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  • newuser
    12-23 10:51 AM
    Posted my story too

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  • vsoni
    07-16 09:43 AM

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  • caliguy
    09-16 07:56 PM
    I am going to submit an issue with CIS Ombudsman @ DHS | CIS Ombudsman - Case Problems (

    I have also asked the attorney to send an email @ Texas Service Introduces Streamline Procedure for I-485s and I-140s
    Labor Immigration Law � Texas Service Introduces Streamline Procedure for I-485s and I-140s (

    Attorney got back to me and said we will have to wait until 1st October, as he opened a SR on 1st September and TSC asked him to wait for 30 days.

    At this point, I am running out of options....maybe a letter to the first lady??

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  • Lollerskater
    09-17 12:35 PM
    seems like the chairman is kinda careless just saying "the ayes have it". He must be a megatron fan.


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  • JulyFiler
    08-14 07:23 PM
    I agree completely with the OP. Education should be rewarded. People with higher education should be rewarded likewise. PhD > MS > B.XXX. If you have done masters and possess higher qualifications but had to apply in a lower EB category it is your problem or the job you applied for does not require higher qualifications. Either way, it is not USCIS prob.

    I also agree with the fact the OP mentioned that MS folks and PhD folks who sweat out eventually end up losing more financially. This is the first time I am seeing some relief/reward for higher qualified people. I have seen people (have friends too) who came in 2000 straight on H1 and have been making big bucks since then and stuck in EB3. I have seen my friends port to EB2 and get GC. All this makes me feel like I have wasted 2-3 yrs in getting a masters. It is time we got rewarded. This does not mean I want others to be punished. I am saying people with higher qualifications need to be rewarded.

    Chanakya has posted very balanced views. Good job man. Lot of folks are bitter and have misconstrued your arguments and jumped right in to attack without even thinking.

    You are also right that very very rarely do you see a mature discussion in these forums. which is why I just keep away. I just laugh at the sillines that is often displayed here. People dont want to see what they dont want to see. Just few minutes back I saw a post where the OP claims to have entered the country in 1999, applied in 2004 and got his GC. He says he "has been waiting for 8.5 years". thats silly. he applied in 2004. so the wait is only 4.5 yrs. If that was the case I came to this country in 1999. I should have gotten the GC before his. should I crib about it now?

    Btw, I am in EB2. I made a choice to do my masters expecting some benefits. What use is the degree if it doesnt benefit me? No one would be going for MS and PhD if they are all same.

    Welcome reddots.. :)

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  • Macaca
    11-27 01:21 PM
    From The amero conspiracy Behind closed doors, a secret cabal is planning the end of the United States as we know it. Inside a paranoid vision for our time By Drake Bennett | Boston Globe, November 25, 2007: 1 ( 2 (

    Corsi's warning cry and gift for detail have given the theory traction in circles where anxieties about immigration and corporate oligarchy intersect. Lou Dobbs, whose CNN show portrays both free trade and increased immigration as sops to multinational corporations and body blows to the middle class, has devoted investigative segments to the NAU, the amero, and the NAFTA Superhighway.

    From How Trade Breakthrough Almost Broke Down in Congress ( By Juliet Eilperin | Washington Post Staff Writer, November 22, 2007

    Rangel said, adding that opponents of free trade on CNN and elsewhere have effectively linked recent U.S. job losses to trade pacts. "It's the Lou Dobbs thing: 'It's all due to trade.' "


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  • anzerraja
    07-19 06:59 PM
    Do you think it might be a good idea to ask people to pledge amount that they don't know how much is going to be ?

    I think instead we need to do the following.

    1. Clearly state in the very first message the need for creating this thread (pls include the business week article, Pappu's comments, comment from Aman's co worker - If you need help finding it, i can do it for you).

    2. Also add to it that this is for the reimbursement of the expenses of the past. We don't really want to concentrate on how this is going to be handled in the future , may be someone can come up with suggestions on what should be set aside as administrative funds and things related to that. This is only for settling the amount already spent.

    3. Only pledge is required stating the amount clearly and no funding is required at this time. We will instruct all the members who pledged once we get an expert advice on how to channel these funds.

    If you can make these corrections it will be great.
    Here..Let me know if this needs any modification...

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  • PlainSpeak
    04-23 07:51 PM
    Well only members who are working for the good for the the whole EB community are welcome here.

    Not some stupid highly educated person who does not have any education in humanity but thinks he deserves GC before others because he is superior than them


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  • cygent
    01-30 05:12 PM
    Voted It is #23 now

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  • Bradman
    11-09 10:06 AM
    What you think and suggest is your problem. I know what all i had go through to be where I am today. I did a receive a call on either occasion from the Presidents office. As a matter of fact when I wrote to the FL and the Senators office then too I received calls.

    Keep you subject very precise and on the top of envelop remember to mention "Immigration Assistance". Please use ordinary mail 41 cents stamp and wait and watch.

