Tuesday, June 14, 2011

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  • rheoretro
    09-13 09:52 PM
    I deeply appreciate the follow up messages from nycgal369 and amitjoey, as well as the efforts of other members who are posting and reading messages...

    Leave the PR and outreach efforts on Capitol Hill efforts to the core members. We need help from other members who are willing to dedicate their efforts to getting members. Talk to family, friends and colleagues. Talk to people in your classes, if you are taking part-time classes. Talk to your boss. Talk to your neighbors who are US citizens and get them to talk to Congressmen and Senators...send emails and letters to your Congressmen and Senators!

    Once again, following up on what nycgal369 said, exactly what amount people contribute is in some ways not what we care first and foremost for. Please contribute what you can comfortably handle within your budget. Whether it is $20, or $ 50 or $500 is your call...the important thing is that people start contributing something...we need funds to support our lobbying activities. And please be assured...all expenses will be audited by a CPA. We are legally obligated to do this.

    Another point that nycgal369 raised is about community outreach efforts...we are already in touch with organizations, both on the left and the right. Please leave that to us. Please help us out with recruiting members and with raising money...

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  • GCwaitforever
    06-07 12:09 PM
    There are some things that the seeker calls rights and the person who grants them calls them privileges. If you want to be forceful, you have to call it a right, not a privileges.

    100% agreed. Illegal immigrants do not have any rights/privileges. But they are bold, turn up in thousands on the street and protest for their (non-existing) rights. We can take a cue from the illgeal immigrants. All it comes down to is unity and putting forth a collective voice so that grievances of legal immigrants could be heard by the polticians.

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  • rkumar18
    07-18 11:54 AM
    Date and Time of Delivery matters.

    I think most cases delivered on July 2nd is filed on June 29th or 30th.

    If USCIS decides to use the postmarked date as the filing date then it would be trickier for those whose PD was not current in June but have "filed" on June 29/30.

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  • cool_guy_onnet1
    06-23 09:02 AM
    Q.1) I understand you can't file 485 for your spouse if PD is not current but does the PD need to be current to add your spouse as a dependent on your 485 application w/o filing 485 for her?

    Q.2) Q.1 raises Q.2. When the dates are no more current, is adding your spouse as a dependent on your 485 safe enuf for her to be considered for filing 485 and getting GC when the dates will be current in future.

    Earlier In this thread- page # 3, I had setup a 485 kunwaras mailing list. I spoke to 3 different attorneys including murthy's and came to this conclusion- hope this removes lot of redundant questions.
    First of all, I work for LitIGATION technology company so please - don't doubt any accuracies - All our clients are top attorneys and I have used all my resources and this is the most creative idea i came-up with

    How to delay 485 approvals - - - -
    Wait for 15th July- If PD is current in August - don't apply in July , if not, go for last week of July
    Since there are ton of cases, one will not get FP in traditional 30 day but they will get it around 60-90 days (assumption based on ,immigration and immigrationvoice forums and comparing influx with 1999-2000 dates becoming current situation. Yes, i have taken into assumtion that there were 195K h1's that time )
    Ok so it's september already and you got your FP! But you want to have a total period of 1 year without losing your pd or your file in queue.
    If dates are current in August then rescheduling september FP will go to December/November at the best!
    Then you complete the fp process and the average time is 8 months - considering the flood of applications and dates will definately hit retrogressing in Nov-dec, They will assign cut-off dates. lets assume they go back to where the dates were in May/June 07 , then ,you will need to see where you are in the queue. There are some creative ways of generating an RFE (without getting 485 rehected due to initial evidence)- but it's not recommended ;-).
    Keep-up the good work and please contribute if you want to thank me.


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  • neverbefore
    10-30 03:03 AM
    Congratulations to all you guys who have got their 485s approved. It is great to hear the stories of old times from people like alterego.

    Wishing everyone the best. May happiness visit all of us here and not just through and because of green card

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  • willwin
    03-13 02:43 PM
    India has not moved an inch (may be has retarded in its growth) forward when it comes to quality of life or individual freedom or Govt.-public relationship. You can't do just with money. Money doesn't buy everything one need for a peaceful,happy life.

    And, an individual or a group in India cannot fight against anything that is evil in India. The option for people is to go places. So, the politicians are responsible. I am not surpirsed by your question "how come the 'inncoent' politicians responisble?" because Indians' thoughts have changed so much that we accept and expect politicians to be evil, corrupt, inhuman etc. I mentioned people as smart in irony and I am sorry that you couldn't understand that!

