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  • Bpositive
    02-06 11:06 PM
    How do we call DOS ? Is there any contact number for this Visa delays ?

    Please let us know.

    202-663-1225 extn 100

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  • gc28262
    03-22 11:22 AM
    >> AC21 memo is a real memo.
    Wow, what an ignorance. May I ask, what do you mean by "real memo".

    Read previous post and get enlightened. I can't believe that you guys even don't have distinctions about law, CFR, and memos.

    AC-21 is law.

    Hope it helps.

    Not a legal advice.

    I was referring to "AC21 Memo" not the "AC21 law".
    I agree with your statement that AC21 is a law.

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  • addsf345
    11-10 10:15 AM
    I believe your answer below was related to this situation:

    Consider this:

    If someone renews his/her H1B after 6 years based on approved I-140. Assuming that dates are not current, the H1B gets renewed for 3 years.
    In this scenario if the pending I-485 gets denied, what happens to the current H1B? Does that also get invalidated as it's renewal was based on a pending I-485 and approved I-140?


    as per my understanding, as the H1B extension is based on pending 485, your H1 also becomes invalid with immediate effect. This is shocking, I was somehow believing that using H1 is safe, but it is not after initial 6 years are over. On the contrarary, there are reports that EAD stays valid atleast till the appeal period when 485 is denied, and while the MTR is filed. This is reported on some other threads. Can someone confirm this?

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  • veni001
    04-15 06:28 PM
    I thought EB2 vs EB3 is mainly determined by what your job requires.. You may have a Masters but if your JD does not require one, the company cannot file you on EB2.

    The job must qualify for EB2 first, with at least min prevailing wage!
    Which means BS+5 yrs of Progressive Exp or MS as min requirement.


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  • Macaca
    02-07 08:32 PM
    Are you drunk tonight or just kidding me? :)

    I really did think it uptil tonight. I am still hoping you are right because it means that there is no GC cap on US MS. See there is a cap on H1B for US MS.

    My drinking days are over. Can't drink any more.

    I am a moron. I beat the system to get the degrees. I should be in the Ag jobs pool.

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  • krishnam70
    07-18 02:44 PM
    Recapturing lost numbers is not a permanent solution. Per country limit 7% is ridiculous. We need to make sure we are not discriminated against by the per country limit. Its not my fault that someone from Europe doesnt want to come here and not so many from Africa or south america qualify for the EB visas.

    posts like this project your cheap thinking ! this forum is not just for one ethnic group or class it is here to help people from all nations and backgrounds for the common purpose of doing justice to legal immigrants.


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  • overseas
    11-18 10:49 AM
    I sent #7001 form in second week of October , i emailed CIS Ombudsman3-4 days back . I received this email today....

    Thank you for contacting
    the Citizenship and Immigration Services Ombudsman (CISOMB) in the U.S.
    Department of Homeland Security (DHS). We received your case problem on
    October 21, 2009. Your case is in the process of being assigned to an
    Immigration Law Analyst. Please allow us 14 working days to process your case

    Any thoughts....does it mean anything? anyone else with this reply?

    Hi ndialani,

    Did you contact ombudsman after this? Is there any progress in your case?

    I got similar reply from ombudsman but still there is no progress in my case.


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  • srikondoji
    08-25 12:26 PM
    Joke on Free-money-transfer was even highlighted in a movie. Its open secret as to how they offer free-money-transfer service.

    I advise you to close ICICI account and open another account with Federal credit unions. Before you do that, ask if you could use their debit cards in India to with draw money from ATM machines. The conversion rate you get via this method matches with the current rate and you would loose nothng. However, you can only withdraw upto 25 thousand rupees per day.

    ICICI deliberately delays the money transfer so that they can pick a day with lowest conversaion rate. Again the conversion rate they display on their site is off by almost a rupee from the live conversion rate.

    All banks are well protected from laws and you can't do anything about it.



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  • go_guy123
    02-01 02:11 PM
    Same old blah blah blah we cannot and should not keep reacting to such nonsense. A fraction of what he told is true but he is blowing it out of proportion. Lets not post such nonsense here which is the standard stump speech of anti immigration folks

    Ofcourse indian companies started misusing and abusing tehsystem to
    the limit. I know Wipro paying 1500$ per month to people on L1
    in Stamford , CT .
    Stamford CT is an expensive place with 2 bedroom rent like 1800$.

    When indian companies do all this what/how do you expect people
    to react.
    Now the local population has become hostile to H1B and anything
    related to skilled immigration.

    It wasnt like that before...say 10 years back.

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  • rimzhim
    01-31 11:01 AM
    desi companies sell H1b also , u pay money and they will get it for u , see for example .
    no wonder ieee-usa complains about the present h1b program.


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  • immilaw
    03-14 08:42 AM
    Ok. I agree with everything you say but you still haven't explained why EB-2 China hasn't moved. They never were Unavailable, which means they haven't used their quota but are still retrogressed. Why absolutely no relief for them? Not even a month forward movement?

    Here is my theory and I may be wrong. Until last month China EB-2 was still not U. Maybe over this month (March) the usage of EB-2 China was so high that they were at the verge of U or maybe something like 12/01/2002. So now when the excess EB-2 visas from ROW are getting spilled over to oversubscribed countries, i.e., China and India, both of them are and will be, going forward, moving at the same pace.

