Monday, June 20, 2011

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  • nag2007
    06-12 05:19 PM
    Thats irony, people with 2004 PD got their GC last year when 2001 is still waiting.

    Thats true. In my case PD March 2005. Waiting for a chance to file my I-485 but whoeever has PD 2005,2006,2007 all have their EADS.

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  • willigetagc
    08-26 03:50 PM
    Yes, we are not a third world country. Thats why we still see people like Harshad Mehta and Abdul karim Telgi. Both stock market and stamp paper, backbone of indian economy could be easily exploited by two individuals.

    We are still manipulating the stock market. From 3000 to 21,000. Every sadhus, saint, soothsayers, magician, poojari's, astrologers predicting sensex to touch 35,000 by this year end. Even one guy predicted, 50,000 points in 2010.

    I am just telling the fact. Look at TOI and other online newpapers economic section. Read the past year news.

    Side note: stable oil(price) is the backbone of world economy. We know who manipulates this oil market and who gains out of it? Is it not a few corporations? But tell me honestly how many countries are affected by this inflated oil price.

    One wallstreet analyst said. If you have Iran and Isreal in one statement, that is more than enough to shoot up the oil price. Why do we see calm and storm in the market every now and then?

    wow!! harshad mehta? You think the first world is all utopian and there are no scandals, no exploitation?

    While you are at it, could you please elaborate on your "oil price" theory. That sure sounds juicy.... :D

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  • NKR
    08-20 12:00 PM
    If you think that the GC is not worth the wait then I suggest that you withdraw your I-485 application asap. ;)[/QUOTE]

    Nope, if you think that the wait time is what makes a GC worth, then would you have liked to wait for another 10 years to make it more worthy?, on the other hand if you had got the GC the very next day you applied for it, would it have been worthless?.

    The point I am trying to make is that no one can justify the wait time. it is torture.

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  • rsaimadhukar
    06-18 04:56 PM
    called all the reps and also updated the poll.

    will pass on this msg to friends outside IV too.

    hope for the best


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  • like_watching_paint_dry
    12-09 11:13 AM
    I read about your intense desire for GC and was thinking to myself... is GC something that someone has to be so very obsessed about? But after reading about your ordeal on this thread, I am starting to see why this is such a joyful time you in you life. Congrats!!! And I wish you all the best ... hope you will get to taste the better fruits of life now after having gone through so much crap.

    This is a standing testimonial of the kind of negative impact this broken, fu**ed up immigration system brings to the life of individuals. Core IV team, I think we should package this person's story and use it as an example of how bad things can get in this system and publicize this incident. Maybe mail his story to all the incoming senators and house reps and make them see the kind of shit every single person undergoes in this system. This almost makes Abu Gharib prison system look like a Christmas fete ... atleast they KNOW the kind of crap they will have to endure each day. With the US immigration system, you never know what they will hit you with next.


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  • akred
    07-14 09:43 PM


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  • Steven_jd
    06-22 01:47 PM
    plz start the poll ! :)

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  • rimzhim
    02-05 04:21 PM
    Krishna we are focussed on the main goal, Unfortunately we have yet to see any headway and may not see any this year either coz of the million other problems. Hence my suggestion of alternate strategies. Like I said, just a suggestion.
    yes but your spouse is ALLOWED to apply for a separate H1B. so i don't see why you are making an issue out of this. no human right activist will buy this argument.


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  • thescadaman
    01-31 02:24 PM

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  • jfredr
    01-31 01:29 PM
    I have forwarded link to 4 of my colleagues i myself voted like 4 or 5 times hope it is counted


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  • trueguy
    08-13 05:32 PM

    The Mexico F2A and Employment Third preference cut-off dates are �unavailable� for both August and September, since those FY-2008 annual limits have been reached. The Visa Office had originally anticipated that this would be a temporary situation. Then with the start of the new fiscal year in October the cut-off dates would have returned to those which had applied during June. However, continued heavy demand in those categories may require the establishment of cut-off dates which are earlier than those which had applied in June. A formal decision determination of the October cut-off dates will not be possible until early September.

