Monday, June 27, 2011

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  • arsh007
    02-01 06:19 PM
    I have worked for some of the big Indian IT companies including HCL Technologies and Satyam and can tell you all that these companies are the most screwed up companies in terms of bringing in H1 and L1s from India and paying them peanuts for salaries. For example Satyam and TCS here in St Louis have a large outsourcing deal with Citigroup. There are about 50-60 Satyam Engineers here on H1 and L1 visas being paid around $45,000 per month+Benefits which is just about the Labor prevailing wage in this area.

    Talk about rotten Desi companies and even the bigger players are not far behind in trying to suppress wages for Engineers and bending rules in lots of instances to bring in a flood of L1s/H1s from India to work on onsite projects.

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  • funny
    09-17 11:24 AM
    No Audio...

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  • chicago60607
    09-17 10:52 AM
    I thought they start on time but discussions drag and thus reschedulings happen. But then the very start of the day so damn delayed. Prolly everyone is meeting at some Starbucks.

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  • hyddsnr
    04-30 08:39 PM
    Yes, I have the same question. Everything is a good practice recommendation. That is confusing.
    And I thought it was one year. Is it 6 months?:confused:


    I heard it is six months. But someone should clarify whether its 6 or 1 yr. And also it is really necessary to work for 6 months/1 Yr or not??


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  • NKR
    08-26 09:02 AM
    another common tactic is to bounce checks on pretext that signature on check does not match that on signature card.

    one more is to freeze the accoutn for inactivity > 90 days.

    I have been victim on more than 1 occasion for each of above tactics. Each time its annoyance ( writing letter. nothing gets done online), fees charged and increased blood pressure.

    Unfortunately switching costs are high due to time taken to open new accounts and there is no guarantee that others are any better.

    You are right. I was also a victim of account being frozen. It is really frustrating to see that your account has been frozen when you have to urgently send money. They do not even notify the customers before the account is frozen.

    The replies that you get for your questions are standard replies or something which does not answer your questions. You have to go back and forth a couple of times to get your job done.

    Glad to know that they are not a monopoly now and customers have more choices.

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  • bigboy007
    04-27 11:28 PM
    For me as i did similar analysis during CIR 2007 the text of the bill looks very much similar. They had the same issues on H1/L1 except now fraud prevention... Not sure where it goes... Any idea Pappu, PPL seem to be still interested in debating H1Vs L1 etc... For sure more offshoring...


    I went through the text of the new bill vis-a-vis current INA and compared the old and the proposed act. Here are the findings -

    Section 101 - This spells disaster for all H1Bs in consulting companies (as FT or C2C) -

    by striking clause (ii) of sub-paragraph (E) of the section 212(n)(1), and then adding the new clauses under (F), they are PROHIBITING placement of H1B employees on another employer's site, period. This will affect NOT ONLY pure staffing (desi or non-desi) companies who place their W-2 H1B employees at client site, BUT ALSO big consulting companies like IBM/ACCENTURE/DELOITTE et al. No placement/leasing/outsourcing/contracting for services or otherwise at another employer, period - UNLESS a waiver is obtained, which will mean every company will need to obtain a waiver in order to do so, EFFECTIVELY ENDING ANY CONSULTING BY H1B.

    Section 102 - This spells disaster for all companies who's H1B+L1 > 50% total employees

    by inserting two new clauses (H) and (I) in section 212(n)(1), it prohibits H1B only or H1B preferred advertisements and prevents any company that employees more than 50 employees to submit NEW H1B/L1 application IF the total number of H1B and L1 employees exceeds 50% of its total employees. It also requires ANY company employing even a single H1B employee to submit W-2s of IRS. This affects ALL Indian IT companies like TCS/WIPRO/INFOSYS/COGNIZANT et al.

    remaining sections (103 onwards) are more about enforcement and investigations.

    Section 201 - This spells disaster for companies that bring in workers on L visas

    This also affects ALL Indian IT companies like TCS/WIPRO/INFOSYS/COGNIZANT et al. AS WELL AS some other companies that might bring in workers from their home country.


    In the SHORT RUN, this hurts outsourcing industry, as they need more time, and H1B/L1 resources on site to transition the work offshore, but I agree that in the LONG RUN, it will GREATLY BENEFIT AND INCREASE OUTSOURCING.

    That will indeed be a sad day. Grassley and Durbin are trying to cut the branch they are sitting on. :) This will have the exact opposite of their desired effect.

    Hope this helps.


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  • javadeveloper
    11-25 12:04 AM
    There are both advantages and disadvantages, but if you haven't consumed full 6 years of H1B, going on EAD has certain advantages.

