Friday, June 24, 2011

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  • number30
    04-19 04:09 PM
    Wounds, here comes ................ salt!

    There is no requirement in INA regarding the number of years in degree.

    ImmInfo Newsletter: The Culture of No: More on the USCIS challenge of educational credentials (

    They are likely to lose, if litigated against.. just saying

    It is not about 4 years degree But 16 years education to attain the degree.
    Does anyone know recent EB2 approvals with B.Sc., B.Com degree from India (Even with M.Sc. , MBA, MCA etc). I thought they stopped approving such cases long back.

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  • raamskl
    07-19 01:09 PM
    [QUOTE=eagerr2i]As Pappu mentioned, the $ 64,000 figure is not a typo. That indeed is the money that was spent by him individually. Logiclife and others made trips to DC,air travel, hotel etc.. does add up real fast. QUOTE]

    This is amazing and hats off to you guys.

    I am sure lots of people reading these kind of unbelievable recounts here and in the other threads have started contributing (including me). Are you guys getting any kind of numbers back from paypal, on what is the kind of spike that you are seeing in terms of # of people contributing in the last few weeks?

    Has it gone up from say, 100 to 1000? or has the new IV crowd been apathetic so far? A feedback from the core will indicate on what kind of response we have been getting.

    GO IV..


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  • RNGC
    11-25 02:45 PM
    well said chi_shark.....

    Here is my thought....Lets all start using EAD /AC21. IV should start a campaign that all IV members who have an EAD start looking for a better oppurtunity and use their EAD. Lets say about 10k people have used EAD, USICS just can't deny GC for those 10k people just because they used EAD.

    So, lets be bold and start using the EAD. We are not doing anything illegal! It is a legal document and we waited so many years to get the EAD and now keep talking about being on H1B till we get our GC....Comeon people, lets do it in a united way.

    Why are we so fearful ? I understand, it is our way of life. But, its enough. Get bold, take risk, worst case, you may have to seek legal help if needed.

    Its just a GC, imagine the plight of people who have to go to Iraq/Afganistan, compared to their risk, using EAD is nothing!!!

    Who is ready to use EAD now ?? I am very actively looking for a better oppurtunity and want to use my EAD.

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  • srikondoji
    04-29 08:13 AM


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  • cygent
    01-31 07:44 PM
    Hey Guys,

    I don't know why they are saying it is is TOP 10, remember it is not just the heading "Immigration" we are voting for!!! Please do not make that mistake, you cannot take back your vote!!

    The 1st Immigration question is for illegals at #4, looks like everybody thought wrong & voted for that!!


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  • mrdelhiite
    07-12 08:27 AM
    this is already being discussed here Please clsoe



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  • needhelp!
    12-03 02:00 PM
    I agree with this, we should definitely do this.

    Since IV has contact e-mails for all its members, it can also send periodic e-mails on its activities, funding drives, recent achievements and ask for the members to contibute. This will be helpful for those who dont visit the site very often. For Example, recent update given by pappu inspired me to sign up for monthly contribution. But that would happen only if i visited the site very often. I would have missed it if i am not a regular visitor to the site.

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  • eb3retro
    11-02 11:55 AM
    I would like to share my experience and it may help some people here.
    My H1 was sponsored by company A when I was working with them on OPT. I paid $3000 for H1 filing and attorney fees and company A gave me the H1 approval notice only after I signed an agreement that I would work for atleast one year with them.
    Afetr 1 month of my H1 approval, I got a better job offer from company B and I got the H1 transferred. I notified my client and company A who threatened to revoke my H1, take me to court etc etc. They also withheld 4 weeks of my pay.
    After joining company B, I filed a complaint against company A with DOL that they withheld my salary and also they demanded H1 fees from me. After 2 weeks of that complaint, my salary was deposited into my account and DOL was looking into my complaint about H1 fees. This case finally got resolved last week after about 18 months, when DOL finally persuaded company A to pay $3000 back to me.
    I would request everyone who is a victim of these blood sucking employers to
    take every possible action against them. There's a very little chance that they would go to court because they are themselves involved in gross irregularities.

    now that this is not a private issue anymore (you have taken the employer to the court and DOL) you can defenitely save some souls if you reveal your employer here. having said, wish everyone had courage like you. good job.


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  • qvadis
    03-14 03:39 AM
    ok........this is for all you jealous people who just cringe at the sight of India EB2 moving forward while your sorry EB3 asses are stuck.
    go here and read, and educate yourselves.....good luck!!!

    Sad to see your Schadenfreude. Anyway, the reason we other EB3s thought of a different distribution scheme is because of November's Bulletin 2005 (

    The AC21 removed the per-country limit in any calendar quarter in which overall applicant demand for Employment-based visa numbers is less than the total of such numbers available.

    Isn't it fair to ask for the reasons why the interpretation of the laws has changed?

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  • go_guy123
    08-20 04:39 PM
    Excellent point. It is called the Selective Service System (Selective Service System: Welcome (, used when the President orders a military draft (like the ones during WW2 and Vietnam war)

    You have to register (males only) if you become a Permanent Resident in the ages 18-26; otherwise you could have problems during naturalization (N-400 has a specific question for Selective Service) and securing Federal Student Aid.

