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stanley cup 2011 playoffs

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  • kate123
    03-10 05:37 PM
    Why ??

    For EB2 and EB3 dates never crossed july 2007 after July fiasco...
    and in your analsis during 2008 you mentioned 20K for EB2 and 5k for Eb3, which is impossible to happen... does that make sense?

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  • add78
    04-27 03:46 PM
    Below is the text for Waivers.. My understanding is that if end Client gives a letter to DOL stating that they don't layoffs due to this H1B and it is a temp. labor requirement etc.. It is still harsh considering anti-immigration climate.. What is feared asked in a Visa interview will be asked by DOL for extensions. So, H1B can't be on an auto-pilot mode..

    ``(I) the employer with whom the H-1B nonimmigrant would be placed has not displaced, and does not intend to displace, a United States worker employed by the employer within the period beginning 180 days before and ending 180 days after the date of the placement of the nonimmigrant with the employer;

    ``(II) the H-1B nonimmigrant will not be controlled and supervised principally by the employer with whom the H-1B nonimmigrant would be placed; and

    ``(III) the placement of the H-1B nonimmigrant is not essentially an arrangement to provide labor for hire for the employer with whom the H-1B nonimmigrant will be placed.

    the big consulting companies (IBM/Deloitte/Accenture et al) will try to get a waiver by showing the 3 conditions above - however, they need to do so every time a current assignment for their H1B employer ends and they need to place them on a new assignment / client. At that time they need to go through the waiver again, to determine whether the end client has had any layoffs in the last 180 days.

    In short this bill is a disaster for ALL CONSULTING companies that have a large H1B population.

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  • apt29
    09-25 11:09 AM
    And your point is????? Wouldn't it help to understand what you are trying to say if you slightly elaborate on your position before resting your case.

    My point is folks who are benefiting from IV are not defending IV. A few Elite members are only doing their job. Note that Elite here is a positive term here. Good that you have asked me to elaborate.

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  • rajesh_kamisetty
    11-02 01:27 PM
    I am certainly not the type to participate in rallies. But I like your thinking and your stand on your points, which I think are not as well expressed as you possibly could.

    The only way US Govt is going to worry about solving our problem is if they find it a problem for themselves. And they will find it a problem only when people like you and me start leaving USA in hoards!!

    For NOW, the only reason I have applied GC is for EAD for my wife. She is on H1 but doesn't like to work in IT field anymore. Without EAD it's difficult for her to pursue other full-time/part-time careers like fashion designer/teacher etc.,

    I have come across at least one-colleague in every client place who left U.S.A - after being here for more than 7 years. And they do have children, houses and handsome salaries. And I know of number of people who have plans to eventually go back. But it's just matter of time and money. If property prices were not crazy in India, I am sure more people would have left by now.

    As far as competition with young and talented Indians - I think we are good enough to come this far and should be good enough to compete when we go back :D

    The day will come when I will proudly say bye-bye to America and go back to Hyderabad or Bangalore and be happy with better family-life and okay-material life. And guess what, I get to work around the world not just U.S.A.

    All those who are questioning my profile details please check the public profile of mine. It has more info than most of you (Mr.internet) have in your own. To those who are calling to close this thread - Already someone modified the poll and added two new options, I won't be surprised if it is closed. If it is it will only show how fake some of you are when you talk about a few reasons ( not all) why GC backlogged should be solved fast.
    Someone wanted the moderators to ban me. Tell me why I should be banned? Do you say you just want everyone to only listen to what you say and what you want them to do? You can't tolerate others' opinions and thoughts?
    I am here in this country on H1B since 2000. I am also one of you waiting in this endless queue for my GC. I am also like one of you trying to get my GC fast. But I don't like to lie or twist facts for my convenience.

    Thought for the day "Walk a mile in the shoes of an American before you ask them to beleive what you say"


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  • storm
    08-24 06:32 PM
    Update from USCIS regarding Writ of Mandamus.