    Even my company recommends to use EAD to stop utilizing H1B time.As per it's definitely better to switch to EAD.I used 4.5 years of H1B and switched to EAD.

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  • NKR
    01-31 01:01 PM
    I think a few hours is left to vote. so pls do now.


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  • seekerofpeace
    09-16 08:23 PM

    see my thread on "Told to wait till Oct 1st"

    One thing is true that life is not fair and USCIS is even more is hard for us who are mostly engineers and scientists out here who always try to seek logic get totally flummoxed by USCIS.

    I will keep on calling them and every time I hear a new thing.

    We have to be patient..I guess it gets darkest before it is dawn...


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  • walking_dude
    03-13 03:37 PM

    It's oxymoronic to hear a self-confessed slave lecture us on 'Freedom'. Real freedom is standing and fighting for ones rights, and not hiding in a cave. How would a slave know?

    'Red Dots' are also Free speech. Members who gave you one also used their 'Freedom of Expression' just like you ( did you think all freedoms are reserved for you ?).

    FYI, I didn't waste any 'Red dots' on you. IV members are smart. They don't need to be guided by 'Red dots' to recognize an idiot. They smelled one the moment you opened your big trap door.

    Yes! on IV you are supposed to say only good things about IV (though IV is "grass-root" non-profit) but no free speech here :confused:
    You are only supposed to smell and sense good things about IV and hence write only good ... but god-forbid if you write truth then IV-watchers will try to ruin your "image" by giving RED dots (IV-mileage points) and make you feel bad-guy :rolleyes:


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  • abe
    11-04 06:05 PM
    Got an email on Sunday, Nov 1, saying that I got greened last Wednesday, Oct 28. I have been calling customer service about once a week since Sept. Thanks guys. Without IV, I wouldn't have called.

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  • anzerraja
    07-19 06:36 PM
    Thanks very much !

    Will DO...Just gimme some time.


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  • kaarmaa
    01-10 02:12 PM
    I doubt you will get a reply for your honest and valid concerns :)

    I have been a IV member since 2006 . I have seen the ups/downs . donated money , sent letters , attended rallies and done whatever has been been proposed . But I see that many senior members who had the drive to motivate people are not sending or being part of any messages or threads at all and that is exactly why the movement seems to be losing steam .

    The standard response that I see to any question is "have you donated money ? " . "Don't ask for anything till you have donated. " this is followed by some some red dots which normally works to silence the questions. People will be willing to donate when they believe in the movement . I remember we collected $ 30,000 in 1 month before the rally there was huge thread with all the donations . People were charged up and the money came up automatically . I am willing to donate but to be brutally honest I do not see the same level of motivation as was there in 2006 / 2007 days .Please use this as a wakeup call and not as reason to vent your frustration on me .

    There are many senior members who I do not even see any more . Members joining in late 2007 or early 2008 will not know any of these guys .

    Aman Kapoor . He is the founder of IV . I have not seen his messages since the past 3 years almost . Where is he ? Is it too much for him to send a greeting in New years eve motivating the members ? It takes just 2 minutes .

    Mark Bartosik :- He was supposed to the spokesperson for IV .The guy with the MasterCard sign for immigration . I have not seen him for quite some time now
    Where are the other senior leaders like
    a) Walden Pond
    b) There was a this British Girl from San Jose ( had a handle which had name like Rose or something )
    c) Niloufer Bustani from Dallas. I see her once in a while but very sparingly .

    The others even I have forgotten completely.

    The only leadership/core that I see is Pappu and no one else . If you have a country where the prime minister shows his face only once in 4 years , how are the people supposed to believe in that movement ? Please don't reply with a message saying what have I done or why can't I contribute money ? I have done that I am looking for leadership to show us the way and motivate us . All campaigns don't need money donations( Letters , calls , faxes etc ) . We could start with that and then drum up support and momentum and then the money will start flowing in automatically . There has to be a synchronized campaign organized by the leadership and all I see is everybody putting their eggs in the basket called spillover.

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  • inskrish
    01-30 05:23 PM


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  • Canadian_Dream
    09-13 02:08 PM
    Anyone thinking that there will be a bill passed in near future that will overhaul skilled immigration process needs a reality check. Now I am not discouraging anyone from trying, I am also suffering through this mess and in no better position. The reasoning behind my assumption is following:

    1. Lawmakers serve America and Americans. In theory anything that passes must look like it is serving their interest. Most laws/actions MUST look like it is helping Americans directly or indirectly, more so in an election year. That's why with less than 60 days for election it is not wise for them to spend time in enacting and debating laws that helps immigrants. It simply makes no sense.

