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indonesia balikpapan

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  • Chiser99
    06-04 01:02 PM
    I give you the moonPod...

    Wasn't sure what to do for the center button tho, if i make it black like space, it makes the moon look like a dougnut

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  • waitin_toolong
    12-11 02:09 PM
    it has not been a whole week yet so have a heart. Did you try to track the passprt from the vfs site

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  • pbojja
    06-12 06:12 PM
    I believe that there is a great flaw in the way the USCIS allocates VISA NUMBERS among EB1, EB2 and EB3 which is very much evident and if we can stand united we can get something done.

    After carefully observing the trend in VISA approval and VISA bulletins, It is a reality that EB3-I is not moving and at the same time EB2 and EB1 are moving fast in relative terms and probably may even become current ( EB1 is already current ), But one thing USCIS is clearly not considering is the Priority Date, which basically means that they are not giving a damn thing about how long the person from EB3-I is waiting for. Here is my suggestion and some of the IV representatives need to analyse what Iam gonna say and see if they can stand up. Being an EB3-I india myself, i totally agree that EB1 and EB2 should be given a weightage and some preference over EB3, but I dont agree to what USCIS is currently following, EB2 With priority 2006 getting ahead of EB3-I with priority date 2001. This is ridiculous and to even think about it, it just sounds stupid. What they can do is , They can move the Dates in both Categories while giving preference to EB1 and EB2 first.

    Please dont jump up & down before i complete. Iam just giving you an example of how things should work and how they can move dates forward for all 3 categories while maintaining that EB1 and EB2 gets preference over EB3. Let us ignore Eb1, since it is already current. Now Coming to Eb2, the priority Date is 2004 for them.Ideally speaking, They should not move them ahead until atleast EB3 reaches 2004. But once Both EB2 and EB3 reaches the priority date of 2004, Obviously EB2 gets the preference over Eb3 and EB2 will start to move ahead but not by much, let us say 1 year. Now, Clearly, EB2 is still given the extra preference over EB3 but at the same time, we are maintaining the priority dates between EB2 and EB3 as close as possible so that the system is not totally unfair to EB3 filers. I think, as one of the un-biased Organisation we should stand up against this unfair treatment in general. I hope even EB-2 will understand what iam trying to say.

    let me know if iam making any sense. If am wrong, also let me know. So that i can get a better understanding of things and correct myself.

    Not sure whatz ur point , But here is the deal EB2 has more numbers because of roll overs from ROW and EB-1 and they are ahead of EB3 .

    If we talk about ridiculous things here are some

    ROW EB2 - 2008 can get a green card before Indian EB2 -2004
    Counting Dependents under Employment based
    CIS wasting Visa Numbers even when they had 500 k pending applications

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  • kumarc123
    06-04 04:12 PM
    Hello there,
    I called of them, took me less than 15 minutes. i am sure everyone else can call too. The selfish brats who have EAD's and are acting ignorant, remember if something goes wrong you could be stuck on EAD's for another 5- 10 years. The point is, we all as a highly skilled immigrants have an obligation to help ourselves and the ones who are stuck in this limbo till we get our GC.

    You can either choose a piece of pie or take the whole cake home for your family and friends. Life is all about choices and a man is as good as his word. So give out your good word and help the others. 15 minutes that's it.


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  • NKR
    09-17 02:05 PM
    you are absolutely correct...when you cannot win fighting fair, fight unfair...and to make matters worse, the next bill to be discussed is the "horse slaughter" bill...we are still not on the horizon...:confused:

    First illegals, next horses. I guess legal immigrants are last in the queue.

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  • bhavana
    07-18 01:42 PM
    Date Delivered To USCIS: 7/2/07
    Service Center: NSC
    Rejected: Dont Know
    PD: AUG 2005, EB3 India


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  • anilnag
    03-10 06:09 PM
    Thanks for the excellent info on pending applications. Now we can guess why EB3I is crawling for past few years.
    With regular quota of 3000 per year EB3I (until July 2007) will be cleared in next 20+ years.

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  • kate123
    03-10 05:22 PM
    PD beyond 2007 July will not be there

    It might be there for EB1 and other non retrogressed categories :)


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  • pncool01
    08-09 05:25 PM

    I received a sms saying that my case status has been updated (weird they sent it @ 9:25 pm PT). I was like here comes another biometrics appointment... but still let's check the status online. To my surprise and by god's grace, case status was changed to "Card/Document Production" (still cannot believe it). I dunno what triggered this but i did contact my Congressman yesterday. My wife's status has also changed to "decision" - should move to "Card production" soon.

    My suggestion to all of you - please don't lose patience and do whatever you can from your end to expedite your case. It's your GC and you've to make sure you get it. Contact I/O, infopass and congressman/senator. Don't expect anything from your lawyers as they only care about money and it is in their best interest to see your case pending (more RFEs, EADs, APs, etc).

    Thanks and all the best to all of you out there still waiting for your GC.

    Congratulations and best of luck to you on this new journey. I was looking through forums today and saw that I have exactly the same issue as you. (even the email text was identical to what you posted). Can you please inform how you spoke to second level IO?
    I plan to contact local congresswoman as well, was there a letter or something you faxed over to them?
    Appreciate the guidance, thank you

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  • mpadapa
    06-06 10:56 AM
    Called all of them today morning. Requested the house reps to co-sponsor the 3 bills. It will be more effective if more constituents (or even CA residents) call in, rather non-constituents like me calling in.

