Tuesday, June 14, 2011

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  • deletedUser459
    06-16 11:52 AM
    yes, and normally you don't wear jeans that match your iPod

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  • Dhundhun
    11-10 12:03 AM
    Now that you are on EAD, what is your plan of action if your I-485 is denied (for a valid/invalid reason)? What do you think of (1) above?

    AS I understand : After 6 years, the moment I-485 is denied H1 becomes invalid.

    Employee-Employeer can be in agreement to use "Unauthorized work protection - 245(k) - six months", continue to work and immediately apply MTR.

    This is complex area and I don't understand fully. Please don't give red dots for these tough questions. I already reduced giving answers from 5-6 per day to one in 5-6 day.

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  • willigetagc
    08-14 09:33 AM
    Yes, that is right, I said “plight of EB2-India”.

    I am a passive observer of these forums. But some of the ridiculous notions floating around here have motivated me to vent. First and foremost, the law as written is highly favorable to people in EB3 categories, even from India. Here is how...

    Take my example (and there are thousands like myself)....came to the US 8 years ago, spent 5 years working day and night to earn a PhD on a low (barely sustainable) stipend, got FIRST job saw decent money for the first time 6 years after I came.

    Now, compare this to a person working an EB3-job for the last 8 years. Not only does this person do a real job that hopefully provides a respectable income but this person also has the option of moving to EB2 after 5 years of experience. So, at the end of the day in 2008; this person comes out ahead of me in terms of money, in terms of priority date (if ported) and most likely in terms of GC.

    There are complaints all over the forum which have the stink of pretentiousness such as “oh..i am a poor EB3 waiting for n number of years” etc etc. What you guys seem to forget is that YOU are NOT an EB3, it is your JOB that is EB3. You have all the opportunities that were/are available to a person who sweated it out in the university system here to gain more qualifications and get an EB2 job. You CHOSE not to. The general discussion seems to center around cribbing about the US immigration system (Immigration by the way is a privilege defined by laws, not a birthright) and then blaming the EB2 crowd when they finally see the system implement the law as intended in the first place (horizontal spillover rules).

    All these posts that refer to “my career is over because my gc is delayed” are nothing but a pathetic excuse. Law of supply and demand....if you have a skillset that is valuable, you will be fine with or without GC anywhere in the world. It takes a bunch of documents to remain here legally, all you need is a passport to go back if the system here seems so bad.

    For all the attacks that are bound to happen, here is the fodder.....this is probably my first and last post, I haven’t contributed a dime to IV, will work here as long as I like it and if not, India is a great country and provides enough opportunities for any skillset !!

    most ridiculous argument and surprising because it is coming from a Phd. Surely, you must have defended your doctoral thesis, or did'nt you have one ? :p

    The people who go for Phds should know that they are sacrificing short-term future cash flows in exchange for a far superior long-term cash flows. The others "EB3" go for a more milder but increasing series of future cash flows.

    To each his own!!! But when people say that "my career is over because my gc is delayed" UNDERSTAND that they are venting their frustration. It does not mean that their career is really over.

    And, like you, they will also work here as long as they like it and if not, go back...

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  • go_guy123
    06-13 01:22 AM

    IV has to convince the government that this mess was created because close to 100000 visas were WASTED/UnUsed while BEC was busy(or not busy) sorting through the cases. If it is the mistake of a govt department, then the govt should fix it by recapturing these visas. They will act only when you make them look bad or file a suit against them. Why hasn't IV been able to push a simple argument like this????

    If only it was that simple. There is too much of corporate vested interest
    to allow the H1B servitude to go on. So much vested interests in the
    Hispanic caucus not to allow "only" EB reform to pass without CIR.


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  • ronhira
    07-17 10:53 PM
    Is it possible to add VISA recapture to this bill? ????

    Family reuniting Bill H.R. 2709 Introduced Jun 4, 2009.
    H.R. 2709: Reuniting Families Act (GovTrack.us) (http://www.govtrack.us/congress/bill.xpd?bill=h111-2709)

    you got it! its done.... only because u said it.... for such a brilliant idea which no one could think..... i want to nominate you for the president of the united states of america

    proud member of 'GCperm for president'!!!!

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  • gc_maine2
    08-11 11:36 AM


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  • garybanz
    02-11 01:49 PM
    Every one keeps talking of "H1 Transfer" there is no such thing... every time someone files a H1 Petition on your behalf it is a new H1 Petition the only thing that changes is the length of the approval period. The period already used in previous H1b employments is deducted.
    Now as far as the I94 and AP, as someone said earlier, when you use AP, you are parolled into the US. Similarly when you apply for H1 you get a new I94 along with the approval notice. This resets your status to H1b with I94 validity set to the length of approval period

    In that case would it not be better to come in on AP and save some of the 6 years of H1 validity?

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  • styrum
    01-31 02:26 PM
    Done. They are 3 and 9 now!


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  • mjdup
    07-15 09:55 PM
    good job !

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  • kate123
    06-10 10:15 AM
    Called all the representatives for the second time to co sponser the bills.. it took less than 10 min.

    -Thank you


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  • santb1975
    06-17 03:17 PM
    We really need to call

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  • vin13
    07-30 04:44 PM
    Hello IVians,
    As we all await our GCs, I thot we can explore some investment vehicles.

    Does anyone here have experience with commodity trading?
    Can we trade in commodities on H1 or L1 status?
    Is it too risky like forex trading?
    Who are the online brokers offer commodity trading?
    Is there a minimum account balance / trade required every month or so?

    Pls share your experience. Thanks!

    This is not related in any way to Immigration.


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  • ilikekilo
    03-03 11:32 AM
    After reading through all the posts at IV, I've decided to get the Atlas America Medical insurance for my parents. This is the only comprehensive insurance I could find and most others have limited coverage. The cost is around $900 for 3 months for a $500000 policy with $2500 deductible.