    2. You can argue that helping skilled immigrants will help America greatly and there is an urgency to enact such laws. Unfortunately no matter what media says, there is no such urgency seen by either law makers or their advisers. The reason, being there is no mass exodus for skilled immigrants, I know a few who have gone back but most of us are still here waiting for visa bulletin evey month hoping that some miracle will happen some day. Even if there is a mass exodus, there are enough people in India/China/Eastern Europe who will be more than happy to be here and do whatever we are doing. Simple law of numbers.

    3. It can also be argued that America is not producing enough talents in Science and technology and hence we should throw a red carpet to anyone who can buy his way through the MS program from an American university. Unfortunately for us, a lot of us are doing mundane jobs and do not make a big impact in the economy the way techies used to be in late 90's. The best and the brightest are well taken care of (read: EB1/NIW) even today, for the rest us there isn't a desire nor a need to expidite the process in any manner. It will only help us, and we don't matter.

    4. There isn't much shortage of skilled professionals, definitely not of the proportion that 65,000 visas are gone in 2 months. The only shortage I see is of numbers of "Visas". Although it is hard to find good people in technology but that problem cannot be solved by making that number higher. I am not sure what's the reason.

    So what can we do ?
    In short we are just a John Doe seeking better life which unfortunately isn't there in our home country. We should enhance our Skills (NOT skill bill) and help ourself to do well in anywhere. One thing is use 3 years extensions to chnage jobs and do well.

    We can also align ourselves with H1B lobby/Healthcare lobby and request to file I-485 without visa numbers. That will at least stop some of the indentured servitude and our spouses can work.

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  • jingi1234
    01-28 10:09 AM
    Was this the first time you are coming to USA?

    or you went for a visit ? If yes what was ur original status in US..F1 or H1.

    I am going for chennai H1B visa on Feb 6....F1 to OPT to H1B...Scared to helll...

    I appeared for an interview on Jan 2nd. It took the consulate officers 16 days to call me and ask for original documents again. Darn PIMS verification! I resubmitted the documents on Jan 22nd through the drop box... and have been calling them daily to track the progress. They say they need 7 working days from the day the documents are received. I have already had to reschedule the flights once..and my employer is getting worried now. If I had known about the delays at Chennai post before, I wont have applied here. Chennai sux!!!


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  • aristotle
    02-11 06:21 PM
    IV's goal is to fight retrogression. So whoever wants to fight retrogression should stay on board.

    However, it is the privilege of a few affected people to discuss their problems on these threads. You are not obligated to follow these discussions if they are not to your taste. It is a legitimate question. Clearly USCIS is using one interpretation of the law while there is another possible one.

    The discussion here doesn't mean that IV will flip tomorrow and say they will fight for only India/China EB2s.

    Anytime such discussions come up, invariably a few people jump on board threatening to quit IV. Who are you threatening? Are you helping yourself by quitting the fight to solve your problem?

    Right and wrong are relative.
    You and I both agree about what is going on.
    Interpretation of the law is also subjective.

    What I am trying to tell you my friend, like I have tried to tell others like you before, is this. If IV hurts my interest, I would have to be an absolute moron to support it.

    I really want to contribute more, and get active in my state chapter, but it is posts like these that make me pause and have second thoughts about it.

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  • caliguy
    09-15 11:36 PM
    Senators inquiry was initiated in first week of September. I guess that is TSC's way of saying F$%$ off....

    I am thinking.....I think they have black listed my application for hassling them too much :)
    How can I get in their good books now? :)

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  • dkin007
    01-19 10:15 AM
    I will contribute to fight this in all possible ways.

    06-17 01:10 PM
    We need to unite to have any impact at all. Please come forward and call the lawmakers. 90 vs 900 makes a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigggggggg difference!

    01-31 10:54 AM
    From what I understand, once the law comes in to affect, labor substitution will no longer be allowed so desi companies can't sell labors anymore. But the 2nd part of the puzzle was that approved labor will only be valid for X number of days (like 45 days as originally proposed) and I am not sure if this impacts the existing labors or not. 45 days expiration may only apply to new labors but no details has emerged yet so we'll have wait and see when the details come out. If it also applies to existing labors then we are home free because after the expiry date, all labors will automatically be canceled. Well, let's wait the for the fine details to come out first.

    As for you, it appears that as long as your substitution is approved before the law comes in to effect, there won't be any problem. If not approved by that date then it's kind of fuzzy as to what will happen. If you haven't filed already, just file premium and I am sure you'll have your 140 approved before the law takes effect.

    Thanks for the reply.

    I am not using substitution labor. I do not condone any one who does it for monetary reasons.

    So the rule hasn't taken affect yet huh! I will definitely send my application out in premium processing this week. Just worried that I have passed the 45-day time period :( . Does my I-140 have to be approved before this rule is implemented, or just that my application needs to be filed ?

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