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  • adobe howm
    08-26 12:04 PM
    I dunno about which bank is the best but I guarantee this ICICI does sucks! they act like as if they are ruling NRI. and of course like anyone else we had a very bad experience talking with their home loan dept too. Honestly - If I may say something about this....I can say this with 100% confidence that sooner or later we all will witness their demise. count on it.

    The point is that they cannot JUST do this to us(NRI) or I can say it is we who made their success if they are really. but by the sheer power of community like this - we can definitely teach them a good lesson by just quit banking with ICICI. guess what you will be proud of what you did in the very near future. SBI still IS doing reasonably well and you still can get better rates though.



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  • Macaca
    12-17 02:24 PM
    From Investing in America, Making Things Worse ( By Sen. Chuck Grassley (R., Iowa) | Wall Street Journal, Nov 8, 2007

    I'm startled to learn that The Wall Street Journal seriously believes that an investment in American students will make things worse for U.S. businesses ("The Grassley Visa Tax," editorial, Nov. 2).

    Your editorial asserts that the number of foreign workers on H-1B visas is so minimal that we shouldn't care if Americans are in fact displaced. I challenge the Journal to wave their labor force figures in the face of one of the hi-tech workers who have had to train their own replacement who is an H-1B visa holder. That's a smack in the face to the American worker and hardly an issue to take lightly.

    I am committed to an effort to include additional H-1B reforms and increase the visa supply along with an increased investment to educate Americans. But, I strongly disagree that the only solution is to increase our reliance on foreign workers by raising the annual cap. Reforms to the program must be a top priority. Big business cannot continue to ignore the home-grown American talent who should be getting at least a good portion of these jobs.

    From page 9 of Driving jobs and Innovation Offshore ( The impact of high-skill Immigration Restrictions on America, National Foundation for American Policy (NFAP) Policy Brief, Dec 2007

    The National Foundation for American Policy sent a letter to Senator Grassley�s office requesting a list of the names of �hi-tech workers who have had to train their own replacement who is an H-1B visa holder.�

    To date we have not received such a list from Senator Grassley�s office.

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  • borgho
    06-08 09:47 AM
    I wanted to add a few points again - after reading the previous posts from Alien2006 and Chanduv23.

    To alien2006' posts I want to add the following:

    Funny how many of us have noticed the flow of suggestive ideas that we are given right from the time we start the H1 process - back in our home country:

    1. Prospective H1 employer suggests the following (nothing in writing of course):

    "Great. You are very smart and deserving. We have choosen you to be one of the lucky few whom we will take to America this year after filing your H1-B visa. Once you land there on the H1-B visa, everything will be great. You will have a job in a few days with one of our clients (Buzzer - this is one heck of a lie - there are no confirmed jobs - one has to go through the whole process of interviews again to find a project where you will be accepted on a contract position. Rarely I have seen H1 companies who have projects of their own for their employees...but no one tells us that!!!). After you have worked with us for about 6 or 7 months we will file your green card and you will have your green card within 3 - 4 years. You will be all set with the wonderful American Dream in less than 6 years which is the validity of your H1 visa!!!. (Buzzer - One more great turd of BS - Yes they will apply our green card...BUT they may or may not pay for it...they will apply but there are 195,000 H1s and only 7000 Green cards per year for India - guess what MOST OF us will only dream of a green card and may never get one).

    Folks here shout at us about why we "expect" to get a green card when we "know" that we are here on a temporary H1 visa - WRONG - we know that H1 is temp - but we also are made to think that H1 is the first natural step towards a green card. Once we get here its a big wake-up call after about couple of years on how false that premise is.

    Also - if we are "temps" no one - employers, for that matter - any organisation that we come accros in our "immigrant lives" here in the US try to highlight that YOU Are TEMPS...WE JUST GOT YOU HERE TO BE A TEMP WORKED, EXPLOIT YOU IN WHATEVER WAY WE CAN, MAKE A QUICK BUCK ON YOU...and then put you on the sinking broken boat called "GC process" and forget about you!!!. No wonder we think we think that we deserve to a fair and simple GC process - but it should be made simple and fair - coz thats the sublimal message we have been dumped with for the past 6 or 7 years...its now time for them to come through on their promises.