    Could members who had this insurance post their experience?
    Also, is there any other comprehensive plan available for visitors?

    we used IMG international's/sirius international patriot america with a $250 decutible 90/10, for 50K...

    one thing I noticed is this company takes a long time ( most other visitor insurance companies too I suspect) for settling cliams..we still have a claim not settled since for a one in december and most of these dont cover pre existing conditions and they are very very restrictive.. however there are some insuranc companies who provide a rider for pre existing conditions for an extra dough..

    just make sure to call them for any major visit (hopefdully not needed but in any case) , the one above we got was a comprehensive NOT a limited one..still I think these insurance carriers in my opinion do their best to delay the claim and do whatever they can to sneak up on you with a surprise

    I would love to hear from members who had a great CLAIMS experience (not price) with any visitor ins carrier..

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  • mhathi
    09-17 11:20 AM
    seeing more and more members coming... hopefully that means the house session is ending soon


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  • MeraNaamJoker
    08-25 10:05 AM
    Hi All,

    I heard that after gettign GC and before Applying for Citizenship we should stay in US continously for 3.5 years how far is that true.
    What is the exact rule? Can someone please guide me thru proper thread.

    USCIS - A Guide to Naturalization (http://www.uscis.gov/portal/site/uscis/menuitem.eb1d4c2a3e5b9ac89243c6a7543f6d1a/?vgnextoid=4df39ddf801b3210VgnVCM100000b92ca60aRCR D&vgnextchannel=4df39ddf801b3210VgnVCM100000b92ca60a RCRD)

    Read page 18

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  • pappu
    03-14 05:27 PM
    My mistake.. I was under the impression that my contact info is visible. I have already met with my local congressman and submitted a memo. I have got a reply saying they would address this issue as part of impending CIR bill. I was not sure what to make of it, whether he is pro and anti retrogression..
    Thanks for updating the profile. pls set up a conf call in your chapter. Announce it on the forum and get people to PM you their email and phone number and then invite them for the call. This will ensure you have commited people who genuinely want to work in the local chapter with you. send an email to IV if you have any question and we will help you. Get in touch with other state chapter leaders that are active (paskal, janilsal, varshadas..etc) for inputs since they are also meeting lawmakers. It is a community effort and everyone needs to make some efforts in order for us to succeed.

    for more info

    Pls take charge of your chapter and make it the most active chapter.
    Best wishes.


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  • Juan28210
    04-19 01:42 PM
    Hi Folks,

    I hope you could share your experiences if you belong to the same situation.

    I have an approved EB2 labor cert thru PERM, and I belong to ROW. I am now preparing to file I-140 and I-485 concurrently.

    I just saw my petitioner's(S-corporation) federal tax return. Gross revenue is $700,000; Net income is $20,000 which is only a quarter of my current wage. The offered wage per my labor cert is $80,000.

    Do I have a big chance of denial in the I-140 stage due to employer's inability to pay? Please advise.


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  • honge_kamyaab
    09-14 08:56 AM
    Hi rheoretro,

    First of all I commend your and everyone in putting their effort. I totally agree with you that we need more people and money. I think people are first to come and money will automatically follow.

    While word-of-mouth is effective we can augment this to get attention using other means:

    1. We can persuade news portals to advertise for our cause in a corner that might help us to get more people. Most Indians I know read Indian news everyday. If we can convince e.g., eenadu.net a telugu newspaper, to run ads we can get attention of lot people.

    2. Please start selling the current acheivements that are not confidential. Like you might have been successful in persuading a high profile senator about this problem. Put his quotes on our site and also possible grab attention from bloggers.

    3. If we can also tap academia who support skilled immigration that would help us. Let us put there studies in our reference section (I am assuming we didn't do this yet). This
    makes senator to reference our site and make their lives easy.

    4. Please do not discount freewill members who do not have a GC problem but savor
    helping others with immigration problem. It could be Americans or Immigrants we'll get them all in.

    I think these actions will help us grow our strength. I know it is easy said than done. I will send a mail to rediff and eenadu to put our banner on their frontpage. If anyone has contacts working for these website. That will make it whole lot easier.


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  • add78
    06-13 10:51 AM
    As of now there are more than 8000 views for this thread. If we just take that each of us might have visited this thread 50 times.. .That would still take us to 180 odd unique visitors...

    and if you look the survey..JUST 90 Calls so far.. Why there is a disconnect here/??? because we postpone and don't do our part...

    If efforts fails, it is only ourselves to blame.. Platform is set and try to atleast help by sparing 10 mins of your day... Take this matter to your heart and

    JUST DO IT>>>>
    You are the perfect example of what IV looks for in its new members. Enthusiastic, Energetic, Encouraging and Endeavoring.
    Keep up the good work.
    Folks, there is no great feeling than when you feel you are making the difference. Call, Donate, Rally others and feel the rush.

    Yes We Can? Sure We Can.
    Yes We Will? Sure We Will.
    But All Is Nil, Unless We Do The Thing.

    Thank You.

    09-15 05:13 PM
    Can I get link for New POJ method of reaching Nebraska IO.

    Anyone Please ?

    11-07 04:28 PM
    What I really wanna know is how Grassley will react to a H1 visa blackout in April 2008.

    If he fails to get his $5k tax hike before April and H1 blackout in the first day as expected, then it just adds fuel to the fire - he will rev up his war-drums again. But if he gets his way and H1 blackout anyway (if not in the first day then soon due to pre-existing demand from 2/3 of the applicants who lost the lottery last year), then he looks like a total a**!!

    Maybe it's in his best interest to not touch H1 before then. I mean this must be why he was rambling about how he could be willing to increase caps if he gets his tax hikes...

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