Saturday, October 2, 2010

Nana Tanimura announces new single and releases first photo book

Pop singer Nana Tanimura has announced a new single, “TOXIC”, on November 24th, and it will be her second single release this year. Her last single, “FAR AWAY/Believe You”, was released in March of this year, and debuted at #14 on the Oricon charts.

There are two versions of the CD single: CD+DVD and CD Only. There are also two songs, the title track and “CIRCUS WORLD”, as tracks three and four will be instrumentals.

Nana is also releasing her first photo book, titled, “NANA”, and it will be released October 15th by Wani Books at the cost of 2,415 Yen. The photos were shot by Nishida Kouki, who also photographed actresses like Mana Yuuko, Hirata Kaoru, and Horikita Maki.

Additionally, she performed the theme song for the PS3/Xbox360 game, “Hokuto Musou”, and is the lead vocal in the “Fanta band”, a band that was formed to promote Fanta drinks.

Last year, Nana had a special drama PV for the Japanese DVD box set of the American drama series, “Burn Notice”.

Nana graduated from Aoyama Law University in March of this year. She wanted to become a lawyer, but decided earlier this year that her career will be in music.

Take a look at the PV for Nana’s previous single, “FAR AWAY“.

source : tokyohive

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