Sunday, June 26, 2011

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  • mhathi
    06-05 06:20 PM
    Called all of the representatives on the list and left voicemails for legal reps. I have voted on the poll.


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  • santb1975
    12-02 01:08 PM
    Events with food, music and lots of other fun and all the money goes to IV. We need to form workgroups for doing this in every state.

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  • purplehazea
    05-24 02:45 PM
    What we are seeing and hearing in congress is the overwhelming ignorance and lack of understanding of the contributions made by H1B and GC aspirants to the US economy. There is the wise saying that "Everything happens for a good reason". We have been trying so hard for last 2-3 years to make these politicians realize and to make corporate America realize that they need to do something about our problems because of our value proposition. Apparently all these calls have only backfired and caused the anti-immigrationists to lobby even harder and pull the strings of politicians to make them do as they please. Whether we like it or not, unless the raw brunt of a mass exodus of educated work force is not felt by this country, there is no way for them to understand how wrong they are. EB category has never had loyal support. All of the corporate america support has rested on the need for H1B. We have been abused by this system and forced to feel that we have abused this system. I think we have been told in a million ways by now that we need to find a Plan B. I feel bad yet no remorse for the thousands of H1Bs who do nothing to support the cause of organizations like IV. As someone once said, most of them are very laid back and will not worry about the problems untill someone tells them to buy their return tickets back home. We are very happy with eating samosa and tea and do not have the perspective to realize what threats lie on the horizon. I say this based on actual conversations with some of these people who literally scoff at me and think I am off my rocker when I discuss the repurcussions of no reforms. Like the prehistoric animals who did nothing to adapt in the full view of changing environmental conditions, these laid back folks will realize only too late.

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  • snathan
    05-12 11:37 PM
    This might come as a surprise to some of you, but someone needs to say it out loud. GET A LIFE FOLKS!!!! there is more to life then EB, GC and all. it seem all we desi's can think of is how to get a green card so we can live here with peace and never have to worry bout getting laid off or anything.

    Few points:

    1) having gc is a privilege not a right.

    2) US has every right to choose whom they want to have in their country.

    3) If getting PR or citizenship of a western country is the goal there are many countries which have a fair point based system.

    4) Considering the number of fraud's committed by Indian body shoppers and people who use them, i am not surprised USCIS is extra careful when it comes to Indian applications. Anyone who got his wife with no exp with software dev an h1b visa from some cheat in Jersey knows what i am talking bout . My freind got his wife an H1 after showing she knew software testing even though her major was fine arts and all she was good at was web surfing :)

    5) have a back up. i came here in 2001 as student and have seen it all. I am on h1b since 2004. i knew we have too many people whose sole aim in life is a American GC. to avoid becoming one of those who check processing dates first thing in morning, i applied for Canadian PR, got it in 8 months and i am not even gonna bother applying for labor, i-140 and all those precious life controlling documents.

    Wake up friends, you have options. Don't let your life depend on you application status.


    I would have taken it seriouly if you didnt spend six years in the US and did not run away to the Canada. Atleast if you gone back to india, it makes much more sense.


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  • greencard_fever
    10-29 07:25 AM
    Thanks greencard_fever.

    I have emailed the sample letter to everyone. Please send me a message again if you did not get it. Good luck!

    Hi caliguy..i did not receive any message from can you send me the letter format.


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  • rajmunna
    09-03 02:26 PM
    I just transfered H1-B to differrent company , but my old company informed the INS that he no longer worked with us. Now H1 with my current company not yet approved and i got some issues and would like to transfer to a different company.

    Is it possible for me to trasnfer to a different comapny using my old H1 (where in they informed INS that he no longer works with them ) ?

    Appericate your expert opinion on this



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  • DesiGuy
    09-17 12:36 PM
    ammendment #7 proposed by Mr Smith; this is to the ammedmnet proposed by Lofgren....:rolleyes:

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  • Widget
    11-15 03:50 PM
    THIS WEEK ON C-SPAN, hope taht we will see somenthing about EB next wek

    Thursday, Nov. 16
    Senate Judiciary Committee on Oversight of the Civil Rights Division
    On C-SPAN3 at 9:30am ET

    Thursday, Nov. 16
    Senate Democrats Briefing on Minimum Wage
    On C-SPAN at 2pm ET

    Thursday, Nov. 16
    Sen. McConnell (R-KY) on What's Next for the Republican Party
    On C-SPAN3 at 3:30pm ET


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  • dpp
    11-01 04:05 PM
    These things are not going to fly. Just go back and work. When time comes GC will come to your mail box, until then keep extending your status, work and enjoy the life. Why do you think too much and lose mental balance.

