Saturday, October 2, 2010

SMAP gives a message to Takashima Aya for graduating from “Mezamashi TV”

An announcer, Takashima Aya, graduated from “Mezamashi TV” (Fuji TV) on October 1st. ”Mezamashi TV” is one of the most popular morning news shows, and Takashima has been extremely popular as the main caster, as she has been the “face of morning” since 2003. Takashima announced her graduation from “Mezamashi TV”, and also withdrawal from Fuji Television (within 2010), in August.

SMAP, who made appearances the most amount of times (including individual appearances), gave a video message to Takashima, and told her how sad they are and that they love her.

As the replacement of Takashima Aya, Shono Yoko has been chosen as the new main caster.

source : tokyohive

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