    As I said just a theory. Let's wait for a better explanation.

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  • ek_bechara
    08-13 06:37 PM

    Attack the argument, not the argumentor.

    Is that from your PhD course work homie? Clearly you dont have an argument because an argument is based on facts. I need something to attack so I'm picking on you.

    Always remember: We stand together and thats the only way we will ever build a Indian strong community in US of A.


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  • chanduv23
    11-06 03:52 PM
    Lets concentrate on EB issues. Those who have not yet joined a State chapter, please do so now.

    Joining the State chapter and help grassroots efforts is an ongoing action item and everyone here MUST join your State chapter and contribute towards grassroots efforts.

    Nothing much can be achieved by writing individual emails.

    We need to focus on our issues and do what is organized, collective effort.

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  • Carlau
    02-05 04:44 PM
    eb3_nepa's request is valid in the context that spouse of an L1 can take up any Job.. & the spouse of the proposed 'Blue Card" can take up any job.. why not a H4?

    I cannot agree with you more.

    On the other hand for those ones that say that we (H-4s) could apply for H-1B easily, it is not easy if you are not in IT. Some people said -although doesn't make much sense looking that L-1 and Blue card spouses would be able to work-, that if you do not want the H-4s to compete with average joes?, then an intermediate solution is to require a Bachellor degree minimum education requirement for getting the H-4s a H-4B (my new name for employment authorization), yes, dependend on the H-1B, if the H-1B is laid off the H-4 would still have the chance to apply for H-1B (without counting in the yearly quota) or leave the country after 6 months. Why should we get a F-1 visa?, most of us arrived highly educated.

    Most people do not seem to understand that the spouses of L-1s (legal) can work, and the spouses of Blue card holders (Agjobs) would be able to work, so leaving the H-4s out is DISCRIMINATION!


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  • Maverick1
    11-11 10:08 PM
    I have checked with my company's lawyer and he said I can maintain H1 status with my current employer and use EAD for part time job. I read murthy chat transcripts and same topic was discussed with two different answers. ................
    I work for a very big company ........................I do not want to be limited by work authorization limitations...

    Thats my oppinion...

    Using H1B makes one safe. but how many years we want to do the safe job. If I-485 gets denied do u have enough patiences to file another green card. One thing is believe is "We are here to make money, most of us are in our thirties and we have short time remaining to reach our goals. I think we all have one year EAD. wait for 6 months then go on job hopping, learn whatever you can, get into whatever you want. Start a business, do something.... Anything you do will help you in future. Sitting with H1B in pocket may take 4 years cream of your life.
    If you have the talent you can get great salaries anywhere in the world. Because of your talents and hard work you guys are here. World is not small.

    I-485 is mostly about the eligibility of the individual (like medical, illegal presence, fraud etc.) and so getting rejected at I-485 stage is not that common (especially after the approval of the underlying immigration petition). And if it does get rejected, more often than not, the individual may never be eligible for permanent residence due to the same reason. So usefulness of H1-B as back-up is of very limited narure.

    Thanks every one for all your responses. Good to see many responses which seem to echo what I was thinking. After reading many posts on these forums I thought many people chose to keep H1 (some times at a cost).
    Now I see many people are ready to dump it if they see an opportunity to use EAD. That is good to know.

    Although we cite the cost savings (from renewal of EAD) most people if not all who prefer to keep H1 status will definitely renew their EAD/AP just to be safe. On the AP case, I got 3 copies of multiple entry APs. My attorney told me to make copies of it and give only copies at the POE and point out that it is a multiple entry document if the officer wants to keep the original, so that the original stays with you.

    I guess many people want to put the EAD to productive use. Some thing to supplement your main job/income.

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  • lfgc
    12-29 09:28 AM
    Techy wont bother us again. Say TA-TA to techy2468.

    Sorry this thread took an ugly turn with techy's profanity and inflammatory comments.
    I know that this guy techy has written some strong stuff all the while...But, if you're banning him for this post...don't think this is right.
    His question seemed legitimate.
    His arguments may not be well liked...but, he seems to hit the nail hard...that's about it. Remember, life isn't a bed of roses. So, lets learn to take what's hard too.
    Good luck.


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  • admesystems
    01-09 04:09 PM
    On USCIS website I-130 is also pending along with I-485.
    At I-485 interview IO said only thing keeping my freedom (GC) away from me is NC.
    Does that mean I-130 is going to clear automatically once the NC is cleared ? or do I have to be worried about that separately?

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  • desi3933
    03-22 11:26 AM
    I was referring to "AC21 Memo" not the "AC21 law".
    I agree with your statement that AC21 is a law.

    ok, probably you meant memos issued by USCIS for AC-21 implementation.

    Would you please explain what you meant by "real memo" when you wrote
    AC21 memo is a real memo

    I am not aware that there multiple kinds of memos.

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  • krishna.ahd
    11-10 01:41 PM
    My suggestion - You can not play safe your whole life.
    100% Agree

    06-02 05:35 PM
    Called all of them, updated poll:)

    09-30 02:54 AM
    What are your priority dates? They may now be working on your GC application.
    GK Best

    My I-485, I-765, I-131 cheques were encased on 26th Sept and 28th I got the email....My PD is 24 May 2004..EB2 category...

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