Monday, June 20, 2011

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  • h1techSlave
    07-11 01:00 PM
    Just wondering why USCIS is neither accepting nor rejecting the July 2nd application? How long can thy hold applications like this? Can they leverage this in their favour in the class action lawsuit? Is this procrastination deliberate , considering its legal implications?

    Both the AILA and USCIS are playing hide and seek. Who ever shows up first, basically looses. So both are still hiding and we are loosing our sleep. :)


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  • Waitnwait
    12-01 10:19 PM
    I suppose it would help if IV core team would discuss with members about their target contribution and percentage of goal already met. i know it might not be possible to give out the exact numbers but we can always have a percentage % on the site showing how much more is needed. This will also energize active and non active members and give them something definite to work towards..
    Just my two cents!!!!

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  • storm
    08-24 06:32 PM
    Update from USCIS regarding Writ of Mandamus.

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  • when
    07-18 04:05 PM


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  • smuggymba
    01-17 04:10 PM
    I think one of the options should be - On H1 but not affected.

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  • learning01
    04-07 11:56 AM
    via Visa card. This is not the first time I am contributing.
    For IV team to track receipt, here is my confirmation #

    I request others, particularly new members to do the same. Basic pledge suggestion, to each of us:
    because we are scattered, we cannot mobilize numbers for a street march with placards. Let me do at least one contribution of USD 100.


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  • JazzByTheBay
    12-12 10:00 PM
    Do you know the history of NPR? Do you know how it is funded or how it operates?

    Here's some information:
    NPR supports its operations through a combination of membership dues and programming fees from over 860 independent radio stations (, sponsorship ( from private foundations and corporations, and revenue from the sales ( of transcripts, books, CDs, and merchandise. A very small percentage -- between one percent to two percent of NPR's annual budget -- comes from competitive grants sought by NPR from federally funded organizations, such as the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (, National Science Foundation ( and the National Endowment for the Arts (

    On average, public radio stations (including NPR Member stations) receive the largest percentage of their revenue (34%) from listener support, 24% from corporate underwriting and foundations, and 13% from CPB allocations.*

    Also note:
    NPR sponsors receive on-air acknowledgement for their financial support via ten second announcements that are broadcast during NPR programs. Online sponsorship is also available.

    (In other words, the on-air acknowledgements boil down to advertising.. ).

    Now let's take a step back and determine how most "professional organizations" like IEEE, AILA, and myriad other "associations" function...

    Does it make more sense now?

    Physicians have physicians' associations/bodies/organizations.
    Engineers have their own. So do pilots, nurses, actors, screen writers, photographers, sales professionals, etc.

    If we pride ourselves as an organization of high-skilled professionals, why not look at it as such and operate as such??? (Those who do not currently contribute may also be motivated to participate, even if just for the tangible benefits... )


    Paid membership will not benefit the cause of IV at all. IV is a volunteer organization and paid membership will not do any good. Better approach is to raise awareness and tread a fine balance in asking for contributions.

    Look at NPR. (National Public Radio) It is a public radio service and it's expenses are mostly footed by volunteer members like those who contribute for IV today. I think the key is raising the awareness and realizing that results take time.

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  • manisha5
    07-17 04:14 PM
    Signed :)


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  • pansworld
    12-03 10:03 PM
    It would be nice to have people donate and list down skills that they would be willing to contribute.

    I am not sure if its legal or not but various members can contribute their skills in exchange of donation to IV. This way members with skills are giving their time to IV and Members of the forum are getting sound advice/guidance/service for small contribution to IV. Examples can be many like CPA, Tax preparation, Doctors, career guidance, Online tutoring, Software consutlancy. I am sure all the members are "SKILLED" in various walks of life.

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  • gcformeornot
    12-12 08:31 PM
    will you be a member? I would propose we charge a mere $25 fee for registering and then monthly contribution of say $25. Then we run special funding drives for lobbying when ever required. Will you be a paid member to come out of GC mess?

    Please participate in the poll.


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  • jimytomy
    04-01 03:10 PM
    Donated $50
    Transaction ID for this payment is: 2H217274GV995754H.


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  • rangaswamy
    07-11 01:15 PM
    This is what my law firm says:

    Please also note that in proceeding with filing the I-485 for the purposes of the lawsuit, you would be waiving your right to any refund of the filing fees for your case, as there is no guarantee that the USCIS will return filing fees. Should you have any questions about billing/pricing/credits, please contact our Customer Support department at 1-888XXXXX ext. 2, or

    They specifically talk about the USCIS filing fees and not their fees. they have assured me that they will only charge once for filing.


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  • StuckInTheMuck
    08-25 11:39 AM
    If you want to be smarter than them jump to online SBI boat , they have the best Online rate and let ICICI know next time that you switched loyalty because they were getting smarted beyond range.

    Good info, thanks. I recently registered with the SBI NY ( branch office, to use their remittance service to send money home (to an SBI India account), but you have to fill out and mail a remittance form to them each time you want to do this.

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  • satyab7
    04-17 11:16 PM
    I hope others who have not contributed will come forward and contribute.
    I think IV need to explain , may be one more time , why is it important to contribute, to me links about contribution look little old and members who are not contributing may not see them important. I very much appreciate all efforts of IV !!!


