Friday, June 17, 2011

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  • akred
    05-24 02:10 PM
    They have your finger prints

    Nope. They throw them away after checking them. Plus they are being run against a db for criminals not for legals :p

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  • atmercyofdol
    07-15 01:07 PM
    Signed. Something I was intending to do. Anyone know who the major sponsors of the show are?

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  • VINJE76
    06-19 05:20 PM
    Ya, I was trying to angle it so it would look a little different but that didnt look good so I just left it.

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  • Rajeev
    01-31 05:02 PM
    The questions are at numbers 3 and 8 at this moment, under most popular.


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  • santb1975
    02-01 05:27 PM
    it seems like a good question to ask

    Aren't these pretty complex questions for them.

    Why can't we ask a simple question like this?
    1. Given the green card woes lot of US eductated scientists and technical talent are leaving US for their home country. This is helping the home country and increasing outsourcing market. What are you going to do about it? Are you going to do any thing to keep them here?

    Should I ask this question? Any inputs.

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  • crazyAbtUS
    12-24 03:36 PM


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  • reddymjm
    09-24 08:59 AM
    The best way to respond this kind of people is to ignore them....
    If you are successful, certain people will complain and make up stories how you became successful.
    If you fail, the same people will makeup stories how dumb you are etc...

    The best way, in my opinion, is to ignore these fools.

    Those who are writing negative about IV and their leaders, do not have slightest idea on how much sacrifices they have made (family time, financially, physically, mentally etc) so that most of us could be benefited out of it. If these people think they are not benefited or does not like the idea, please don't read those post or just ignore them and move on, go to the posts that you would be benefited from and logout, I personally would like these people to share their experience and answer questions by others with their best of their knowledge, but if you can’t do that, please don't demoralize others.

    And yes, I don't care about RED dots, so bring them on.

    Well said Sanju and gccovet. I liked the vedios too Sanju.

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  • snvlgopal
    03-30 02:56 PM
    Recently i got 3 LUD's on Feb 26, March 27 and today March 30


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  • desi485
    02-18 01:20 PM
    any one?

    I am sure most JULY filers will have this question for travel.

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  • admesystems
    01-09 11:41 AM
    Thank you Lazycis...
    I was out of status for more than a year when I got married


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  • rksaigal
    07-30 01:11 PM
    What would you recommend to enter this field on a long term basis and to supplement one's income?

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  • NolaIndian32
    10-08 12:30 PM
    Guys, on a side note, please be aware that while you are residing/employed in the US and you pay and file tax returns for your employment in the US, per US laws/regs you have to pay taxes on your "worldwide income". Now there is a dollor for rupee tax credit, but assets taxed in the two countries differ and their rates differ too. So if you buy property in the India while in the US you may need to declare it or any rental income you may receive from it on your US Tax Returns while you continue to reside/work in the US.

    It is pretty complicated and you will need the services of an International Tax Accountant.

    Disclaimer: I am not an accountant, please do your own research based on the generlaized information in this post.


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  • no538
    07-11 10:45 PM
    story/rumor was that only Texas center was holding off Nebraska doing that too?

    My attorney said that he received my I-485 application back from Nebraska service center on the 9th statting that priority date is not current.

    My application is I-140 PP(EB3 to EB2 (Nov 2003)PD transfer)+I-485.
    I've got the receipt for I-140 and my application was received by USCIS on June 29th.

    I think my case is different and they would have got confused with everything going on and just returned the application.

    My attorney sent the packet back to USCIS saying that my PD is current in June with the PD Transfer and that they should accept it.

    I'll update with whatever happens.


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  • kakarla
    03-16 09:09 PM
    I have used the below thread when I was in the same situation as yours. Hope this helps.



