Thursday, June 30, 2011

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  • Ravneetsingh
    11-23 02:33 PM
    hello guys, i just went through all the 6 pages but still am confused.
    This is how my name appears on my passport:
    First name- ______(blank!)
    Last Name- Ravneet.
    one every US document including SSN, License, Job, its listed as FNU Ravneet.

    I am on F1 visa, working on my OPT. My student visa just expired but my OPT-EAD is valid till june09. I feel very embarassed when asked" how do u say ur first name", I need to have it changed, could somebody tell me step by step the process involved.
    I can drive to NY consulate and have my passport changed, but then how to change every US document, I mean would a expired US visa be a issue? My EAD is valid and I am legally in status. Please guide!

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  • nixstor
    04-05 05:17 PM
    Go for another M.S. to maintain F1. It doesn't have to be a phD.

    For getting into next year lottery :(

    check these two links that gives the number of F1 students by major ( and country (

    US schools and economy are gonna be hit hard if no reforms occur soon.

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  • wellwishergc
    12-19 03:06 PM
    Anybody else want to take the same challenge as mine, if we achieve the 60000$ target by Dec 31? 20$/month contribution is not BIG at all.

    Starting Jan 2007, I will chip in 20$ per month every month until we get the bill for GC relief cleared, if we can beat Anurakt's challenge of 60000$ by 31st december.

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  • ns33
    07-10 02:21 PM
    It is a simple logic, when the cake gets cut it rolls down to all the people in line. If there is no cake, whats the point of arguing who is ahead in line?

    Well said. We see the community fighting with no cake in hand.

    Chanduv23 First - let me say I respect your outstanding and active contribution on this forum very much. Having said that, I'd say, you both conveniently missed the point in my post.
    I am not arguing about who is ahead in the line to get the non-existent cake - please read my post once again and point it out to me where I said anything in such regard..

    Frustration comes from the point that all the discussions take tone that all IV efforts are to help EB2 category alone. It is becoming frustrating for EB3s to keep reading posts and participating in actions when everyone keeps portraying IV effort as EB2 only effort.

    I'd request you both to please read my post again.
    All I have said is that message need to be made stronger that IV effort is for all EB community.

    By responding with who's ahead in line type of comment you both are just ignoring the situation that already exists as of today on this forum wrt EB categories. I'd venture to say that if at all you're making that feel of eb3 left out even worse than it already it.

    Apologize if I have offended anyone and will gladly take that red dot for speaking out my mind.

    As far as the lawsuit is concerned, just like all the other IV efforts, I'd gladly participate in it.

    Another possibility should also be investigated and that is re. selective enforcement of zeigler memo by some DOLs.


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  • abhijitp
    11-16 03:59 PM
    Except for those still living in denial, we know that if anyone actually "DID" anything to cause the reversal of July Visa Bulletin... it was Hon. Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren, Ms Gabriela Ptasinska who filed a lawsuit from Chicago, and Immigration Voice!

    1) Calculate the amount of money YOU saved by not having to re-apply for your and your family's AOS under the new fee structure (and who knows after how many years into future?)
    2) Look at the amount of money your spouse can now bring home as he/she is eligible to work with their EAD
    3) Add the medical examination fees
    4) Add money you would spend on photocopies/ courier charges/ driving to your lawyers office to sign the papers

    The list is long, and all of it is now part of your "savings" largely due to the efforts of Immigration Voice!

    And even after saving so many $$, people think $50 a month is too much to ask for?? And that too, when this is going to help bring you even closer to the one document that you think about everyday?

    That sounds like "penny wise pound foolish"!

    It's not too late, please sign up for monthly contributions and get active... and help IV to help you see your Green Card sooner than later.

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  • priderock
    07-05 01:12 PM
    Are you guys sure that Emilio Gonzalez is not on vacation or taking a day off that day ??


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  • indyanguy
    08-12 07:30 PM
    Also I am trying to start my own IT training firm there so with gods on my side in 4-5 years that company can grow to a mid size firm.

    Can you elaborate on your decision to start your own IT training firm (as opposed to a IT service provider)? I grew up in bangalore and there were a large number of training institutes back in the day. I am curious to know how your training firm is going to be different from others.


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  • kalia
    07-06 03:54 PM
    Hi All,

    There is nothing wrong in sending the flowers. People will have to make sure that their message is well written.

    Please note that it is not USCIS who decides the priority dates. It is DOS who decides the VB. USCIS just follow that VB says.


