Dream act is introduced with out any hurdle.
    May be its the right time .They are unsuccessful with the illegal immigration (amnesty bill) .... If we try legal immigration issues now... may be they will be okay .... I dont think there will much opposition for legal immigration as there was for illegal immigration

    We are not asking for increase in number...we are asking for the numbers we lost due to the USCIS laziness.
    I think we can ask for it...Its not our mistake...its USCIS mistake

    I don't think even citizens will oppose it...we have been waiting so long...they will understand...
    I think its the right time ... my boss was saying that he heard how many visa numbers were wasted on Public radio and he was very sympathetic.

    May be they will not agree on increasing the GC numbers or taking dependents out of the GC count but i am sure they will be okay recapturing the lost numbers

    May be not all one least in installments ...heheh this can work too

    Lets try guys...we had such a big publicity and very good response recently...dont let it go it waste..lets put a little more effort


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  • NKR
    03-13 10:05 AM
    Looks like I need to take up a priests job somewhere and file another GC in E4 category which is current. God willing, I might get GC soon.

    BTW I was not expecting EB2 to move forward that much. Would be interesting to see if it moves further in next bulletin..

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  • whoever
    01-31 12:48 PM
    Rumor of the Day: Is the Regulation Eliminating Substitutions Imminent?
    There is a rumor afoot that the final rule from DOL eliminating substitutions is imminent. Not quite---here�s the story. AILA Doc. No. 07013170.

    It is at


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  • addsf345
    11-10 10:15 AM
    I believe your answer below was related to this situation:

    Consider this:

    If someone renews his/her H1B after 6 years based on approved I-140. Assuming that dates are not current, the H1B gets renewed for 3 years.
    In this scenario if the pending I-485 gets denied, what happens to the current H1B? Does that also get invalidated as it's renewal was based on a pending I-485 and approved I-140?


    as per my understanding, as the H1B extension is based on pending 485, your H1 also becomes invalid with immediate effect. This is shocking, I was somehow believing that using H1 is safe, but it is not after initial 6 years are over. On the contrarary, there are reports that EAD stays valid atleast till the appeal period when 485 is denied, and while the MTR is filed. This is reported on some other threads. Can someone confirm this?

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  • Macaca
    02-15 05:32 PM
    Reid Schedules Vote On House's Iraq Resolution (

    Senate Democratic leaders abruptly switched course in the Iraq war debate today, shelving a complicated non-binding resolution that has run into procedural hurdles, in favor of a House version that simply states Congress's objections to President Bush's troop escalation plan.

    Moral of report: Politics 101

    1. Things can change abruptly.

    2. Some things will not pass as much as you want it.

    3. If some thing is not passing, try to salvage as much as you can.


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  • jsb
    03-11 02:28 PM
    In my opinion USCIS will not give inaccurate information, in writing, to a Senator. The letter clearly mentions 'Application Pending for India'...

    USCIS might not have intentionally given any incorrect information. Perhaps to them what they sent means "EB applications pending for India". Key part is "for India", which quite likely does not mean chargeable to India.

    I doubt if they can easily track out applications chargeable to India that easily (even if $5K is sent to them). Whatever is entered in the system when USCIS receives paper applications (e.g. name, address, date received, category, date I-140 approved, etc.) can only be used as a criteria for queries. Birth country perhaps is only on paper application, and is verified for approrpriate chargeability at adjudication time. Systems are not designed for handling cases where country of chargeability is, as is the case for us, the final stopper.

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  • santb1975
    01-31 08:49 AM


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  • kushaljn
    09-17 12:01 PM
    Talking about one case where a navy officer could not appear to remove condition on her Permanent Residency. She was then served a notice of intent to deny or put in deportation proceedings. I guess still 6020.

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  • vsrinir
    09-17 10:43 AM

    They need to eat


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  • Legal
    08-14 09:39 AM
    It took me around 4 years. EB2 India, started as a scientist later physician and endless headaches ...... but its over now. Got my card yesterday. Its an amazing stress relief and confidence booster.

    I could have tried EB1 too but wasnt sure how it would turn out hence stuck to EB2.

    PD Dec 2005, EB2, RD for 485 Sept 2007. Welcome notice August 5 2008.

    For some odd reason I got a red on this forum. I dont know who did that and why. But I dont care.....

    For those who are waiting: Keep pushing and thinking of new ways of making this work. if you are EB3 try to become EB2 and even EB1. In the end all that matters is getting the card.

    As regards this forum. I never contributed but found this to a good source of information.

    bye bye:)

    while announcing your green card? sigh.

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  • Gravitation
    09-29 02:54 AM
    Was the H1B through a body shopper? I"ve heard of reopening all old cases of a company if they find a dubious H1B sponsorship, or if a company gets blacklisted.

    If your company is solid and your case is genuine... you probably have nothing to worry about.

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  • jetflyer
    06-13 04:23 PM
    EB3 I is still very unfortunate... I guess this is how the melting pot works... correct me if I am wrong.

    Out of 140K Visas 7%= 9800 is assigned to India (All Categories)

    Out of 9800 - First EB1 then left over EB2 and Then leftover to EB3 :(

    From over all left over of 140K - First EB1 then left over EB2 and Then leftover to EB3 (all other countries) - Left over (EB3 China) - Left over to (EB3 India) :(

    EB3 India is lowest on the FOOD Chain!!!

    EB3 India is not unlucky but thats the default category for any one to apply when they or job doesn't let them go for Eb1/2.

    So the obvious reason is:
    when we have brand new lot of 85K H1s most of them apply for Eb3, and big chuck is Indian (no 7% cap here), but regardless of category, if 85k applies for GC, with one dependent it counts 130k.
    And for GC allocation we have country cap which is ONLY 7% when we have 70% applicants. Do the math, 85000*.7*2= 119000 applicants for GC from India each year and they are entitled for 140000*.07=9800 and now lets say with all favors from ROW and EB1 we got double say about 20,000 still there is a back log of about 100K each year.

    Thats assuming everybody applies for GC out of 85K H1 stock.
    Based on this I don't see EB3 to become FIFO or backlogless because the system is not balanced,

    # of ppl coming on H1 each year * xfactor = #of GC given to EB each year

    04-27 11:02 PM
    Why should speeding tickets matter?

    (To make sure we are on the same page, I am talking about maintaining PR status after you have GC, and not while your I-485 petition is pending.) Speeding tickets do not matter in maintaining PR status, neither do they matter in your eventual citizenship status, but you must include them in the citizenship application form N-400 (, Part 10, Question 16: "Have you even been arrested, cited, or detained by any law enforcement officer for any reason?" Speeding tickets mean both citation and temporary detention (this is why parking violations are excluded). However, for such minor infractions you do not need to attach documents wth your application (see the bottom sentence in page 25 here ( But it is still a good idea to keep all documentation, no matter how trivial.

    04-07 09:47 AM
    Thanks for everybody's hard work on giving me reds

    Who filed GC for you any way.

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