Saturday, June 18, 2011

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  • lelica32
    08-13 08:27 AM
    I have a question. My Firm is a really small one, just 1 employer + my = 2. The tax returns are not so good, becouse all the money was invested in a second business. The firm started in June 2005. The Firm has ca. $65.000 in a saving account. My salary will be $2000/month. Will be enough this $65.000 for the USCIS, for the Ability to pay.

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  • chanduv23
    07-13 02:14 PM
    Wear your company shirts/ your old company shirts, spouses can wear additional t shirts.

    Business casual t shirts must also be fine.

    Company's shirts will give excellent media attention.

    If you are worried about present company, you may consider wearing shirt from previous company.

    You can wear your school shirts also to show that you went to that school.

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  • lazycis
    12-04 08:43 PM
    Here is the link to Cao v. Upchurch ruling.

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  • admin
    04-07 12:37 PM
    Some of us have been asking us how you can contribute money. Our contributions page explains this -


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  • gccovet
    11-07 04:30 PM
    I dumped H1B, and even renewing EAD myself. Keep on giving I9 form.

    This helps me to keep interaction at the minimum with Desi Employer.

    Mr. Dhundhun,
    If you have not done so, please, whenever you get a chance do send those 4 letters:

    All who are planning to use AC21 or already switched job using AC21 (using EAD). Following is very important:

    If you think you are immune, think twice, especially if you are making an investment (American Dream) by buying house, please read the following, help keep your dream intact....

    check out

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  • jamesbond007
    10-08 03:40 PM
    The approval notices of the H1B renewals and transfers that I got in the past, the I94 at the bottom had the same number as the one that was given at the port of entry while returning from the last abroad trip made prior to the renewal/transfer.
    But in my case, the old I94 had the H1B written on it, as opposed to "parolee" as is your case. So I am interested to also know how your approval turns out.

    I haven't received the physical H1B approval notice from my attorney yet so I don't know what's the I-94 # on that one although I doubt it will be the same. AFAIK each I-94 number is unique and different. Anyway, I don't think I-94 number itself matters any, just the fact that you have valid, not expired I-94 is sufficient.

    I did not fill the forms for the transfer myself (the attorney did) so I don't know for a fact what he entered in "last manner of entry" but I'm 99.99% sure they must have said "Paroled" as they asked for my I-94 that had "paroled" stamp on it to attach with the petition.

    Finally, I did not get any RFE.


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  • absaarkhan
    02-11 01:48 PM
    Per Rajiv Khanna this is Possible.

    I have posted the exact same question on Rajiv Khanna's website.
    He did answered this question. According to him this is possible and also asked
    him if i need to go out of US to get the H1B stamping, he replied this is NOT requried and
    the new H1B Transfer will be approved with I-94 attached to it.

    Reference: The Question is on Jan 17 Conference call on Rajiv's Website

    Search for Aquib

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  • waitingGC
    01-31 10:41 AM
    Hi waitingGC,

    Could you please elaborate? I am not talking about I-485 at this point, and I do not know what cut-off date you are talking about!

    I'm talking about the cut-off date in VB. No one can get GC if his/her PD is not prior to the cut-off date. The DOL will determine the cut-off date every month basing on how many 485 applications are submitted for processing in that month. Without substitution, VB might move faster.


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  • arunkotte
    07-29 08:22 AM
    How can we figure out the net assets from a 1120S tax return? I have the copy of company tax return with me and I am "accounting challenged". Can some one please help me figure out the net assets, so that I can answer my ability to pay RFE.


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  • cashah19
    06-15 09:12 AM
    [QUOTE=manojp4]You cannot do CP for your spouse unless your I-485 is approved (an immigrant visa number is available for you). That is why the adjustment of status within the US is so much more preferable for most people - it lets you and the spouse get the EAD and start working without waiting for the approval of your GC.