    Some of the offices did mention that they received lots of calls regarding the support for the 3 bills. Good going folks..

    CA folks pl step it up


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  • santb1975
    06-19 05:11 PM
    We will see how this turns out. Thanks for your work

    Check out the above website. 6039 is the one relating to STEM and it has 26 co-sponsors

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  • franklin
    07-11 08:02 PM
    Can we put a poll on this thread to see how many members will attend the rally? Thanks.

    I'm not entirely sure how to do that on an already created thread...


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  • anzerraja
    07-19 06:16 PM
    Sounds good.

    Zooooom ?? Do you want to open the thread (please add the important points of the conversation going on this thread as your first message, so we can repeat that over and again for people who join later).

    Zoooom & Anzerraja:
    The core membership may be modest and may not want to speak out much on this issue. It becomes our prerogative to drive this.

    Lets do this. Zooom do you mind opening a separate thread, "Reimburse past expenses to Aman & other IV Core members" or something like that. Please post a message asking people to "pledge" an amount towards that effort. Can you two drive this effort. I am also available for assistance.

    We will update members who pledge how to finalize their pledge by any of the following methods based on subsequent expert advice:
    1) Should they contribute to IV directly
    2) Send a personal check to Aman.
    3) Other method like IV reimbursing Aman and others from the common donation corpus.

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  • utarlington
    01-29 12:53 AM
    Count me in. Just donated. Let me know if I can help fight this unfair memo in any way.


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  • GCBy3000
    02-05 04:34 PM
    Make H4 illegal and get a job in farm land. Then in two years you will get your gc as dependent. Just kidding.

    This country does not like legals. We have to get all the illegals(if agjobs bill get passed) on legal boat behind us and at the end they will also realize what the sh..t it is to be as a legal in this country. Then IV will get more members and funds and they will get united with us.

    Again, if they take different queue than us then we are in SOUP. We have to make sure we get our bills, if somehow we fail on this and illegals gets something, still we need to make sure illegals come behind our queue. If this is done, then even our little whisper will be heard across the globe. What a pity situation for taxpaying legals. By this time, it will be 2025 and my son will take care of me.

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  • Libra
    07-18 10:57 AM
    I would say...

    1. Recapture lost numbers
    2. Increase in visa numbers/yr
    3. Remove dependent count

    These three will definelty remove retrogression, and per country cap removal is not possible may be but above three can work.


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  • logiclife
    02-05 04:46 PM
    Before this thread takes a turn where supporters and opponents of this idea start another forum war, let me say this clearly:

    IV is not going to adopt this as an agenda item. The reason is quite simple: H4s not being able to work is low on priority of problems that need to be fixed in order to mitigate retrogression or other consequences of retrogression.

    And frankly, we do not have extra kind of support to add new agenda items on our list.

    A whopping 200 people signed up for recurring contributions of $20 per month. Out of 8000 people who registered here and got emails about it. However, almost every week, there is no shortage of new ideas and no shortage of opinions on those new ideas from people.

    We get $20 deposits each month from 200 people. But as far as opinions are concerned, we get hundreds of them each week. How nice? I wish we had some machine to convert those opinions into dollars.

    If you dont agree:

    Now, if someone feels offended by this, and feels that H4 issues are orphan issues, or if this organization does not represent them anymore since IV does not want to adopt H4 related issues on its agenda, and if that someone wants to leave, then please leave without any threats and feel free to start your own organization.

    And this thread has all the features and ingredients neccesary to become a forum war. If that happens this thread will be deleted.

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  • sameet
    02-12 12:53 PM
    You can keep your PD if your 140 is approved from your current employer. I know of a person who did this succesfully.

    Can you please elaborate on how this can be achieved? I curently have an approved 140 and am stuck in EB3 retrogression.

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  • pdakwala
    04-10 11:25 AM
    We have long way to go. People please contribute. If you are thinking that senate is on two week recess so nothing is going to happen then you are wrong.

    Senate republicans will be working hard to come up with something that addressess the immigration problem. Senate republicans know that border security and immigration is an important issue and they just can not ignore it. So please contribute.

    When you get GC your whole family will get benifit. Family of 4 contributing $100 to immigration voice means that per person you have contributed only $25.00. PLEASE BE GENERIOUS AND CONTRIBUTE ON BEHALF OF YOUR FAMILY TOO.

    If you are single, please tell your friends to contribute too. Please remember that your success depends on how much you contribute. Don't wait for last minute.

    03-10 10:52 PM
    As I thought about this further, I figured out the data is even worse than I thought earlier, as this may not have any 2007 numbers. People who filed their labors in 2007 were still waiting in july of 2007. So this data is only upto late 2006. Now the figures could be

    5000 2001
    20000 2002
    20000 2003
    20000 2004
    5000 2005
    5000 2006

    10000 2004
    20000 2005
    20000 2006
    This is my guess, This is how it could be distributed(I know it is a very vague guess)...
    10000 2001
    15000 2002
    15000 2003
    15000 2004
    10000 2005
    5000 2006
    5000 2007
    5000 2008

    5000 2004
    10000 2005
    15000 2006
    20000 2007
    20000 2008

    09-13 04:16 PM
    We need more members to join IV. In order to help us, pls--

    - post IV poster in your local grocery stores, temples and restaaurants. (the poster is in resources section)
    - try to get friends from other nationalities to join IV.
    - If you are a graduate of A US university pls contact your alumni association and inform all their members.
    - Send an email to all your friends. (template in resources section) informing about IV
    Will do.

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