    No one was forced to leave India? What if you join an IT company and if the only option is to come here? Will you resign? Does everyone have the luxury of saying no to a job and pick up what they want? Which world are you? It's rat race back home. Do you know how many people have changed their and their families fortune by coming here?

    I am only supporting somebody who said it is so frustrating that we have to wait so much for a GC. He didn't really mean that he was going to tear his GC, once he gets it. He was so much frustrated about it that he wont be feeling happy about it anymore. But, many have started shooting at him already.

    Live in peace. I dont think this is a forum to see who is 'smart'.

    Do not tear the GC, instead if you ever receive it and decide going back to India, frame it. One may never in his or her lifetime wait for an entity so much desperately as we all have for the GC.

    WillWin, I do not agree that India is not moving forward. Infact people in India are raking money. We should not blame politicians or anyone for the state we are in. No one forced us to leave India. Defending our decision to leave India and come here by calling us "smart" is demeaning to our friends back home. Does it mean that they were not "smart" and hence stayed back? If at all, I would say they were the smartest and are reaping the benefits today.


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  • chicago60607
    09-17 01:33 PM
    If today its approved in the house..we are done..it goes the Prez for signing and we all add another card to our wallets:o

    Ohh boy, what a dream. Anyway, it needs to get voted at House. A senate version needs to pass. Both the versions have to be merged and then only president signs, long way to go.

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  • nixstor
    05-23 02:10 PM
    I don't think I agree completely. I called all of the lawmakers for the CHC campaign, and while you are right, I spoke to the assistants, they were all polite and promised to pass on the message, which is what matters in the end.

    Lawmakers know that we do not have voting privileges yet, but they also know that we are contributing to this economy far greater than many. I do not remember the source or the thread, but this question was asked before about an online petition, but ironically, that is shown to be not as effective as phone calls.

    If you ask me to sign a piece of paper, I might do it even if I am only vaguely supportive of the idea. But I will certainly not take the trouble to call (or better yet) go to the senator/congressman's office and present my case in person unless I really beleive in it.

    regarding your "saar.. support the bill..." comment, I would not go there if I were you. Thats a whole different can of worms and borders on an insult to a) people who are not from that part of India (or for that matter the world) and b) more importantly, for people from that part of the world who are in this country since a long time and have taken the pains to lose the accent.

    Finally, even if one speaks in an accent, is that the sole reason for a lawmaker to disregard him? Then should a Tennessee senator not listen to someone from New York because the New yorker speaks English in a New York accent?

    Please remember IV may be largely Indian, but it is a meeting place for legal immigrants from all over the world. The same way as India may be "largely Hindu" but it is still a secular country and we have had many great citizens and leaders that were not Hindu, the current president notwithstanding.

    Very well answered and the sarcastic language the OP used just shows elitism and out of touch with the situation at hand.


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  • chanduv23
    06-08 09:17 AM
    My dad came to US in 1971 and got a green card at the airport under "Employment based 3rd preference category(For engineers, Doctors and Chartered Accountantss)" though he went back after a few years. Thats how they used to give Green Cards in those days. Lot of engineers, doctors and chartered accountantss migrated in the beginning of 70s. After few years they stopped that and there was a lot of opposition to Indian professionals (professional rivalry), later stage people found it difficult to survive the rivalry, a lot of doctors went through hell when they found themselves getting fired from residencies and denied jobs. Things are a lot better now as these things are very less heard of these days.

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  • Lasantha
    09-25 01:58 PM
    Juist to prove the original posters point about IV being intolerant about different points of view and the trigger happy attitude of some members about giving a red dots just because someone else speaks his point of view - I got a very personal and abusive remark with a red dot just for my post above. Not that I really care about Red or Green dots. My GC journey is over. This forum helped me a great deal when I was waiting for my GC. Now I am hear to help others with what I know in their GC pursuit and help with any on going action items. Just wish some members here would grow up and learn to live and let live! :)


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  • Bytes4Lunch
    08-20 01:01 PM
    Good job laying out all usecases "add78".

    In my case, I travelled back on AP as my visa extension stamping went pending in Mumbai consulate. Came back here with my I-94 indicating "Parolee" as my new status.
    Within 2 weeks, I changed employer as per AC21, they filed for my H1 transfer(premium processing) via Murthy Law Firm. I received a new I94 which put me back in the H1B status. During this 2-3 weeks I was in the US as a parolee I did NOT use the EAD, because you don't have to.
    Interestingly after 3 months of my visa application at Mumbai consulate (2 months after I reached US) I received an email from them asking me to submit my passport for stamping. Its unbelievable that they think applicants would still be waiting in India for 3 months and that their employers would still be interested in keeping them, but I guess after all this ordeal I realised, they just don't care.