    All the best !!!!

    Forgot to mention on all the instance I had sent hand written personal letters just stating traumatic situation which I am going through. Also remember this is a request which we are asking for and there is no moral obligation on their part to expedite.

    Cheers !!!


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  • Marphad
    01-11 01:17 PM
    often i'm amazed by the knowledge of some of the posters here...... but more often i get a laugh out of stupid ideas that r thrown around...... for example u want something big.... want to send transcript..... blacking out the name...... if there is no name on the transcript..... how will anyone know if its genuine...... so u r still afraid of someone knowing u'r name... but u want to do something big....... that makes real sense...... if u know what i mean..... then u want someone else to do a rally....... r u going to come to the rally?..... how will u hide u'r personal information when u come for the rally....... maybe time to take out the Halloween nixon mask.... to protect the personal information/identity..... and for the hunger strike.... lets have someone with a nixon mask do hunger strike...... we could just say that its not me who is doing the hunger strike.... its president nixon doing hunger strike on my behalf....... great idea...... by far the best one ;)

    There was a user with nick name "Sanju". You sound a lot like him...

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  • imm_pro
    06-09 05:39 PM
    06/09/2008: House Passed This Afternoon H.R. 5569 EB-5 Immigrant Investor Regional Center Five-Year Extension

    This afternoon, the House passed this bill by voice vote, which was sponsored by Rep. Zoe Lofgren. Congratulations to the immigrant investors in Regional Centers.

    Guys,we are really lucky to be represented by a really strong congresswoman who can get things done and we have to do everything we can from our please keep calling..


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  • roseball
    05-24 05:46 PM
    All H1 filings which now pay a fee of $1500 or $750 will be asked to pay $10000 or $5000.....It does not apply to the H1 exempt institutions....

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  • garybanz
    12-03 03:55 PM
    Most of the people on Immigration Voice come here for legal advice regarding immigration, what if IV negotiates a good rate with 3-4 Immigration attorneys and recommends those attorneys to members? Attorneys would get business due to IV recommendation, IV will get referral fee ($100-$200) per referral and members will get discounted rates from good attorneys.

    Do you think this can work?



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  • bklog_sufferer
    06-07 08:59 AM
    Well said logiclife, I can't agree with you anymore and must say that I thoroughly enjoy reading your posts.:)

    Is immigration a right? ABSOLUTELY.

    Well, over the past few months we have heard a lot of sound bites like �Immigration is a privilege, not a right�. �We are a country of immigrants but we are also a country of laws.� We will see about that in moment when we look at history and find out how lawful immigration has historically been.

    Let�s focus on one thing sorely missing from our community: The sense of entitlement.

    A lot of employment based immigrants in this country, legally here, on H1, L1, J1 etc. have asked themselves, �What right do I have to ask for change in laws or relief from congress? I am not even a citizen. Lobby congress? As an alien? Are you kidding me? Do you want to get deported? Do you realize you are going �against� the Government?�

    Therein comes the lack of sense of entitlement.

    First of all, legally speaking, there is no distinction between the constitutional rights of citizens and the constitutional rights of those who are non-citizens � legal or illegal. (Non-citizens are also called �aliens�, but I refrain from using that word whenever I remember coz none of us look like characters of Star Wars and we are not green-headed animals with 6 limbs, so I don�t consider myself an alien just because I was born somewhere else on the same planet).

    Second of all, as a person within the jurisdiction of the United States, the first amendment actually prohibits the congress from making any laws against stated rights � one of which is the right to petition the Government for redress of grievances. So not only its legal to do what we are doing, it unconstitutional to pass a law to make it illegal for us to petition (or lobby, advocate, litigate) government for a redress of grievances. And that first amendment isn�t changing, coz to change it, its going to need two-thirds of US congress and three-fourths of states to back it. And we all know, how lucky we are to have 51 senators agree on the fact that sun rises from the east.

    Earned Right or Birthright?

    The fact that you are here and you are here legally and working with the system to earn immigration is something you should be proud of. Not guilty of. If you treat yourself as guests, the government will treat you like a guest. I would rather treat myself two times the citizen. Why, coz it simply much harder to earn a citizenship than to be born into it. I believe that not only we deserve fair and speedy immigration, but also when we do become citizens we should have the privilege to give two votes in elections. Now, I am not trying to display chutzpah here. I am going to back up my claim with reason. See, a lot of us came here 5-10 years ago with almost no money. Many of us never received any formal education in America. However, we have been able to survive and keep a job in this country, even during the stock market crash of 2001 and the economic recession after that. No small feat. We are the last ones to leave the office at night (Actually, that is true for both legal and illegal workers, coz the legal computer programmer is still coding Java at 7:00 PM while the illegal janitor starts vacuuming the office). We relocate across states as-if its relocating 2 traffic lights away. We adapt to different employers, we adapt to all employers. And all these without driving down the wages. Yes, it�s true. We don�t depress the wages and we don�t steal jobs and the labor certification is designed to prevent that and it�s working. We all know how great its working and how intense the process is, especially those who are stuck in Philly and Dallas backlog creation centers.