    Thanks manojp4, appreciate your help. Just to clarify my doubt, she would need to file a 485 anyhow, before the dates retrogress again, right. Would it matter if I included her name in my filing, along with the marriage certificate. I guess all I am trying to understand is I know 100% that I will be married before I file, would that help her in anyway, lets say if the dates retrogress in August and she cannot file till then.


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  • vbkris77
    03-10 06:37 PM
    The stats you are refering to are total I485s. They include FB, Asylum etc. You are missing our China friends. They may have atleast 100K apps pending.

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  • h4hopeful
    07-14 02:09 PM
    They have all gathered, and probably some media is there, I bet that Logiclife - Franklin - Etc. are updating the core team about the events, if anybody is having any conversation with anyone at the rally please post the number of people, media, etc, thanks


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  • jjava100
    04-18 05:05 PM
    Is the porting with the same employer or a different employer?


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  • srikondoji
    07-10 11:12 AM
    Do we have a confirmed news?
    What are they going to do by holding the apps and doing nothing?


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  • ramaonline
    03-22 12:12 PM
    AC21 is a law but certain provisions of AC21 have been introduced in separate memos.
    Job portability under AC21 is also part of a guidance / memo - so if any AC21 case goes for hearing in an immigration court, any change of employers while 485 is pending is considered illegal. This is not very common though.

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  • ssa
    10-08 01:58 PM
    I had H1B valid up to 2010 (3 years extension because of I-140 being approved). Then I traveled abroad and entered US last December using AP. My new I-94 said "paroled in" and had an expiry date of Dec 2008 (till the date the AP was valid). Last week my company applied for transferring my H1B to one of it's subsidiaries as my position was transferred to the new subsidiary. They applied using premium processing and got an approval this week. My new H1 is valid for the next three years now (till 2011) :)

    Also, although I entered US using AP I continued working using my old H1B. I did not use EAD. I talked to my attorney and according to them entering on AP does NOT automatically switch you to EAD. You can still keep on working on your original H1B. Since my H1B transfer was approved later I believe they are correct in this regard.

    Hope this helps.


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  • priderock
    07-12 01:01 PM
    I think that is what they will do in order not to look like fools.
    the question is, What happens to those july filers whose applications have not been returned yet and who will become current in the next bulletin.
    Will USCIS ask them for the new fees.... Will they have to do all paperwork again including medicals.....what a mess!

    It will be even interesting for cases that are not returned but will not be current in next bulletin. Your medical reports are valid for one year.

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  • malibuguy007
    07-14 10:58 AM
    Wish you all the very best for a successful rally!!!

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  • purgan
    08-14 05:29 PM
    IV, please either change the title to "Plight of EB3 INDIA" or close this nonsensical thread.

    06-03 11:06 AM
    "On March 27, 2009, you filed a motion to reopen. You indicated the use of the applicant's ability to "port" under section 106(c) of the American Competitiveness in the 21st Century Act (AC21). The requirements were met and the motion to reopen was approved.

    CONCLUSION: It is concluded that the grounds stated for denial have been overcome.

    ORDER: It is ordered that the motion to reopen be approved. The Form I-485 is "pre-adjudicated" awaiting visa availability."

    Congratulations, and that is probably the most 'relieving' MTR approval message ever.

    Thank you for sharing your story.

    05-20 04:26 PM
    Hi I am a physician in Oregon and my parents are visiting too in July. I called Kaiser regarding this, and this is what I was told.
    1. they can get insurance since Kaiser does not need an SSN for the application.
    2. Every Plan has a deductible $, an out of pocket maximum $, and a co-insurance $ amount.

    Plan A: Deductible 2500, Co-insurance 22% of all inpatient cost upto max of $22,000.
    Plan B: Deductible 6000, Co-insurance 50% of all inpatient cost upto max of $50,000.
    Essentially none of these plans are a 'good deal'. But remember its easier to pay back a loan of 22k - 50k than to pay back 100-200k.
    Also since Kaiser is an HMO, and has its own facilities in the west coast and Hawaii, 'accepting insurance' is not a problem.

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