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  • concorde
    03-10 03:03 AM
    This is in reference to a thread about feeling depressed by retrogression or labor backlogs to stuck FBI namechecks or whatever it is that depresses you. Not criticizing anyone in particular so dont aim for me.

    Yes, and a lot of people know that there are highly skilled people who are depressed and that takes a toll on employee productivity.

    After all, if 90% of your time is spent on thinking about BECs and visa bulletins, imagine if that time was spent on doing the job they've hired you for.

    Some employers(like Microsoft) realize this and want to do something about it. Its not just about keeping the best and brightest here in USA. Its also about keeping the morale and productivity up.

    As to how to deal with this...try this.

    Call your local congressman's office(Find out info about that from House.gov, with your zipcode). Get an appointment with congressman. There is an Easter recess coming up when they would be back from DC.

    Then talk to him about all issues you have. Take all the material you need from the "Volunteer" menu item of this website.

    Doing something about the problem is the best therapy there is. I am not saying this because I want to coax you into meeting your congressman. No. That's not the objective. But I think action is the best remedy for this problem. And there is actionable stuff to do about this. If you are suffering from terminal cancer, then you really cant do anything about that. This is not such a problem. This is a problem for which the solution is out there.

    Somehow, after landing in this country, people lose the appetite for risk and adventure. Before they are in here, they would move mountains to score an H1 or an F1. After coming here, they hunker down, heads-under-the-desk kind of approach. What I am talking about is nearly 200 people right now, who have read this post, but havent logged in. They wouldnt log in. They wouldnt give their real email address if they sign up. They would never contribute. WHY? Because they are afraid. That they will be deported. For no reason. Everything we do is legal, including raising funds and spending it on lobbying. But they are afraid. They are also afraid that by talking to congressmen, they will make them mad and the congressman will pick up the phone, call USCIS and then get their 140 cancelled. Yes. People create their own fastasies and become afraid of them..

    Yesterday, nearly 2000 Irish illegals went to capitol hill (http://www.ireland.com/newspaper/frontpage/2007/0308/1173121325488.html)and talked to various lawmakers to lobby for CIR and legalization. They were illegals. Yet, the somehow managed to walk into the building where laws of this country are made, talk to people who make the laws that they have broken, go thru Capitol Hill security check, and look into the eye of the lawmaker and talk to them.

    However, our community, this is how they behave. Forget about talking to congressman, or contributing money. When they call the core group with a question, they block the caller id can call. Dont disclose their name too. Ask a questions and then quickely hang up. Some of them want to contribute with cash because they are not willing to believe us that we are doing everything legal here and its their right to lobbying and petition the Government for problems.

    After paying taxes, after following all immigration laws, after getting all the education in the world to become "Highly skilled", the highly skilled cant bring themselves to stand-up with a straight spine, thump their desk and talk to their lawmaker.

    So at the end of the day, if we are depressed that legals dont get attention, then you know where to look for blame : the highly skilled who are highly educated and too afraid because their education and skills make them think too much and analyze too much, and they are afraid all the time.

    logic, Very interesting to read this..good post.... but this got me thinking in retrospect; how many of us have voted back home? How many of us know how laws are made back home or made an effort to become involved in the law making process back home? Other than for a favour I wonder how many have picked up the phone and dialed the MLA or MP ("our" lawmakers in the true sense) on a law making issue. How many of us have filed taxes or even know what filing taxes means back home? :) Guys, don't aim for me, I am just reflecting on the views put forth in in logic's post. My point is, being judgmental is not going to get anybody anywhere. I am not really sure who is afraid..who isn't etc. Perhaps none of us has the courage to hang our boots here, go back and become the next LN Mittal or Bill Gates?..open the next Microsoft, Oracle etc :)?. I admit that I definitely don't have the courage otherwise I definitely wouldn't be here in the first place. The "their lawmaker" quoted somewhere in the above post doesn't hold good in the true sense. The most promising solution is to approach the CEOs of big businesses so they can contact "their lawmakers". I know that employees in Microsoft have approached and talked to Bill Gates on this issue. I will try to do the same at my employer. Let us all do that with our respective employers. I know that we will be afraid to do this and it is natural...after all things could backfire and we might get fired for talking to the CEO :-).


