Thursday, September 30, 2010

SEAMO versus “5 women” for new collaboration album

R&B vocalist SEAMO has a new album coming out, and it certainly isn’t his usual soulful fare.

The album will be called “5 Women” and it’ll be available on December 15th. The unique twist to this release is that it’s actually a collaboration album between SEAMO and five different women. He will challenge them all on the album in a test to prove himself.

The guests on the album will sing with him one after another, with the leading track featuring “ViVi” magazine model and singer Sara Mary. Both SEAMO and Sara May are powerful vocalists and coincidentally come from the same hometown, so this will certainly be an interesting collaboration.

SEAMO hasn’t revealed the names of the remaining women yet, but fans should stay tuned for future news on this exciting release!

For those who might not know who SEAMO or Sara Mary are, here is some of the latest from both of them:

SEAMO – Umi he Ikou

source: tokyohive

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