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  • ronhira
    07-18 06:54 AM
    dear mr. "audience",

    one more "highly skilled" immigrant thinks she/he is "audience".... "audience"!!!! nice

    life is going waste in gc backlog but .... "audience", oh and someone forgot to ask, while you are watching this movie titled 'my life is being wasted in gc backlog'.... would you like to get some popcorn and coke with it..... why? because that's what "audience" do..... they enjoy the game and movie when someone else is doing something..... but the "audience" sit on the sidelines and watch

    you seem to very much enjoy this movie 'my life is being wasted in gc backlog'? with your kind of star cast it has got to be a grammy winner... thank you mr. "audience" for the wonderful performance.... time for you to speak out your garmmy winner speech, and don't forget to thank all the people on that list.... aila aila aila aila aila aila, and btw, and whom are we forgetting, did you miss out aila

    Paskal, You are right - I do not understand. But mostly I cannot understand because as an organisation - you do not explain. Frankly, all I can do is register my disappointment at both your response and your attitude.While I get it that IV is actively involved in doing things over the years aimed at resolving this issue, I might feel that I could respect and maybe even understand these efforts better if IV kept its website up to date and all members who sign in updated on what's happening.

    I have often seen threads on this site that have members complaining that IV is not doing anything - to which invariably the response is that one should join the donor forum. On the other hand we get newsletters from admin that ask up to tighten our belts etc. - and get more involved. Well, that cannot happen unless IV provides more updated information on what IV is actually doing, veiled references to behind the scenes activity and years of hard work are not enough to involve all those who have signed up here to become 'more involved'.

    As for this discussion going nowhere I could not agree more - you see to have an open discussion or indeed debate - there must be at least 2 willing participants. And since you have already decided that you do not have time for the Qs of a mere non-paying member of this forum, I do not expect any better.

    By the way, the way ahead is not to close doors, but to welcome questions and encourge those on this forum with curiosity to be more active. More often than not, I have seen that those who Q on this forum, are mocked, ignored, and treated as if they are wasting CORE's time. Sad for a forum that hopes to involve a wider audience in this issue.



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  • chicago60607
    09-17 01:05 PM
    She forgot to ask for Hot Sauce, she now again waiting in the long line

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  • chaanakya
    08-13 11:05 PM
    I feel education should be rewarded (Every where). High skilled should get prefference.

    chaanakya may be you should consider putting your words in soft intangiable worlds...

    For those who care to read...the fact that I am suggesting that people should port their priority dates before that door closes shows that I believe that people who have played by the rules (ie actually put in the 5 yrs experience or find a job with EB2 requirements) should get preference !!

    I call this the plight of EB2 india because as the rules are set up, in theory, if majority of EB3 ported priority dates, then yes, EB2 with later dates would truly get the short end of the stick.

    Having said that, the backlash against people like SunnySurya is unfair. From his perspective, he is right and the law grants him the right to sue if he feels so.

    THe problem in these forums is that any mature discussion is not possible because any dissenting voice is soon suppressed with ad hominem attacks such as the gentlemen who wanted to buy me tickets to india.

    Seriously, how much more immature can we get?

    Even reading this discussion, NOT ONE PERSON has attacked the argument on a legal basis. INsults are aplenty though.


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  • lazycis
    12-04 07:16 PM
    I am planing to sue FBI although my case has been just pending for one year. I would like to know if there are any successful cases in Philadelphia region. Thanks.

    There are a lot of successful cases in Eastern PA district. Cao v. Upchurch; Song v. Klapakis come to mind.

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  • GCard_Dream
    01-31 01:14 PM
    Yes it is. ;) Please spread the word and make some contribution so that IV can do much more.

    Seriously, regardless of how it's accomplished it is a very welcomed news.

    to relieve some retrogression!


