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  • grupak
    06-11 11:46 AM

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  • rockstart
    08-24 10:51 AM
    Thank you for the reply. When you say that if I go with Company A that there will be more scrutiny, do you mean they will check the vailidity of the offer and their ability to pay? I work for a Govt. Agency(Company C), they will give me an EVL but I am not sure if they will specify "in accordance with I140". I am actually doing the same job, same place, before as a contractor(Company A) and now as an Employee(Company C).

    This is what you could do. Take the updated EVL letter from your HR/ Supervisor. Attach latest paystubs as additional proof. Now for duties if the EVL does not contain this info then attach a copy of job posting advertisement that was issued when you were hired. Every govt job needs to be advertised. It can be in papers or their own website. Then get the lawyer to draft the AC21 letter and to point out the similarities between this job and your labor.

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  • pdakwala
    04-12 04:41 PM
    Thank you very much anandrajesh, nk2006, ramraj_02, nviren, and neel_gump. Keep up the good work. It is good that more and more people and coming forward and making their first, second, third and fouth contribution.

    One would make contribution only if they have confidence in IV. Today IV have more than 2000 members. Let's join hand and make Immigration Voice stronger by contributing $100 or more one more time.

    We have al ready seen that Immigration Voice have shown their ability what they can do with all your help. We have not yet achieve the goals but we are not too far from that. One has to understand that Immigration Voice is an organization owned by you and me and so please contibute so that Immigration Voice can work and solve the retrogression problem.

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  • SKK2004
    06-03 06:43 PM
    Called all the numbers this afternoon.


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  • thakurrajiv
    07-30 10:34 AM
    Dont even think about it unless you are a quant and have resources that can compete with the Hedge funds. Commodities do not behave like stocks, you need to be able to model prices using multi variate models. Then there is jumps. You should be familiar with jump diffusion/step functions etc. To be able to model these you will need to use a factor model like the Pilipovic model. Even then it will only be an approximation.

    Commodities are purchased as futures. Futures are derivatives and you will need to hedge them. A perfect hedge for a future is 1:1 in the spot. Since there is no arb here you will have to use options. To model the price of an option you will have to be a master of Black-Scholes option pricing model or a similar method like monte carlo simulation. Even if you figure all this out you will have to delta hedge. Delta hedging commodity options is very expensive, you will bleed money. Look up Hodges-Nuberger model for delta hedging options on derivatives.

    I suggest a book by Daragana Pilipovic called "Energy Risk", buy it and read it. After that if you still feel you can take on hundreds of computers running parallel with teams of quants modelling prices and programs trading algarithimic models; then Good luck!!

    Trade stocks as modelling stocks is comparitively easy. Stocks have drift (mu). If you are saturated with stocks look into options and Fixed income. Leave all these complicated stuff to the pros. You have better chance of hitting a jackpot in a casino than making money in trading commodities.
    Wow, smisachu summarized the issue in 2 paragraphs !! Great post smisachu.
    As smisachu pointed out for futures, forwards or options trading you will be going against the pros. Hedging is also not a static process, it is dynamic which means you need scale(lots of money) to trade. Unless you have lot of money and big heart for loss, it does not make sense to play in those markets. If you really want to try, try playing with options using optionsExpress or some other cheap trading website.
    Now fundamental investing is different. Instead of directly playing with commodities you can play commodity stocks which are proxy for the commodity. The issue here is there are a few big players and bunch of small players. Small plays are too risky as most of them have resources outside US. You might be able to play big ones or medium sized ones. Have a look at companies like COP, EAC etc. You might be interested in looking at Canadian oil sands and trust plays.
    Let me warn you about the volatility. As covered by smisachu, the pros can manipulate the prices in futures. Futures seem to be affecting spot a lot. Oil prices or any commodity can be very volatilile. So if you can't take 10% swings in days/hours, don't even think about commodity stocks !!
    Personally I am long bull of oil and will stay like this in forseable future. I have interesting stories on my boom and bust experiences but that is a good beer talk :).

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  • greencard_fever
    10-29 12:45 AM
    @ ndialani - Got your pvt. message. I will email you the letter to USCIS sec. Napolatino and the name of the IO at TSC.

