Friday, June 24, 2011

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  • gene77
    08-11 11:41 AM
    EB3-I, Oct 19 2004.

    God bless us all in EB3.

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  • jsb
    03-11 08:19 AM
    I am trying to get the original question info from him. Probably he will read the thread and answer it.

    "EB Applications pending from India" is very vague, and most probably is not what we are looking for.

    USCIS has indicated earlier that they don't know chargeability country until application is ready for approval, which may be true although we didn't want to believe this. Most likely until 485 application is approved birth country is not written anywhere other than the paper application. In most 485 application cases (family, EB and others), chargeability country is a just a matter of recording at approval time. At final approval time, when birth country is found to be retrogressed, application goes back to pending (or cold storage), but ready to approve. This also explains why cutoff dates have to rely purely on guess work, and move back and forth.

    For proper handling of cases for retrogressed countries, USCIS/DOS really have no workable method in place.

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  • chanukya
    02-06 10:37 AM
    Though they run for non-profit.

    So public schools Elem/Middle/High , still have to go thru nornal H1B process for teachers, have to wait for OCT1, start date.

    School is non-profit organization that is exempt from H1B quota. Correct me if I am wrong.

    You can get H1B at any time if school is exempt from H1B quota.

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  • srikondoji
    07-11 12:02 PM
    None of my Law Firm applications were returned. Not even cheques were encashed.
    Keeping the fingers crossed to see the rumour getting stronger and stronger every day.

    lawyer says "many were already sent back " did any body got there application back ??


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  • webm
    08-27 12:31 PM
    what DEC 2001 ? Is this for India China or rest of the world?

    It's mostly EB3-I/ROW aswell..

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  • GCAmigo
    02-06 12:44 PM
    And for the upcoming FY 2008 I dont think it will last more than 2-3 months and will be over by the end of May, well before FY 2008 starts.
    lasts even that long.. it probably will be exhausted during April itself..


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  • nik.patelc
    07-18 11:47 AM
    Just imagine. If all MSFT, Motorola, Sun, Oracle & big companies employees and all others take 2 days off and go to washington and show peaceful demostration, i m sure it will make them thinking and do something...

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  • BharatPremi
    12-13 03:21 PM
    I do not support "Paid membership". I support "Recurring Contribution". Ultimately it is money but at basic definition both concepts are completely different. Other thing, restricting access to the informative threads, definately not a good idea.
    It will not match the basic theme with what we have initiated our struggle. Yes, for dedicted ones, to recognize their
    continuous zeal ad cooperation different methods and means can be thought out but that should not be the restricting informative threads to fence sitters...Ultimately we support "open and free"


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  • rimzhim
    02-01 04:54 PM
    Anti-immigrants can not be able to pick on this, because Retrogression will worsen all these things. Those people will continute to work with those desi consulting companys irrespective of the fact that they have GCs or not, because they cannot stand on their own feet.

    If the retrogression goes away then people with good skills can move freely in the market and will be more readily available to the market. In fact that would harm thse companys big time. Currently both good and not so good people are hostage in the hands of these companys and these companys are sort of dictating the makket conditions.

    In economic terms the difference is same as Free market and monopolistic market.
    thx. this is enlightening for me! survival of these companies hurts ppl with high skills, it increases retrogression, and it untimately harms the economy as well.

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  • royalk2c2
    01-31 06:24 PM
    Just voted and also have few of my friends voted too !!!!


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  • kumarc123
    01-11 01:33 PM
    often i'm amazed by the knowledge of some of the posters here...... but more often i get a laugh out of stupid ideas that r thrown around...... for example u want something big.... want to send transcript..... blacking out the name...... if there is no name on the transcript..... how will anyone know if its genuine...... so u r still afraid of someone knowing u'r name... but u want to do something big....... that makes real sense...... if u know what i mean..... then u want someone else to do a rally....... r u going to come to the rally?..... how will u hide u'r personal information when u come for the rally....... maybe time to take out the Halloween nixon mask.... to protect the personal information/identity..... and for the hunger strike.... lets have someone with a nixon mask do hunger strike...... we could just say that its not me who is doing the hunger strike.... its president nixon doing hunger strike on my behalf....... great idea...... by far the best one ;)

    You humor was not at all appealing neither it galvanized anyone. In stead of posting remarks, how about giving some constructive ideas? Or is too much to ask?

    I didn't ask for hunger strike, as I don't know about any litigation problems associated with it. I did ask and I quote " To organize something big, like a rally"

    February -- reason--- we will get free publicity by the media, as it would carry a different notion.

    I look forward to your any constructive ideas.

    Lastly personal information -- of your social security number and address-- hmh looks like didn't graduate from here. It is ok, quiet understandable

    Thank you

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  • pan123
    10-16 10:21 AM

    Can somebody please explain me, how will I know that I am a victim of FBI namecheck?



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  • Bpositive
    02-03 12:01 PM
    anyone else with 221g experience from chennai consulate? my case status was updated to send ppt on consulate website...submitting it to vfs tomorrow..

    how long from did it take to get the passport back from consulate after submitting it to vfs?

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  • buddyinsd
    03-29 03:19 AM
    First off, any DOL complaint don't need u to be here to continue with the investigation. The way it works is, u tell them ur entire story and leave. They'd take their time to investigate using all the documentation u'd have provided them, and in the end if ur employer was found guilty, they might still let him off the hook giving him a warning. There's really no guarantee that ur employer wud be found at fault unless they find more employees lodge complaints against him. U might be the only one.

    Anyhow, u can give it a shot and see what happens as u have nothing to lose. I know that ppl hv tried this b4 without much luck. Employers hire attorneys to save them from such situations. Ur employer closing down shutters is a far fetched thought...just saying...US laws are quite tricky.