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  • sobers
    02-22 09:51 AM
    Bill Frist Website

    --Op/Ed in San Jose Mercury News--

    Senator Frist listens as Dr. James Wingate, President of LeMoyne-Owen College in Tennessee, expresses support for the inclusion of the SMART Grant program in this week's Senate budget reconciliation bill, 11/2/05
    February 2006 - Every time I visit Silicon Valley I'm reminded of a simple fact: American businesses lead the world because they employ talented people. From the top executives at companies like Apple and Cisco to the science and engineering students I'll speak with Monday at San Jose State University, Americans sit on the cutting edge of technology.

    We have less than 5 percent of the world's population but produce almost a quarter of its wealth and enjoy the highest per capita income of any large industrial economy. Americans receive more patents than the citizens of any other country, have the world's best university system, do most of the world's basic research, and take home the lion's share of Nobel Prizes in the sciences.

    As many people working in Northern California's technology sector have realized, however, we can't afford complacence. China and India together now produce at least twice as many engineers as the United States. Both have fast growing populations and high-quality universities. In search of profits, companies have begun to outsource more low- and medium-skilled jobs to these nations.

    No amount of funding, furthermore, would allow the United States to catch -- much less exceed -- China and India's combined production of scientific personnel. We just don't have enough people. Even at our own universities, foreigners earn an ever-increasing percentage of degrees in the hard sciences. Some remain, but many end up taking their valuable skills back home. American companies, meanwhile, have thousands of scientific and engineering openings that they can't fill.

    If we hope to remain the world's pre-eminent economic power,/ we need to produce more scientists and engineers and train them better. One recent study, indeed, found that 85 percent of income growth stems from technological change.

    While every American deserves a high-quality education, we need to target additional resources on the most talented students to ensure America retains its competitive edge. In particular, we need to provide an incentive to all of America's bright, driven low-income students who want to pursue careers in the sciences. Right now, far too many talented students from poor backgrounds drop out of college or shift away from hard science because of the expense. It's bad for the country.

    One program that the president signed into law earlier this year takes the first major step toward fixing the problem. The SMART Grant program, which I developed, will focus assistance on students in science, math and strategic foreign languages who earn B averages or better during their junior and senior years of college. Next year, the California State University system estimates, more than 3,000 students systemwide -- including many at San Jose State -- will benefit from the program. Many will have their tuition payments eliminated entirely and the numbers will rise in coming years as the program attracts more people into the sciences. Thousands more students in the University of California system will also benefit.

    Of course, tuition subsidies alone can't ensure that we'll have enough talented workers. In the coming months, Congress will consider the president's proposals to improve K-12 math education, increase funding for basic research, support high-risk/high-reward applied science projects, and make the research and development tax credit permanent. Fiscal realities, of course, will play a role in any final decision as Congress examines these proposals.

    Silicon Valley companies already do an excellent job recruiting America's best and brightest. Now the government needs to build on its efforts to increase the ranks of homegrown scientists and engineers.

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  • walker15
    09-17 12:11 PM
    And then may be lunch, suspense after lunch. This is like a Ramgopal Verma's movie :)

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  • eager_immi
    02-13 02:30 PM
    Logiclife. I know why you are responding to these comments you all are frustrated with such comments. I know it is hard to not respond but please ignore these asinine comments. Please have some of these comments linked to the main page. But believe me "barking dogs seldom bite." Such people will ultimately sap your energy. But, just like how IV is asking people to contribute please also ask them to use their own judgment, they do this at their own risk. There are many people like us who have faith in your group although we know you cannot do miracles. Please have faith and I sincerely request to all members & moderator that once we see these comments let us move this to the some thread called �IV bashing thread� and let the rest of us completely ignore them.

    09-17 02:36 PM
    did he just say HR5882? lol wut

    10-17 09:12 PM
    i have been sending money 2 india for past 20 months .and they remit money with in 5 working days and ihave received the exchange rates prevailed on tht day. i have tried other remittance but feel icici isthe best. [my personal opinion.]

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