    It's good to see that a lot of people who are not even current are proactively working on their cases and getting everything ready.

    Good luck!

    Hi Caliguy,

    congrats for getting greened...i saw you efforts and you deserve it...i am impressed and motivated with your efforst..can you share me the latter format which you had wrote to Napolatino..i would appreciate your help...thank you.


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  • cal97
    07-18 02:54 PM
    Pd: June 2004
    Category: EB2
    Reached NSC: 7/2 8:46 AM
    Rejected: Don't Know

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  • prinive
    03-13 10:37 AM
    Thanks ... Yes I guess so...

    Good luck - Guess u r through


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  • logiclife
    04-29 08:21 PM
    Its probably around 102K but please check the "Action alerts" button on the homepage for the latest everyday.


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  • PlainSpeak
    04-19 08:19 AM
    That is one more guy in front of me who is gone from the line enabling me to be closer to the GC dispensing window :D


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  • Eternal_Hope
    01-30 07:44 PM
    Q # 60 & 78

    6:58 p.m. CST.

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  • JazzByTheBay
    07-17 10:06 PM

    Of course, now we risk alienating the "undocumented worker" community, but is that such a big deal given we're legal and struggling and hoping that America does the right thing to get us out of this gray area... ?

    On a different note, I can't wait to see what an EAD and AP looks like. When does the clock start ticking? Is it 90 days or 180 days? :)

    I so want a vacation! :)


    Lets ask Core not to just go with the temporary fix of July visa bulliten.
    We might apply for EAD and AP but what if they throw our papers some where and repeat the same thing.
    This time they will be very careful in issuing visa bulliten

    In future very slow progression in visa dates...adjudicating cases very slowly always stating that due to july visa bulliten we have lots of cases ...we will not be able to do anything until we sort ou...blah blah...

    This is not the fix
    We should be firm with our goals...

    Lets come up with some ideas....
    Lets not ask what to do...lets think and come up with an idea...and then we shall decide if it works or not...
    When some one first suggested flower campaign everyone took it as a was not implemented before some one sent the flowers and showed the receipt number...

    I was following core for a long time...this the biggest response i have ever seen from the members...

    Lets continue it...

    My idea ...lets not just accept the temporary fix...we should fight the congress until they come up with a plan of fixing the GC issue.

    The congress talks about fixing illegal immigration..Lets ask them to fix the legal immigration first.

    Unless we are really strong about it...nothing can be accomplished..

    They cant fix the existing legal system but they are ready with the plans of fixing illegal immigration...of course it failed but still they had big impact...


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  • Macaca
    12-17 07:01 PM
    From pages 8-9 of Driving jobs and Innovation Offshore ( The impact of high-skill Immigration Restrictions on America, National Foundation for American Policy (NFAP) Policy Brief, Dec 2007

    India-based Patni Computer Systems agreed with the Department of Labor that the company paid 607 workers on H-1B visas less than the prevailing wage in 2004 and 2005. The Department of Labor did not oppose Patni�s contention that this was due to an accounting error, since the government did not assess any additional penalties and concluded Patni�s actions were not willful. Patni agreed to pay approximately $2.4 million to the 607 workers, which comes to slightly less than $4,000 each.

    It is worth noting that $4,000 per worker is likely less than what the company paid in various legal and government fees to sponsor the workers ($5,000 to $6,000 in legal and government fees).

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  • diqingshen
    07-11 11:42 AM
    HLG has confirmed that the CIS is not returning I-485 Applications back to those who filed I-485 during the first week of July. This is leading many to speculate that the CIS may reverse course and re-re-amend the July Visa Bulletin; whether the Visa Bulletin actually reopens remains to be seen. HLG normally refrains from commenting on rumors, but we have talked to several Washington insiders and believe that this is seriously being considered.


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  • poorslumdog
    05-14 01:03 PM
    LOL.. nitin...whoever yo uare... you are a piece of work..I feel sorry for you..