    H1 transfer at this point may not really work for u as u dont hv paystubs. Sorry, its a bad situation to be in. I understand u paid from ur pockets to come here and it sucks - Good luck!

    @Snathan how did you know he didn't call me here , are you one of the consultants yourself who does this filthy work of cheating people.

    I guess it was my employers discretion to make me sit home with him just not responding to my mails, i couldn't barge in to his office and say hey give me desk to work on? can i ?

    Anyways looking at the LCA agreement i think you don't seem to know what you are talking about, I am here holding his company's name on my H1B form , His agreement on LCA and his employment letter, i dunno if there is any other way i could make inroads into barging into his office?

    Now if he puts a security guard against me entering his office, shouldn't i report this to DOL too?


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  • greencard_fever
    06-12 12:20 AM
    You are saying new OBAMA govt. in many of your postings. Are you his election agent?. This forum is not for any party affiliations. Election is yet to start. Democratic party is not officially announced their candidate. All powerful President Bush is tried hard to help immigrants. Then how come a weak person who is still fighting for a ticket can take left and right congress and senete veterans.!!!!!!

    What are you talking? which part of the world do you belong? Obama is the democratic candidat for 2008 Presidential Elections Its conformed.He is not still fighting and also he how can you justify that he is a weak person? do you know he was no where in the picture and no one expected he will won the nomination when the Democratic Primary was he is the democratic PRESIDENTIAL now you should have undestand how powerful he is.

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  • shishya
    06-13 07:51 PM
    Anybody got any idea on my situation?
    I am an absolute newbie, I unfortunately dont! :(


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  • caliguy
    10-28 06:54 PM
    @ vikki76

    Where is your case? I am sorry if you have already mentioned it before. If its TSC, please send me a message and I will give you the name of the officer. Please try to call around 4 PM tomrrow.

    For all those who have sent me pvt. messages, I will mail you a copy of the letter I sent out to Secretary Napolatino and first lady in the evening today.

    wow!!!..just amazing. But irony is that while your case was pending, nobody informed you that why case was sitting on the shelf.
    Never mind- sometimes, no activity is actually good. I am seeing repeated LUD's on my approved 140 and now wondering what is going on.

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  • swede
    05-24 02:55 PM
    Still Indian IT depends on US market.
    Not for very long. There are bigger, faster markets than US in the world.

    No country come to the level of US yet in technology.
    A joke, right? Financially maybe, technologically never. Most European countries are far more technologically advanced than US. I'm sure Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore also are all more advanced than US.
    For example, only US is still using paper checks to transfer money. Using coins to pay for a phone call in phone booth. Still has no control over who lives in the country, or who goes in and out. Still not using computers for processing immigration applications (Why do I have to send in the same papers 10 times, send in tax papers, give my background info, give fingerprint 10 times.... and this all on paper... come on it is 2007 not 1907). Still drive around in cars instead of having a good inter-city connectivity with trains. No high speed trains. Still likes to see rubber stamps on official papers and believes it has any kind of value.
    And so on and on and on.... I could write a book why US is behind most civilized countries. But thats ok. US is what it is.

    But the worrying part is; it is going to get even worse when they kick out all the H1B etc who are here legally and provide free knowledge. And instead keeping the uneducated mass of Mexicans or south americans who run across the border illegally and then given amnesty by some fool in Congress. Good luck with that project.
    Not a country I want to live in or pay tax in.

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  • sobers
    02-24 09:37 AM
    At this rate, irish illegals will become LPRs before even us legal, skilled immigrants....:)

    But seriously, the way these guys are organizing is just admirable.
    Perhaps, we folks can also put up a good show on on March 13, at IV's rally eh??

    March 8 Rally in Washington DC

    Join ILIR make history at the March 8 Lobby Day in Washington.

    We will be spending all day in Washington with pre-arranged visits with senators and house representatives. We will also be holding press conferences and rallies throughout the day to lobby for the undocumented Irish.

    Now is the time to make your voice heard. This is no time for staying home or staying quiet.

    The US Government needs to hear from us loud and clear that the only we want this St Patrick's Season is legalised status for the Irish.

    Buses will depart from New York, Boston, Connecticut and Philadelphia while delegations will fly in from Cleveland, Chicago and California.

    Select your local area from the menu on the right to see who your local organisers are.

    Keep in touch with your local organizer.

    02-11 03:56 PM
    By doing what you are suggesting

    a) you take numbers away from EB-3 ROW and hurt them
    b) you don't do any benefit whatsoever to EB-3 India/China
    c) you only benefit EB-2 India/China (at the expense of EB-3 ROW)

    So, you make no difference whatsoever to huge number of EB-applicants (b), and you benefit (c) at the expense of (a).

    I hope you see that this is not a good solution for the majority of EB-applicants. With this kind of cannibalization, the only people who have any incentive to stay with IV would be EB-2 India/China.

    We have to work to increase the size of the pie here, and not engage in a zero sum game.

    It says "not required by other classes". In this case it is required but could not be applied to EB2 due to per country numerical limits. Therefore it should go to unused pool of visas followed by AC21. Also why will USCIS prefer EB3 instead of EB2 people? It does not make sense.

    As far as suing the govt is concerned we all know what happened to doctors in the UK.. so this is will be a futile exercise.

    04-08 09:51 AM
    After meeting several administrative and Lawmakers staff, we concluded there's no legislation that can help people waiting for Labor Cert from BECs. But we thought if people get 3 year H1B ext. Atleast they can move on to new jobs etc and file in PERM etc. It will be a big relief.
    Just contributed $100 and asked several of my friends to join.

    Btw, I do not see anthing in the amendments to address labor backlog reduction problem? Is that not goal of IV any more?

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