    To Chanduv23 post - Yes I agree things are much better the last 10 or 15 years....and probably thats the reason more people want to come here and work here...I know I love my job, the people here and the whole way of life here.


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  • h1b_alex
    03-29 03:24 PM
    @snathan, sorry pal i thought you must those fake identities in disguise who could pull you back from filing a complaint since they were one from the run, anyways with your suggestion the consular processing i understand there is a chance to come back, but to be true these 3 months have set me back by 3 years, with the consultant not picking my call when i want to ask him about the situation, running from company to company to attend an interview, they all taking a 5-6 hour interview and then then getting back 2 months later only to tell you that
    they had another senior in line from the company for promotion , they gave him the job and no outside candidates are being considered, other companies also making a mockery of the process of hiring. I would be better going to australia and working from within there, yes i did pay for my H1B but to be so true as i want to be i though it was a procedure at the companies and only realized after i had handed it over by reading this forum that i had also become in cohoots with this consultant. I am not a cry baby here , just that people flying in from all parts of the world , India, Australia, Canada and god knows from where, should be made aware that such things could happen to you and beware, for me the beware sign a little late as i believed at first started my research later.

    @uma thanks for the support but i have already decided to fly back, i appreciate this forum and the people who are willing to help

    @roseball well got no breath left to do another set of visa interview at the US consulate and answer those questions

    @poorslumdog when i started to research i found that this company has done this to many Indian guys, many Canadians by charging visa fees and charging some extra dough and sat on it like a vulture, did nothing to call them to the country and some have never reported to work after 3 years of visa filing, now why is this whole tantrum of filing then, they have been expanding with offices in various areas in US and it acts a good mark on
    their company in terms of view from a outside and successful visa filing with candidate money with no responsibility of placing then is a goldmine, they are like half hits in terms of placing and calling people here, i met with an Indian guy who had come here on his own and changed the company finally as he went thru the same scum of this company.
    Seems like there are victims falling for this modus operandi time after time.

    @HRPRO thanks for the suggestion

    @GCvivek thanks for the analysis of my situation, i feel that its tough to put him to trial but somebody is going to have to do that someday, let it be me, atleast if only a black mark
    it will add to his database and track record of black marks and i am sure many more would have tried but never complained against him, makes him immune everytime someone passes without doing it as i agree they want to be safe, but i want to blow the whistle.

    I need help on the procedure of documents to be submitted , please help me on that as well.

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  • seeking_GC
    05-26 05:48 PM
    If this is correct then we (all of IV) should support this bill and go all out to get this passed.


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  • nitinboston
    05-29 05:05 PM
    Did you guys looked at the latest projections given by USCIS, its on For those who want to wait 10-15 years in limbo, i will pray for you all. For those who want to explore new options, i want to wish you best of luck,

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  • glus
    07-11 07:46 AM
    If they have to log this information then they may encash the cheque for this work. :eek: :eek:

    USCIS can't cash the checks. A check submitted with AnY application can only be cashed if and when the agency decides that the application can be accepted and processed(initial processing.)



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  • h1techSlave
    03-10 11:00 PM
    This is more close to reality. There could not be many left in 2001. I would put 2001 pending cases to be close to 2000. In 2002 and 2003 nobody cared about EB2 or EB3. What ever the lawyer said, people agreed. So the numbers for 2002 and 2003 could be even higher than 20000 each. One solace is that many people may have migrated to EB2 using a second labor.