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  • smodekurti
    10-12 05:23 PM
    Please do update us if any of you or your respective attorneys have received the notice from USCIS. I am in touch with the attorney of my previous company and hope to have something next week. Will keep you posted but looks like USCIS has started this exercise only recently as we have not seen this kind of posts in the past or as SmartBoy mentioned, many of us might not have created a portfolio to check the status of all the approvals we received so far on our immigration journey.

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  • Bpositive
    02-03 11:58 AM
    When I was asked to resubmit documents after the interview (via drop box), the consulate said they will need 6-8 working days from the date of receipt of the latter. They indeed took only 7 working days.

    Also, I believe they must already have done PIMS verification in my case since they asked for additional info 16 days after the interview. So in total it took them 29 days ( incl weekends)

    In your case, it doesnt seem they got enough time to do PIMS. It is hard to
    estimate the delays.

    Good luck though will be fine.

    thanks..appreciate it


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  • polapragada
    09-13 10:19 PM
    I did the remit request when $1 = 44.55 They debited the money same night it self...
    But they haven't credited the money in my bank account yet Its been 7 days.

    They are real frauds

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  • sc3
    09-24 12:42 PM
    Well, you did not give your easy example, nothing about affirmative action, nothing about representation or overwhelmed by Indian and Chinese thing, and absolutely nothing about preferential treatment. So in-effect, you totally skipped the entire debate, I guess my trick played well, you are now overwhelmed by Frank Caliendo, just as you are overwhelmed by Indian or Chinese.

    And while you "hinted" that we are all equals, you did not say - if we are all equals, then why should there be PREFERENTIAL TREATMENT for one group of people over others, unless someone is still practicing APARTHEID. Last time I checked, practicing apartheid is a crime in US and it can land you in jail, not sure if you knew that.

    And while you continue to apply for your green card, you are still charging "India" for that because as per you, your country of charge-ability is India, right? If you are actually from India, have you ever heard of Ron Hira. If not, check it out, you will know who he is. You are Ron Hira of country limits, if you know what that means.

    Hope you liked the stand-up comedy this time. Oh Frank is just too good. I mean this guy could make you laugh when actually you should be crying, you know what I mean.

    Sanju, I did not promise to give you any more examples - easy or otherwise. People have made up their minds, and arguments against the stand devolves into character assassination. While I myself dont care about the dots, and seeing that the discussion started off, at least in part, about unscrupulous distribution of dots, I find it very ironic that I am getting insulting words thrown at me. Either these people cant understand irony, or they really are just learned "angootha-chap", or they are addicted to red-doting people (pretty much bringing the prophecy of the original poster true).

    Ron Hira? I dont know much about him, just saw that he wrote a book about outsourcing, am I Ron Hira of per country limits? maybe I am. But, you assumed that I like the per country limits. I hate a lot of things but I live with it. There are lot of things that we hate but are there to help regulate the environment (among others).

    The point I am trying to make is that such an action will not be "fair" to people who are in queue (who rely on the 7% cutoff to get their GCs). If the congress makes changes to the rule, then people will have to live with it (fair or otherwise)... by the way, most rules are not made to be fair to everyone. But the thing is such action will have a negative impact on ROW, and it is a pity that many ROW dont realize it. They seem to blindly following IVs call of action. There is some saying about blind faith that escapes me at the moment, but the bottom line is that blind faith is a dangerous thing.

    So am I escaping form expounding on my thoughts. Yes, and No. I think I have made succinct argument (based on the laws) as to why things are as such, so I dont see the need to argue further.

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  • waiting_4_gc
    07-18 12:21 PM
    check the latest release on July 17.pdf. I am not sure how many applications are rejected on july 2nd ...If one did not recieve rejected package it means,they are going to honor the application as long as initial evidence is right.

    USCIS Announces Revised Processing Procedures for Adjustment of Status Applications (41KB PDF)
    July 17, 2007 - U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) announced that, beginning immediately, it will accept employment-based applications to adjust status (Form I-485) filed by aliens whose priority dates are current under the July Visa Bulletin, No. 107. USCIS will accept applications filed not later than August 17, 2007.

    I agree with you. USCIS withdrew VB#108 (revised Visa bulletin which came out on July,2nd).So, They should accept our applications, if they were properly filed but the update didnt clearly mention that they accept applications which were filed in the first week of July.So, there is still some ambiguity exists.

    02-22 01:34 PM
    indian outsourcers have not intrerest in GC- why should they? After GC they lose their stranglehold on the employees...all they want is more H1Bs...

    And on this issue too (h1B), they may actually end up hurting themselves, given the current climate in the US. Its too bad (and really unfair) that our issues are usually linked with the H1B issue...:(

    06-09 04:18 AM
    Thanks B3NKobe. I've been meaning to jump in on a battle here and this seemed like the perfect one to try (my first ever!). The image you picked was easy to work with... which was very nice.

    I really wanted to do something with the big ugly grey button, but figured it might be considered more like a mod and not a skin. So I just left it.

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