    Given the backlog and mess...i wonder how many will be 26 and below. Mainly applies to family based immigration.


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  • belmontboy
    05-24 01:18 PM
    just presenting a possible reason why what paskal proposed in his post does not work well in IV.......its not a question of whether phone calls are important or not....its a question of making a significant number of forum stakeholders (and not 1-2%) get to act on any raising/ calling efforts etc....

    i genuinely believe that the core members go above and beyond whats expected to do what they are doing for IV - its truly remarkable...they all have busy lives and it takes great conviction and dedication to take the time out and do this...but why are the people still not responding despite the obvious pitfalls of not acting on GC related initiatives.......

    maybe its lethargy, inaction, indifference etc.......but we should be open to considering that just maybe, a vast and silent majority of IVians do not feel a sense of representation in the organization and hence do not react as enthusiastically as they should........legitimacy among the constituents often comes with representation

    why did most kingdoms around the world perish and give way to democracies......bcos the kings taxed the public based on their whims and fancies......elected govts may do the same but people still pay up and if they dont agree - they know they have a choice at the next elections.......

    and no, i dont deserve to be the CEO - neither do i have a performance track record nor credibility here......should not stop me from voicing a contrarion view though

    Thanks sayantan76! we already know that there is less participation from our members.

    Nobody here exactly knows why the participation rate is less. Some of reasons could be:

    i have my EAD, thats more than enough for me
    i am in my I-140 or PERM stage, why should i bother now?
    i don't think GC process is a big problem, i am sure i will get one day
    i don't care. I will sit and watch others do this for me

    I will not blame the core members. I understand their Vision and it aligns with mine. How do you enforce a vision in IV community when the participation is less?
    How can any action survive with 100-200 members participation? look at numbersusa and learn from their strengths.

    Having said that, i have a few suggestions though. Lets talk to our friends and relativies, understand their concerns/issues and communicate IV's vision to them in a better way and get them to participate.
    Lets set some intermediate goals to track our progress.

    Lets go IV

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  • pmb76
    07-14 10:45 PM
    Abhijit, you are correct about the quotation marks. Unfortunately I had to create a new petition since I couldn't modify the old one as it was already signed. I guess I messed up and overstated certain things in the old petition.
    Sincere apologies. Please sign new petition.


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  • Marphad
    05-05 02:22 PM
    Folks I have an update on my case.

    We filed for Motion to reopen on which were receipted on March 27th, 2009. I wrote to Congressman, Senators and also Ombudsman. Today my congressman's office got an update that our MTRs were approved on April 30th and our 485s got reopened and they have sent letters to that effect.

    What a relief. It was a stressful 6 week ordeal. Thanks to IV and its members for the help and support.

    Congratulations. I wish you never had to go through all these.

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  • ilikekilo
    05-04 09:52 PM
    Does any one know about any existing law (that has been passed as part of a bill or whatever) that offers whistleblower protection for non immigrant visa workers (H1b. L1 etc)?


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  • gc28262
    03-10 05:27 PM
    We are already exploring this route. You might have seen Pappu's response on two strategies we are exploring for break down by category/country of birth for every quarter.

    Please ask the person who ever worked with Senator Kyl's office to get in touch with us via PM.

    I would like to speak with this person asap to know more about the background behind this effort.

    I let him know by email. It seems he is not online right now. Pappu has his info.

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  • sayonara
    01-31 10:35 AM
    no. 10 now..


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  • chanduv23
    03-13 10:00 PM
    I am still on H1 (not utilized EAD), the visa on my passport expired last year. Planning to visit India next week, should I be getting a visa stamped or use AP?

    APPRECIATE INPUTS. Any USCIS link will also help.


    Though it is not related to this thread, it is a decision that only u can make. A friend of mine whose priority date is nowhere close and is still on h1b used his AP to reenter the US and when I asked him why he did not want visa stamping - he said "who will go through all the hasstles of appointments, stanidng in queue, wasting precious vacation time when you have a AP to reenter" . Now thats him - but u can make ur own decision based on ur corcumstance.

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  • days_go_by
    01-30 07:17 AM
    I think it is 45 working days, not counting weekends and holidays, that gives us 9 weeks of time to file for 140, that should be enough in most cases.

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  • PavanV
    09-17 12:52 PM

    How are you folks able to view the live discussion ?, can somebody post me the link , i am at my office and would like to view/watch it .


    05-08 11:31 AM
    I took from:
    Visitor Health Insurance, Pre-existing condition coverage, AIU (

    They cover pre existing conditions and one consultation for pre existing condition.

    Routine expenses are never covered in any plan. What may be covered is unexpected emergency due to pre-existing conditions. That is, an acute onset of pre-existing conditions. Those are two different things.

    Anyway, 's is a fixed coverage plan, that has daily limits on each coverage and pays only a small portion of actual expenses, even for new conditions.

    09-17 11:35 AM
    Lofgren is offering managers amendment (which includes a comprise with Mr.King and minorities). THIS IS for HR6020 NOT for HR5882. We are NEXT.

    thanks for the live commentary guys. Its good for us unfortunate souls who are not able to open these links at work!

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