    As I thought about this further, I figured out the data is even worse than I thought earlier, as this may not have any 2007 numbers. People who filed their labors in 2007 were still waiting in july of 2007. So this data is only upto late 2006. Now the figures could be

    5000 2001
    20000 2002
    20000 2003
    20000 2004
    5000 2005
    5000 2006

    10000 2004
    20000 2005
    20000 2006

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  • ashishgour
    09-17 12:59 PM
    Recess for 25 mins


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  • psgprasad
    07-19 03:39 PM
    Was a recurring contributor. $50 per months nearly contributed $600/-

    Stopped contributing when the CIR 2007 failed, lost hope in the system, I am sorry for that.

    Now after seeing the efforts of the member in the flower campaign and sanjose rally, I am getting my confidence back and started my subscription again for $50 per month.

    Will do additional contributions.

    No single person needs to spend $64000/- for the community, which are supposed to have a decent earning and educated.

    Everyone legal immigrant now has some debt to pay to Aman and IV.

    Please help yourself by making a little contributions, if we 15,000 active members and everyone is contributing $10 per month, it will be 150,000 dollors, which is a good amount for lobbying. I am sure everyone can afford this amount monthly.

    Start contributing, and let us make our dream realized.

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  • ryan
    05-26 11:26 PM
    There is nothing in it for us. In-fact, if this bill passes, they are goin got apply the unused visa numbers towards FB, and we will lose any chance of re-capture, for-ever.
    I think, we have a lost cause. The sooner we accept this, the better. We simply do not have the funds, commitment and political support that the illegals enjoy. We all know where the maximum nubver of FB immigrants are from, and they represent a big block of votes, since most of them happen to have the herd mentality, due to lack of education.

    We, on the other hand, are educated, well read, tax paying people, who actually think about issues and merits of a person, hence no use to politicians.

    Please, could you try and be a bit more positive. 400K illegal to legal or otherwise is a 400K vote if granted residency. Meaning you - a legal, educated and GDP contributor shall have more a chance to those less educated with menial jobs and no real standing on ways of life in this country or a positive contribution to true development. Being positive is half the battle won.


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  • logiclife
    03-20 02:12 PM
    Probably his employer is finding excuses not to file his GC and like his employees on H1B.

    Dude, whatever it is, get out of that hole if you cant get GC filed.

    1. Line up another job.
    2. Go there or else, tell your employer, that "Find a way to file my GC, otherwise HASTALA VISTA baybee...".
    3. Choose your option.

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  • suriajay12
    01-14 11:36 AM

    We dont see any action from core members anymore. I am watching so many threads. We expect more action items even week or 2 weeks. There are so many ideas floating around and which can get better attention if core works by putting some in agenda. I dont intend to hurt anyone.But we can do more.
    I hope I participated more, but hooked up with internation travel every 2 weeks and its sucking my time.
    If core is unable to do anything due to lack of money, please let us know that, and there are many who will come forward, but we need soem action that takes care of EVERYBODYS interests.

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  • eb3_nepa
    05-01 02:00 PM
    It is May 1st today, how much did we finally collect?

    04-26 11:45 AM

    But advocates for skilled immigrants�many of whom remain stuck for years on H-1Bs waiting in the long queue for permanent residency�worry that the bill is a political maneuver rather than an earnest effort at reform. Aman Kapoor, president of the skilled immigrant advocate group Immigration Voice, says that a more effective bill would ensure H-1B visa workers are on a level playing field with U.S. workers. "Skilled immigrants on H-1Bs don't get the same rights and protections as everyone else," says Kapoor. "So wouldn't the solution be to empower and enable the skilled immigrants on H-1Bs such that�skilled immigrants on H-1s have adequate protections so that no one can take advantage of [them]? But no one wants to talk about protections for skilled immigrants."

    12-02 02:00 AM
    Its not IV I am worried about ... I trust them completely.
    Its the the big bad wolves out there :) .... they might use such info to their advantage ....(call me paranoid)
    I believe, the best and safest way to disseminate such important information is through state chapters. I know what you are getting at when suggesting that we should be open about our needs and goals .... The strategic vision is pretty much laid out by the core and is clear enough for the general public (I think) ...
    monetary needs... thats a different ball game ...

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