    May be peice of art work...:D

    He is moving/moved to Canada and preaching us to go back to India. What kind of loser..:cool:

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  • jagankola
    07-16 10:49 AM
    Just Signed


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  • Eternal_Hope
    01-31 09:16 AM
    On the top choose the tab - "Most Popular", the questions are # 16 and 25 currently.

    I have a feeling you can vote multiple times, close the browser and try voting again - I think it works.

    Member Texas IV


    Does anyone know what qns # it is at present at or the heading it is under. I could not find either of them.


    Contributed $300, Sent flowers.

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  • Lollerskater
    09-17 12:13 PM
    Does voting "Aye" mean yes? And the silent means "Pass"?

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  • m306m
    06-11 05:14 PM
    Why do they come on wife's account ? Is it legal if spouse makes mistake in any case ?
    Wife or child account is considered a 'FAMILY' account and they can impound that account. Unless you divorce your wife and then transfer the money into that account you cannot expect that the money in your wife's (or ex-wife's) account is safe if a judgement is passed against you.

    05-14 09:47 AM
    I am thankful to everyone who read or responded even if you don't agree. Taking it a step furthur there are couple of things that stand out which i think again show how we twist every fact to our advantage.

    1) US need immigration to grow and prosper. wel agreed, but who are we to preach. Its for American to figure it out. We don't care for our mother land i:e India but we are first to point out how US will be worse off if it stops immigration. I really doubt the intention here. You know, we care more bout US then India and once we get our GC we probably wont care much bout US either.

    >> You coward. This is a democracy and the constitution of US allows any one on the land of the United states to speak up and make their case with the US government. You dont need to be a citizen. You and your typical boot licking mentality. Not all of us are selfish maggots as you are and think only about ourselves. We do care about the US. Just dont think that every one is exactly like you in his/her attitude towards US. Preferences are different from caring. Just because one has chosen to immigrate to a different country does not mean that the person does not care for his/her motherland. By your logic, the laloo prasad', Gandhi's, Advani/Modi/Naidu etc all do care for India. LMAO. Will you please shut the f up? <<

    2) Saying its a fight for rights and if we don't fight we are cowards. well i agree we are all cowards not because we are not fighting to bring forward all mighty priority dates but because we showed our backs to our own country. We went to public funded IIT and other institutions and then ran away from our nation at first chance. So yes, in a way we are all cowards here.

    >> Ok Mr IIT, Stop generalizing again. There are people who paid different kinds of amounts as tuition fee to get a degree. Last time I checked IIT's accept a paltry 3000 students together. Definitely not 300,000. Again, just because you chose to immigrate does not mean that you have showed your back to your own country. If you consider so, please turn the back again and go home. This is a place for individuals who want to immigrate to the US. Not for scums who want to dilute and defeat the whole purpose. You are entitled to your opinions. If you want to take the masses back home, go do it on your turf. <<

    3) USCIS should be fair to India. If you look closely, USCIS rules are not country specific. Quota applies to every country, but only India, Mexico and china exhaust theirs. Does tell u something doesn't it.

    >> Thank you for showing your two feet in your mouth. Those are not USCIS rules Mr Ignorant. Those are the rules set by the US Congress as a part of the INA act. Your logic of speaking for country caps only shows that you have no idea of the head/tail of the country caps system. Lets apply the country caps on F1/H1B as well and take your sorry a$$ to where it came from <<

    Finally, Thank you for your smart and intelligent attempt to dilute the members' focus. First you start off by saying that we have no allegiance to our home land and finally you deduce that country caps are OK.

    Inference: You are some psycho who is concerned that the glass ceiling of country caps in employment based system will be shattered sooner or later.

    11-03 05:19 AM
    What is this reverse brain drain ? there is no such thing - folks who are here are going to hang on tooth & nail to stay here come hell or high water - the only ones who are going back are the ones who have no other option. That is not true. In fact I would say that many people who leave have lot of guts. they may have other priorities like family, social etc. I know many naturalized US citizens who have sold their homes and are / about to go back. some IITians left because of green card issues (one of my friend tried to apply was laying off H1B's ..he moved to NY financial company and now is in India at higher post. in the end it is priorities that you have in life.

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