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  • reedandbamboo
    07-30 12:32 AM
    I read this on an investing forum:

    old saying in commodities:

    "they take the staircase up and the elevator down"

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  • rkat
    07-18 11:09 AM
    PD- April 2006
    Date Delivered To USCIS: July 13 (friday the 13th.!)
    Service Center: NSC
    Rejected: ??


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  • snathan
    03-29 01:53 PM
    @Snathan how did you know he didn't call me here , are you one of the consultants yourself who does this filthy work of cheating people.
    I guess it was my employers discretion to make me sit home with him just not responding to my mails, i couldn't barge in to his office and say hey give me desk to work on? can i ?

    Anyways looking at the LCA agreement i think you don't seem to know what you are talking about, I am here holding his company's name on my H1B form , His agreement on LCA and his employment letter, i dunno if there is any other way i could make inroads into barging into his office?

    Now if he puts a security guard against me entering his office, shouldn't i report this to DOL too?

    Mind your words you low life scum bag. You don’t know what you were doing and paid for H1B and landed here and informed your employer through email which states he did not invite you to the US though he applied for the H1B. By the way when did he informed about the project situation.

    Yea...you go ahead and report DOL or even white house. I am sure you won’t get anything out of it as there are so many loop holes in your case. No one is going to pay you the green buck because you want it.

    Getting emotional is not going to help you. Your case is not going to impact your employer until he is doing this as a pattern. The only other option is, if you can get another job apply for a transfer and the approval without I-94. Then you will have to go out of the country and come back.

    Your first priority should be to get the job and fix your visa issues. Then find other employees working for this employer and if they are in similar situation like you. If so, you have a very strong case and complaint to DOL. May be you should use this as a leverage to get the pay stub and do transfer. Really speaking pay stub is not an issue as long as you are able to get a job.

    You need to relax and think what do you want to do and whats your goal...do you want to put your life back on track or go after this guy. You can teach him a lesson but how it’s going to help improving your situation. Because of the current environment, no one needs to file any complaint and every application from any company is thoroughly scrutinized by the USCIS. Worst case he will shut the shop and open another one. All he needs is a $300 to register a company. USCIS is not going to deport him as he might be already on GC or USC. But there is every possibility for ICE to knock on your door. You are just shooting yourself in the foot. Good luck.

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  • h1b_alex
    03-29 04:58 PM
    Yes i do have the entire H1B application in originals with LCA and offer letter from employer

    Yes friend i have decided to go back , and i am not looking anymore i will rather have this energy saved for myself finding jobs in my homeground again

    However does anyone have the first hand experience of reporting to DOL, please share your experience too with the kind of paperwork that should aid your application.


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  • go2roomshare
    02-01 12:34 PM
    I agree with the initial post, it is mostly true , i know people who did such a way, ofcourse most of indians who worked for a indian consulting company know about it.

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  • delhirocks
    07-14 05:33 PM
    Good to know...good job guys...

    Just got back from the rally, i would say it was a big success. Media coverage on the issue was fantastic. I saw the ABC7 news truck. There were many reporters from SJ Mercury news, SF Chronicle etc. Crowd was good, dont want to speculate on numbers yet but we should have an official word soon.

    Police were very friendly. The crowd was very enthusiastic and also obeyed the rules. All of us stayed on side walks. Logiclife and Frankilin among others were there. Many reporters spread out and spoke to people.

    Lot of members from another groups called Immigration Rights also joined us.

    We got lot of honks. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    Great JOB IV and everyone.


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  • kviswanathan
    09-14 11:27 PM
    My lawyer put in a SR on Sept 1. On Sept 11 i recd. the email saying that i was approved. My situation was similar to yours. Same company for 8 years, no RFE - infact no updates on my online status since Sept 2007 when it was first updated to reflect the fact that the application was recd at NSC. So i am assuming that SR triggered review of the application but with USCIS who knows.

    Hopefully you will get your approval soon if my case is any indicator (admitted the sample size = 1)

    Good luck,

    PD : April 2004
    July 2nd Filer
    I-485 approved : 9/11/09
    CPO : 9/11/09

    01-30 08:44 AM
    Office of management and budget...yes they will

    once the rule is published in the federal register and ppl have commented on it...its pretty much set to go

    08-10 11:23 AM
    Thanks gimme_gc2006.

    I know how it feels when guys out there with priority date later than you get approved and you're stuck in this black hole with no clue on what the current status is.

    Usually, it takes atleast 7 days for the congressman staff to get any response. It's always better to call the staff casually after couple of days to make sure they have got all the paper work you've sent and they are working on it.

    I'm sure your case will be approved soon - have hope.

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