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  • kubmilegaGC
    09-17 07:30 PM
    Thanks @natraj @fatjoe @Vikki @apb - thanks for all suggestions -:)

    @ cali - talk to senators's immigration liaison and explain the contradicting response(s) that you are receiving and ask if they could help - at this time lets take a diff approach - let them ping USCIS rather that you..see if that works.

    @fat - 2nd SR was for wife and we seriously think that IT did the trick

    I am wishing THE BEST for all of you who are few days guys - you will get it! 100%


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  • gcformeornot
    12-12 09:46 PM
    who are opposing to paid services.........
    If you think other immigration sites are free........... think twice...... they are offering free message posting based on your past money or future money of your fellow ralatives...............

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  • munnu77
    12-08 05:25 PM
    Tell them how people are reluctant to make an investment in this country just bcos of this uncertainty..Make our story more about this country than just 'us'.


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  • senthil1
    07-15 12:20 PM
    From the article it seems Tancredo gives wrong information about H1b. Generally CNN is not responsible for any other person is giving wrong information in the interviews unless CNN accepts the information. Daily they are interviewing many people including Politicians and there is lot of chance for wrong information. Many persons gave wrong information about Iraq in CNN but CNN could not be responsible for that. If Lou Dobbs gives/accepts wrong information then we can complain about him in CNN. So if action needs to be taken we need to protest Tancredo for his comments.

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  • kate123
    03-10 05:20 PM
    I am trying to get the original question info from him. Probably he will read the thread and answer it.

    I guess it is 485. Country of birth does not come in to picture at 140 stage.


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  • Bpositive
    02-06 10:20 AM
    i just called DOS. He asked for my visa type and passport number. He said "your visa has been issued in Jan. Call the New Delhi consulate and they should let you know if it would come through mail or do you need to go pick it up"

    what happens next ?? how long after this stage it takes to get the visa ?? are there any other checks that could be going on ?? ONCE DOS approves are there any other agencies like FBI, KCC doing some other approvals as well ?? if you know what happens next let me know..waiting for posts..

    so now i know I am not stuck due to PIMS and DOS cleared and approved my visa in Jan..what else then ??

    Usually, that's it. The consulate should now issue the passport. Email/call the consulate or call VFS if you haven't already done so.

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  • gc_on_demand
    06-09 04:08 PM
    Call Nowww


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  • srikondoji
    07-10 11:42 AM
    I can trust this guy because of his recent past blogs which turned true.

    Can i celebrate? I want to.

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  • seahawks
    02-14 01:20 AM
    We totally believe in the cause, we believe in the hard work all of IV members, core and volunteers do. Ignorant are those who don't see them now and will they ever. Everyone wants quick results, just like fast food. Hats off to all of you who work so selfless and time you guys put in. Keep up the good work.

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  • pbojja
    06-12 04:57 PM
    Not true...

    In the EB base, only 1 GC is counted for all family members. How can it count more than one if it is a derivative of an employment visa? It might count against the Family base even though primary applicant is EB-based. Not the other way around.

    If they dont count Dependents we all get GCs very soon . Unfortunately all dependents even kids are counted under employement category ..

    One change - Counting a number for primary applicant can change thousands of lifes each year .

    05-23 02:52 PM
    these actions are not done "casually' or haphazardly"
    we have created these strategies based on advice and feedback from the offices of friendly lawmakers, advice from professinal lobbyists and our own experience so far. the "assistants" you speak too keep running tallies of phone calls on a given issue and these are communicated regularly to legislative directors and lawmakers. digital signatures and even digital petitions are given less weight- handwritten snail mailed letters on the other hand are treated with great importance.

    you may wish to google the nyt articles on how numbers usa operates to derail bills- they call! if our members would show the same enthusiasm and every single person would call when requested, we could have the same impact.

    07-18 12:06 PM
    Hi, I applied my I-485 and I 140 in June 22nd, I did not receive my receipt number yet, but I have a question, that my H-1 is expiring in October, Do I have to apply extention or should I wait for receipt number. Is that possible that I can apply the extention by my own if yes what is the proceedure for that

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