Monday, May 17, 2010

Imai Eriko Japanese Singer and Artist

Imai Eriko Japanese Singer and Artist
Eriko Imai is a J-Pop artist. She made her debut in the early 1990s as part of the group Speed which disbanded in March 2000. Eriko began her work away from Speed during 1998, performing "Tsumetaku Shinai de", under the stage name "Eriko with Crunch", on the Speed single "All My True Love". After the group disbanded, Imai continued her career as a solo artist until Speed's reformation in 2008.

Eriko released her second photobook, "Kokoro no Uta: Musuko to Ayunda 4 Nenkan, Soshite Korekara" on 14 February 2009. Her new album, Utagoe, was released on April 29. Her ex-husband, Shogo, composed the songs "Kanna" and "Hana Uta" for the album. Utagoe debuted at #31, selling 3,882 copies in its first week. On 10 May, which was Mother's Day, Eriko received a 'Best Mother' award for the 2nd annual 'Best Mother Awards in 2009' in Japan.

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