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  • dtekkedil
    07-05 03:42 PM
    Added plan of action, the address and msg already there...let me know if you want me to add any.


    Thanks Chandra!

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  • conundrum
    03-09 02:50 PM
    Pledged $25, donated $50


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  • cableching
    08-21 05:41 PM
    Are you EB3 ?

    I am EB2 and my Priority Date is not current and it is 06 Sept 2006. I just wanted to check if my name check was cleared.

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  • seekerofpeace
    08-18 02:04 PM
    You can call up again today or later and I am sure the next agent will tell you just the opposite....that notice date is all that is important.

    Fact of the matter is they don't have a clue and they can't care less....



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  • pmb76
    08-21 10:02 PM
    I agree with WendyZhu. I don't think that the IOs would share such sensitive information. They very well know that this information could spur up huge debates on blogs like it already has. At the same time the IO could be tracked down and could lose his job because of this. There is certainly something fishy here.

    Relax guys and gals , don't stress over these rumors. We already have sleepless nights because of the erratic processing by USCIS and these rumor-mills just increase our stress level.

    Just think of this - what's the worse that could happen ? It's already happening - people with 2006 PDs and Aug '07 RDs are getting approvals while 2004 PDs and July 2 RDs are still waiting.

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  • LostInGCProcess
    02-25 11:52 AM
    [SIZE="3"][FONT="Trebuchet MS"]
    �A journey of a thousand miles begins with a small step.�

    ~ Lao Tzu (570-490 BC), Famous Inspirational quote by the Chinese Founder of Taoism.

    Realizeit, This is a brilliant idea that you have put forth. If what you are proposing happens, boy-o-boy!!! lot of head aches and tension would go away for folks who have applied their I-485 and waiting for a long time. Just imagine if the status changes to "ADJUDICATED-WAITING FOR VISA NUMBER" it would be as good as getting the GC.
    I totally support your effort.

    Thanks for the great idea and I hope this proposal would move forward and not be a dead thread!!!


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  • ps3539
    05-11 03:30 PM
    i agree that substituted labors move back in the queue.

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  • chanduv23
    11-11 04:22 PM
    Are you really the father of this child?
    I doubt it.
    Because if you were a father, you would have protected your son and gone to the cops.

    If he goes to cops what happens to his 485? He is worried that's why he is on this forum - I think he was looking for posters with similar experiences and whether complaining to cops worked or not.


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  • pappu
    03-09 11:38 AM
    How to change headline of Poll type thread?

    Do edit post - advanced. And you will see the title to edit.

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  • acruix
    07-17 07:05 PM
    We will work with you with even more strength.

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  • alien007
    04-15 11:09 AM
    Plainspeak says.."As far as i know the whole MS F1 visa is a big scam and loophole to enter us and stay here when you are not supposed to and that is the loophole that needs to be closed first instesad of worrying about fruad porting and EB1 fraud. Closing thsi student GC loophole will clear up the whole EB retrogression mess "

    F1 is not a scam. its legal visa. once u enter into usa on F1, u can stay here to study. while doing MS, u can also work on CPT legally. after completion of the MS degree, it is legal to stay on OPT and work. recently the US govt has increased the OPT period from 12 to 29 months. again its legal. its legal to apply for H1B while maintaining a proper F1 status or OPT.

    People who dont like this.... dont either because they dont understand F1 very well, or just plainly speaking jealous or out of their mind.

    i guess we should be happy if someone is making progress legally even if we are not in the same boat.:)

    cloud 9
    05-11 05:21 PM
    Talk about present and future. Use good language, bad language shows your mentality

    I was asking a question as to what should be done to people who already got their GC thru Labor Sub, since someone said that all the subs of 2007 should get the I-140 filing date as the priority date. I care only about the present and future. This is what I meant when I asked the question.

    Sorry, if I could not write it properly for you to understand.

    11-17 10:45 AM
    I have a Wii gaming console that I bought earlier during the year but never actually got around to play it much

    I want to donate that to IV.

    ************************************************** *

    That Idea has to come from you Gopal. we were talking about you at our SanDiego event last week.

    Can you please put the gaming console on eBay or Craigs list and send the donation to IV. Thanks for comming forward with the Idea
    Sure, I will wait for a couple days to see if any IVer wants it directly, otherwise, I will put it up at Ebay. At ebay there are some selling costs, that doesn't matter, I guess.

    I was away for some weeks, trip to India, am back now. Hope the San Diego event went well.


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