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  • meridiani.planum
    05-26 04:11 AM
    This link looks to be from the HR. Menendez bill is in the senate. The text of the bill is not available at this time.|/bss/|

    Have to watch this one carefully. Kennedy (one of the co-sponsors of this bill) had thrown EB immigrants under the bus last year while favoring FB and illegals (in CIR). Need to be see the contents of this bill very carefully. Esp this clause from the AILA report:
    "Addressing the decades-long backlogs for certain countries by raising the per-country immigration limits from 7 percent to 10 percent of total admission".
    The CIR in 2007 had a similar clause, bumping up the country-limit from 7% to 10%, BUT it had another related clause that stopped rollover of visa's in the last quarter.
    That would be disastrous for people from India and China as number of visas issued for the whole year will go DOWN!!
    The recapture clause sounds promising , provided there is atleast an even split between EB and FB (of EB coming before FB). If they do it the other way around (like they had done in the last recapture for schedule-A nurses) then EB people will see no benefit of the recapture, and will end up losing one more quick-fix option.

    Eagerly waiting for the bill text so the dissection and analysis can begin!!

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  • thomachan72
    10-27 12:58 PM
    Congrats alterego !

    Are you both physicians ? (the J-1's)

    Looking at your RD reminds me of a friend of mine who has a I-485 RD of Dec 2004, but he is in EB3. Unfortunately his NameCheck was not clear even in the July 2007 fiasco, the reason he is still not green !

    He and his wife recently sold their house and everything else and left their jobs and moved back to India! Enjoying themselves there while their I-485 application papers turn yellow !

    You paid 68K for legal and immigration fees... that is steeep man ! I wonder how...

    bought a car to visit the attorney :D:D


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  • ganguteli
    05-14 12:15 PM
    Guys stop giving respect to this low life Nitinboston. He is an anti-immigrant hiding on our site for past one year reading all posts and reporting to his bosses. Now suddenly his rat fraternity boss asked him to do go the Lion's den and Roar. But he could not and his rats behind got nailed by PresidentO and QAslueth etc.

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  • rheoretro
    09-13 09:52 PM
    I deeply appreciate the follow up messages from nycgal369 and amitjoey, as well as the efforts of other members who are posting and reading messages...

    Leave the PR and outreach efforts on Capitol Hill efforts to the core members. We need help from other members who are willing to dedicate their efforts to getting members. Talk to family, friends and colleagues. Talk to people in your classes, if you are taking part-time classes. Talk to your boss. Talk to your neighbors who are US citizens and get them to talk to Congressmen and Senators...send emails and letters to your Congressmen and Senators!

    Once again, following up on what nycgal369 said, exactly what amount people contribute is in some ways not what we care first and foremost for. Please contribute what you can comfortably handle within your budget. Whether it is $20, or $ 50 or $500 is your call...the important thing is that people start contributing something...we need funds to support our lobbying activities. And please be assured...all expenses will be audited by a CPA. We are legally obligated to do this.

    Another point that nycgal369 raised is about community outreach efforts...we are already in touch with organizations, both on the left and the right. Please leave that to us. Please help us out with recruiting members and with raising money...

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  • casinoroyale
    06-23 12:44 AM
    sunilbhai, thanks for the information.

    I have gone thru this whole thread and here is list of all distinct insurance plans that were brought up. It seems like
    (A) IMGGlobal is popular
    (B) ATLAS America seems to provide little hope for people looking for pre-existing condition coverage.


    1) Kaiser
    2) AIG
    3) Tata-AIG
    4) IMG Global
    7) ICICI-Lombard
    8) (India Network - Underwritten by AIG)
    10) Atlas America

    04-16 10:50 PM
    You should not have gotton H1B visa in the first place

    what makes you say so ?

    , as H1b visas are for professionals
    its not only for IT professionals with Eng Degree

    and there are many professionals stuggle to get an h1b visas even after engineering degrees. In your case, IGNOU is a shame. Its worse than University of Pheonix. Pheonix is one of the best available uni for long distance learning.

    If you get a greencard in EB2, it will be a biggest mockery of the USCIS and department of labor.

    Dont know what do you mean, as long as application is legal, confirming to law, it is as good as any other EB2 application.

    Please dont pass judgements and refrain from spreading wrong information as factual statments. only suggestions should be welcome.

    07-03 07:37 AM
    IV will be willing to help as needed.


    Go IV Go.

    Come on folks, lets start the cleansing work - IV is our organization and lets help IV help us.

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