    So, to sum it up, we have twice to right to petition the government for a redress of grievances, twice the right to everything. It�s an earned right, not a birthright. Our natural instinct should be to exercise the rights we have earned. If we cannot do it now, we are not going to really make anything out of citizenship of Greencard that we are pursuing.

    And coming back to the sound bites about privileges and �Nation of laws� coming out of Washington today, let me say this: The pilgrims, who dropped anchor near Cape Cod in 1620 didn�t go through a port of entry and get their passports stamped and their I-94s stapled. I don�t think the Indians were waiting at the coast of Virginia to stop immigrants. They just came. And they settled. And they called it home. No priority dates. No visa bulletins.

    So you see, what really matters here is whether you feel you are entitled to something or not. If you don�t feel entitled to a fair immigration process that does justice to those who seek legal ways to immigration, then you probably aren�t entitled. To ask for something, you must first believe that you deserve it. And to show that you deserve it, you must ask it loudly and clearly from rooftops. Don�t predict visa bulletins, but work to change and influence the visa bulletin 6 months from now. And no, you wont be deported for exercising that constitutional right.

    �Our ancestors ... possessed a right, which nature has given to all men, of departing from the country in which chance, not choice has placed them.�

    � Thomas Jefferson (1743�1826, 3d President of the United States, author of the Declaration of Independence)

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  • go_guy123
    05-07 03:02 PM
    First of all Congratulations desi#### and thanks for continuing to support IV.

    Interesting discussion going on. Yes, I agree that most of us here are waiting for our GC and some of them go on to become US Citizens.
    I believe that becoming a citizen of any country is a person's choice, so let us not give desi### a hard time here.:o
    But I certainly do not think it is an 'achievement' to get a US citizenship, just because it implies indirectly it is an 'achievement' to let go off Indian citizenship. Nothing meant to offend you desi#### but it hurts when one reads such a statement somewhere deep inside the mind. But hey, as I said earlier, to each his own and noone should be judging others in their decisions.
    And it is not only Indians becoming US citizens every year. There are others too.
    Personally, even with all the advantages as stated above of being a US citizen, I will never let go of my Indian passport. Even if the authorities give it to me tomorrow in a lottery;) Never.
    Why? Because my identity, my rich heritage, my family roots, my parents, my culture everything is Indian and am proud of it. There are lot of sentimental and emotional attachments. I was going through the OCI articles today after reading this discussion.
    It is not exactly a dual citizenship. Some clauses are no voting rights! No Indian Passport!
    Getting a GC is another thing, but when I decide to go back after a couple of years, I would definitely want to retain my voting rights. ! I rest my case.

    US citizenship is a final stop for most/many immigrants. Post Sep 11, there has been a surge in nationalization applications because technically GC is like a long term visa to stay permanently. Therefore there is always a risk of losing GC because of DUI or other trivial or accidental issues etc.

    Also post Sep 11, a lot of govt/sensitive projects that were available for GC only have been restricted to US Citizens. You lose a significant chunk of the available jobs market if you are a GC holder in the Maryland/DC/North Virgina area. In fact I know a lot of GC who kept their old passports but because of these hassles eventually decided for Naturalization.


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  • singhsa3
    08-19 02:07 PM
    Congratulations on your citizenship. I am happy for you.
    But, in what ways can you help? I very curious to know. I have been following your post and so far I am still optimistic for your grand help that you have been talking about through out.

    I would like to help my fellow legal immigrants.

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  • syzygy
    01-31 01:22 PM
    They might have voted by mistake. I did that mistake. So don't think too much in negative territory instead get as many hit as possible on poll site.

    just curious to know what is the reason that 22 people till now didn't vote for the question ... what do you think could be the reason ...

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  • 485Mbe4001
    07-20 11:28 AM
    There is a R2i or return to india forum on msn groups. they have a finance thread that discusses the finanacial aspects of returning to india and other finance related issues. You will find all your answers there.

    guys - i want to start a new forum on 401K ..

    want to discuss what happens to people who have 401k contribution and want to go back to india

    do we have to withdraw the 401K when we leave or can we withdraw it at a later date..

    can some one start a new thread since i cannot figure out how.. thank you

    07-18 10:14 AM
    Date Delivered To USCIS: July 2
    Time Delivered To USCIS: 10.30 AM
    Service Center: Texas
    Rejected: Dont Know
    Checks Cashed: No

    09-17 02:22 PM
    Seems like Zoe is loosing patience. She is starting to accept a lot of amendments and is some how trying get it wrapped up.

    an amendment to respect religious freedom by King
    and agreed to

    Be happy Mr King..please be nice to Zoe and us now

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